How To Fix High Ping In PUBG Mobile 2023

We all like to play PUBG. Ever since the game came out, everyone has been playing this game and some might even spend hours on this game. This game is perfect, from the gameplay to intuitive controls, and the amazing thrill too. But one thing that can spoil anyone’s mood would be the high ping in pubg.
The high pings are pretty common and many people experience these for many reasons. Whatever the reason behind the high ping in PUBG it can ruin the whole experience of the game. Well, if something is causing the high ping, there are ways through which you can reduce them as well. All you gotta do is to find those ways to enjoy your games just like before.
So what are the ways to reduce the high ping in PUBG? I am sure this is the question you have been asking yourself. Well, you are at the right place and you are going to get an answer as well. In this article, we are going to tell you a few ways through which you can reduce the high ping in PUBG and these are the following.

How To Fix High Ping Issue In PUBG Mobile

1. Use Native Game Booster

One of the ways through which you can reduce the high ping in PUBG would be to use the native game booster.
If you are using the latest smartphone, chances are that your phone will have an in-built game booster. This can help you to reduce the high ping in pubg and provide you smooth and efficient gameplay without any lagging.
The game boosters are designed to reduce the background activities which ensures smooth working of your phone while you play a game. The booster would optimize the performance of the device, bring down the latency, and prioritize the bandwidth for the current game. The game boosters can also stop the background apps from accessing the network, memory, and crucial resources while you play PUBG.
You can easily enable the game booster (if it’s not already enabled) from the settings. And if your device doesn’t have the in-built game booster then you can install one from the app store of your phone.

2. Control WiFi Settings

Sometimes the poor WiFi connection can also be a reason for high ping in PUBG. So to fix it, you will have to configure the WiFi settings on your phone.
To do this, go to the setting page and then go to the WiFi settings. Now look for the Advanced or Additional settings. Go to the Traffic mode and change it to Extreme Mode.
This will re-route all network resources to the current application which would eventually reduce the ping.

3. Disable Background Syncing

Another leading way of dealing with high ping in PUBG is to disable the background syncing of applications. You can do so on any Android device via opening the settings.
Just open the settings, go to the App setting page. Now select the app that might be affecting the overall performance of your phone and tap on the ‘Restrict Data Usage’. After that, uncheck “WLAN/WiFi” and “Mobile Data”.
You can also configure the battery saver option for the same app as well and restrict the background activity of that app.

4. Try Third-Party Tools

If the aforementioned methods didn’t reduce the high ping in PUBG then you may take the help of a third-party tool.
GFX tools are popularly known to reduce the high ping in the pubg and enhance the overall gameplay. You can reduce the latency in the settings and adjust it accordingly. There would be many options that would help you to bring down the latency and reduce the high ping.

5. Change Server

One of the reasons for high ping in PUBG is the heavy server load, so you should try to bring it down as well and see if it can change things for you as well.
You can simply change the server in pubg mobile and see if the ping is dropping below 100. Apart from this, you can also use a VPN which can connect you to different servers and provide higher speed. There are many amazing VPN apps available that can resolve the high ping issue in PUBG.

6. Manage Space

Space can also be a reason for the high ping issue in PUBG. So you can resolve that by cleaning up your phone and taking care of the space as well. There are many space managing apps available that can help you with this problem.

7. Repair PUBG

If nothing else works out for you, then you may try to repair PUBG.
When you log in to the game, you will find an option to “repair”. This would re-install the pubg. This may resolve the high ping issue.
However, you have to keep in mind that this process would reset all your configures and custom controls.

8. Get a 5GHz WiFi Router

Last but not the least, you can try to get the 5GHz WiFi router to enhance your game performance, bandwidth, and reduce the latency and high ping. If anything else doesn’t work and you are sure that your Wi-Fi connection is the real culprit here, so you can easily rely on this method.


This would be all that you know about fixing the high ping issue in PUBG. We hope that one of the aforementioned ways works for you and you would be able to enjoy PUBG smoothly and without any lagging or latency issues.

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