How To Save Someone’s Snapchat Story Video (2023)

If you are here you must be a proud user of Snapchat and why wouldn’t you be, it is one of the most popular social media platforms we have these days. There are so many things that make this platform the best among the youngsters or anyone who loves Snapchat.
There are so many features that make it interesting and fun, you will find hundreds of filters and lenses to try on and have fun with. You can make the snaps and send them to your friends and loved ones. It is a great platform to socialize and find new friends as well.
It is also a secure platform as the snaps sent by you would disappear and if anyone takes a screenshot or saves them of your snaps or stories you would be notified as well. This can be a problem for some people as they would want to save snaps and stories of their favorite people and save them, but some of us don’t exactly know how to do that. That is why you are here, and we are going to help you out as well.
Here are some ways through which you can save story video on Snapchat:

How To Save Someone’s Snapchat Story Video

1. Find a Screen Recorder App:

  • One of the best ways to save someone’s video and stories on Snapchat would be to download a screen recorder app. There are many amazing screen recorder apps available on the play store that you can download for free.
  • Once you have downloaded two the screen recorder app and launch it. You will see a floating video recorder icon on the screen.
  • Now open your Snapchat app.
  • Tap the floating icon and select the camera icon to start recording it.
  • Quickly open the Snapchat video you want to capture.
  • Now pull down the notification shade and tap the stop button to stop recording.
This is the standard functioning of any video recorder app and a few features may vary from one app to another.

2. Install a Snapchat Story Saver

Another one of the popular ways to save someone’s story and video on Snapchat would be to download a Snapchat Story saver app on your device.
There are plenty of Snapchat Story saver apps for Android as well as iOS which claim to download and save someone’s story on Snapchat without notifying them. These are also very easy to install and use. Here is how you can use one to save Snapchat videos and stories on your phone.
  • Install the Snapchat Story saver app from App Store or Play Store on your device
  • Enter login credentials to access
  • Choose the story that you want to download and save on your phone
You can select the download and storage location in the settings of such apps. As we said, there are many apps that would do the job. Make sure you go for a secure and safe app otherwise it can be a problem too.

3. For iPhone- Use Screen Recorder to Save Story and Videos on Snapchat

Ever since Apple came up with the iPhone 11 technology they have been introducing us to amazing features, and the screen recorder is one of those features.

Follow the steps to turn on the screen recorder to save the Snapchat Video:

  • Go to the settings app
  • Tap control center
  • Tap customize controls and then navigate to the screen recording icon and tap the + button
  • Now you will see the screen recording option on your screen
  • Turn on the screen recorder with a swipe and tap
  • Now, open the Snapchat app
  • Open the Snapchat video that you need to download or save
  • Initiate the screen recording with a 3-second countdown
  • Once the video is recorded, close Snapchat and tap on the red bar to stop recording
  • There, you have your video saved


So these are the ways that you can download Snapchat stories and videos on your phone. Isn’t it easy? So now that you know how it’s done, our job here is also done. We hope our article was helpful and you got everything you have been looking for. That would be all for now, keep coming for more such helpful posts, thank you.

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