24 Amazing Jack Reacher Books In Order To Read (2023)

Jack Reacher is a popular character and series of novels and short stories by Lee Child. Jack Reacher is one of the most loved characters that you will find. He is a former U.S. army personal who is now roaming in America taking odd jobs which includes investigating suspicious and dangerous situations.
The author started the series way back in 1997 and he has written 24 books, and the next book is supposed to release this year in October. The author release one book per year and fans eagerly wait to read what is happening with their favorite character.
In this article, we are gonna talk about some books (or maybe all of them) of the Jack Reacher book series in order. You will be glad to know that you can pick any book you want (if you are not ready to start the series) and it will be good as reading chronologically.
So let’s get started with our list of Jack Reacher books in order so that you can choose a couple of them to read.

Jack Reacher Books

jack reacher books

1. Killing Floor

jack reacher books
It was the debut book of Lee Child so it naturally becomes the first choice for you to start the Jack Reacher series.
The character is introduced when he makes a visit to Georgia where a blues musician named Blind Blake has died. Things go south when instead of investing the case he himself gets arrested for the murder. From here the story takes a drastic turn and Jack reacher is trying to prove his innocence and find the real culprit.
The book is written in a first-person perspective and filled with clues that you try to pick up alongside. The story will keep you interested till the end. Overall this award-winning book is definitely one of the best to start with.

2. Die Trying

jack reacher books in order
The second book from Jack Reacher series which might find interesting. Here Jack landed in Chicago and starts exploring the city. Soon he found out a woman on the street who needs help with her crutches. And as a gentleman, Jack offers the help. The next thing he knows is he is at gunpoint by two armed men. The incident is quite shocking as it takes place in bright sunshine.
Jack and the woman are thrown in a dark van and they are been taken to an unknown destination. Although the woman is an FBI agent, Holly. So she can take care of herself as the FBI sent forces to rescue her. Jack and holly must work together to find out the mystery behind all this and escape from the kidnappers. It’s an interesting story to read.

3. Tripwire

jack reacher popular books
As Jack Reacher continues his life with odd jobs in the United States, such as digging pools or working as a bouncer, he soon find himself as wanted and someone is definitely looking for him, but why? Well, one mystery solves pretty soon he found out it’s the daughter of his mentor and his surrogate father in the army. He is sick so both of them wants to complete his unfinished project. But the thing is it’s not gonna be that easy, since Reacher and Jodie were interrupted by a psychopath businessman and a military criminal crippled in the Vietnam War! Read the book to find out what’s gonna happen next how will they complete their mission.

4. Running Blind

best jack reacher books
Running Blind is the story of two female army personals Amy Callan and Caroline Cook. Both found dead in their bathroom with army-issue camouflage paint. This raises a suspicion for Jack Reacher since both the woman left the army under the same circumstances that are both were the victim of sexual harassment!
Once again Jack Reacher is arrested for the crime he didn’t commit by FBI but soon one more army woman is dead under the same circumstances while he was in the custody, this proves his innocence and they have to release him. Here the journey of finding the serial killer starts where Jack Reacher has to find him out before it’s too late.

5. Echo Burning

top jack reacher books
Jack Reacher is now in Texas, it’s a hundred degrees and he is roaming in an empty landscape. Jack Reacher is desperate for a lift but who will give him a lift in this heat and in this area? Well, the answer would surprise you as well as Jack Reacher, it’s a young, pretty and rich woman who has offered her lift!
As you know, no woman that enters in Jack Reacher’s life has a simple background, so this one too has her troubles. Her husband is in jail and she is pretty sure he is gonna kill her when he will be out! Her family is hostile and she can’t trust the cops or her lawyer.
It’s obvious that Jack reacher is gonna help her because he can never resist a lady in distress, but how? Let’s read that in the book!

6. Without fail

list of jack reacher books
We know everyone wants help of Jack Reacher and the story starts with someone tracking him down. Though he doesn’t have a proper address, any ID of job which can track him down but since the vice president of U.S. needs help it kinda important to track him down. The job is done by a secret agent Mary Allen.
Mary Allen first asks him how he can kill the vice president! This is because someone else wants him to be dead and she is looking for the loopholes in the security and system to prevent the assassin from killing the vice president! The story Is no less than a movie and will definitely entertain you till the last!

7. Persuader

jack reacher books list
We know Reacher, he lives like a loner who doesn’t have any possessions, any place to live or any commitment, which is essential cause trouble follows Reacher no matter where he goes! And one of his quality also includes his fearless nature.
He always tries to make the things right which takes him to a new trouble, and when a case from his past came in front of him, he makes sure he does everything in his power to provide justice to the victim and see the culprit behind the bars. But will he be able to do this? Or it will lead to his new obsession to make things right all the time?

8. The Enemy

good books of jack reacher
This book is a treat for those who love thriller drama. And it’s one of the best Jack Reacher. This is one of the life turning case in Jack’s career which holds the ability to destroy his career.
On New Year’s Eve, a two-star general is found dead while Jack was on duty. As if it wasn’t enough to make things worse for Jack, soon they discover his briefcase is missing and his wife is killed too. The story features top army military personnel who is being moved from here and there. Jack found himself surrounded by a number of enemies which is making it hard for him to handle the situation. It’s surely a bit complicated but extremely fun to watch.

9. One-Shot

best jack reacher book
Six shots Five Dead. This one is the first book that inspired the first Jack Reacher film. This high-end thriller is based in a heartland city where everyone is terrorized with the five deaths. The sniper carried out six shots and killed five men.
The police have arrested a suspect who isn’t ready to speak with them. His only lines are “you got the wrong guy, get Jack Reacher for me”! It’s obviously hard to track down Jack Reacher since he lives anonymously and without any proper address or contact details. But he soon watch the story in the news and leave for the city.
Now it’s all up to Jack Reacher to unfold the truth behind all these murders and find out who is behind this.

10. The Hard Way

jack reacher series in order
The story starts on a busy New York City where Jack Reacher sees an old man crosses the street and drive away in Mercedes with 1 million of ransom money! Being Reacher, he makes sure that all things turn out right and the man everyone remains safe!
Since its a Jack Reacher story, nothing will be simple and Jack has to do it the hard way! The twists and turns will keep you hooked to the story till the end. You will find yourself completing the book in one sitting.

11. Bad Luck and Trouble

jack reacher books in order to read
The story takes Reacher in the past where he has a chance to meet up with his old teammates! But for all the wrong reasons. We are aware of the fact that Jack Reacher is an untraceable man with no contact details so if anyone tries to get in contact with him, he knows it has to be something serious. And that’s what it’s about.
The past elite team has witnessed the death of members with the other six missing. Jack Reacher knows his old teammates are in trouble so he has to make sure that he does everything g in his power to ensure their safety.

12. Nothing to lose

jack reacher books to read
The title perfectly defines the character of Jack Reacher as he has literally nothing to lose since he is the man with no job, no baggage, and no commitment! In this book, he is landed in the two small towns of Colorado namely Hope and Despair. But they are a bit odd and as we know odd and unusual things always attract Jack!
It didn’t take long for Jack to realize that he is an unwanted guest in the towns! But Why? Well, there are a lot of secrets which the towns are trying to hide from any outsider. What’s next, the town not oy wants him gone but dead! It would be interesting to see how he escapes the town and get to the answers for his suspicions.

13. Gone Tomorrow

jack reacher books in order amazon
Jack Reacher takes the subway at night and routinely checks his fellow passengers. The four are right but the fifth isn’t! From Jack Reacher’s experience he appears to be a suicide bomber! But is he? Or he is just worried for nothing! And if he is a suicide bomber will be able to save himself and the fellow passengers in the train? What troubles him about the bomber is her choice of timing and place because it appears to be empty and it’s not the ideal choice for bombers. Find out what is gonna happens and how Jack Reacher is gonna reach to the truth!

14. 61 Hours

jack reacher books in order
Taking a bus in snowy winter doesn’t seem a great idea. And that’s what we find out, when Jack Reacher takes a bus which crashes in the snowstorm and lands Jack Reacher in a deadly confrontation. This is the kinda book that holds a great reader experience with his thriller writing and with every page your tensions increase.
The book features the hardest and longest 61 hours of Jack Reacher’s life where he is trying to save a witness. This is one of the best Jack Reacher books which will definitely entertain you throughout every page of the book.

15. Worth Dying For

jack reacher books order
Worth Dying For is the next installment in the Jack Reacher Series. The story takes place in Nebraska, where Reacher arrived on a late night. The town is popularly known for a Duncan Clan who has controlled the entire town and everyone is terrified of them.
He is here to solve the case of an eight-year-old girl who is missing. Reacher wants to find the girl and know a little more about the Nebraska town and what is going on in here. And what it is here that is worth dying for!

16. The Affair

list of jack reacher books in order
This one takes you back in the time when Jack Reacher was associated with the U.S. Army! It’s six months before Killing Floor, where Jack Reachers (Major of the United States Military Police) goes undercover to investigate a murder. He is in Mississippi where a woman is murdered as someone cut her throat behind a bar. The bar is pretty close to the Army Base Camp which makes question Jack, what if the murderer was a soldier!
This puts Jack in a dilemma whether he should do the right thing or honor the army first. It would be interesting to see what choices Jack makes and how those choices have affected his future life!

17. A Wanted Man

best jack reacher books in order
Another story where Reacher somehow finds himself on the other side of the law! The story starts with Reacher asking a ride and somehow a car stops with 2 men and one woman. Soon after talking to them, Reacher finds out they all are lying and it’s not gonna be a good car ride after all. The car is being followed by the cops as well.
Cops are following them as they think no they have murdered a guy and the thing is Reacher is with them, so it will be difficult for him to convince them how all this happens and why is he with them. It’s will keep you glued to the book and you will find the tension increasing with each passing page.

18. Never Go Back

jack reacher books
After the snowstorm in Dakota, Jack Reacher has managed to reach Virginia. Although the ride was no less than a rollercoaster for Jack the next steps are too gonna make it a thrilling experience for Jack as well as for the readers.
His destination is a stone building near Washington, D.C. He wants to meet the new commanding officer, Susan Turner. He liked her voice when they had the phone conversation. But when the chair turns, it’s not Susan Turner nor it’s a woman. He founds out that she was fired from her post and to elevate his troubles the man says to Jack ” you are back in army!!”. These are the words he never wanted to listen again. So what will be his next move to escape the situation?

19. Personal

jack reacher books in order
Jack Reacher is again facing the famous sniper which he once hunt down and put him in the jail. The army has again hunt down Reacher and ask him to provide his services but this time it’s for the president of France.
Someone took a shot at the France President but luckily he missed it, intentionally? We don’t know. But everyone knows that one man can solve the case and he is Jack Reacher!
Jack knows who is the sniper but he needs to know the vendetta behind this and who has hired the assassin to do all this. Read the book and find out what’s going on in a different country and why they felt the need of Jack Reacher. Will he able to solve the case?

20. Make Me

best books jack reacher
The story features a woman named Michell Chang who has mistaken Reacher for her partner in the investigation. And since Reacher is kinda a loner he decided to help her in the case.
The story also features a place called Mother’s Rest. Which is as unusual as it sounds. And Reacher being himself wants to know about it. The place is small and surrounded by the wheat fields, with a railroad stop, and watchful people.
What appears to be a simple town and a peaceful journey, has now turned into the worst nightmare for Reacher. He is surrounded by enemies and other forces. How he Is gonna escape this situation is definitely a question. Read this ultimate thriller which is one of the best Jack Reacher books you will find.

21. Night School

jack reacher bboks
Night School is kinda a prequel which takes you to the year 1996. The Jack Reacher is on a secret mission sent by the Army. He is at the night school but with only 3 other people including Jack Reacher himself, an FBI agent and a CIA agent. Why? Because some are demanding a hundred million dollars! For what no one knows. Maybe he is selling something but what and to whom?
The questions are big because the world is at risk and Jack Reacher must corporate with other members to find all the answers and save the world.

22. The Midnight Line

jack reacher books in order to read
Jack Reacher is in a small Wisconsin town and there he finds out a class ring in Pawn Shop window. That question appears in his head that why would someone give this up because he knows what it takes to get it. Jack Reacher makes it his mission to find out who this ring belongs and why would she give it up.

23. Past Tense

jack reacher books list
Jack Reacher has decided to take a road trip from Maine to Californa. In between the trip, he comes across a town that he never seen before. The town says the name which was his father’s home town. There he decided to take one day extra to explore the town.
Soon he found out a car has been crashed down. In the car, the two Canadians are there who were to try to make it to New York. They wanted to sell some kind of treasure. The story then features some hard truths about his father and present you with the story of his past.

24. Blue Moon

jack reacher books
Jack Reacher is on Greyhound bus watching an old man who is asleep with a full envelope of cash. Jack Reacher’s instincts say he is in a big trouble, but he refuses to take Jack Reacher’s help. What happens next? Well, you need to read out the book for that!


So these are the Jack Reacher Books in order to read for you. We have given a hint about the plot, so that you can know which one you want to read first or if you will be interested in the whole series. (You are not gonna stop after you will start reading one, you will always want another book after you complete the first one).
Here are the article ends and we hope you found the article helpful. Keep coming to our page for more such reviews!

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