How To Connect Joy-Cons To PC In 4 Simple Steps (2023)

Joycons aka Nintendo switch controller is pretty popular as they are easy to navigate as well as control. If you have owned a Nintendo switch then you might have also owned the Nintendo Switch controllers and the best part is they are very handy and useful when it comes to multiplayer games as you might need extra controllers.
These Joycons features Bluetooth technology through which they can be connected to almost any PC or Mac!  These little controllers are useful for playing the retro games as well as multiplayer’s games.
But do you know how to connect these joycons to PC? Well we know that’s what you wanna find out here. So let’s get started and find you the step by step guide for how to connect joy-cons to PC.

How To Connect Joy-Cons To PC

Step 1:-

Click Start and then navigate your PC’s settings. Find the Bluetooth option and toggle it on (if it’s off).

Step 2:-

Now that your Bluetooth is on, you will have to click on Add Bluetooth or Other Devices.

Step 3:-

Hold down your JoyCon’s sync button (the tiny black button located between the SL and SR buttons) and keep it down until the lights start flashing.

Step 4:-

Now you will have to go to the Bluetooth settings and select the joy-con from the menu.
Now your joy-con is connected to PC via Bluetooth! Although sometimes the light on your joy-con still flash, you will stay connected!
There would be two options to connect the joy-cons, these are:-

1. Using the Joy-Cons individually:-

These will be used as an individual controller like a wireless one. This would be useful when you play the two-player game or retro-styled game.

2. Using Joy-Cons as one controller

This way, players would be able to use the Joy-Cons as one single controller. This one is useful for modern games that require two analog sticks.
Either way, your Joy-Cons can be easily connected to the PC and you can easily enjoy playing your favorite games with your favorite controllers.


And that’s how you connect joy-cons to your PC! Isn’t it easy? So go ahead and connect your joycons to you on and enjoy the games with these little controllers.
We hope you found the article helpful and you would now be to connect your joy-cons to PC. Thank you for being with us and keep coming back for more such helpful articles.

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