How To Run Android Apps On PC In 3 Best Ways (2023)

Have you ever wondered how people are able to run their Instagram or WhatsApp from their PC? Aren’t these apps made for Android only? Well, we are guessing that’s the question you have on your mind. And we are trying to get you an answer as well in the following article.
There are many reasons why we want to run the Android apps on our PC. Android apps are everywhere, whether it’s our watches, home appliances, tv, tablets, and of course Android phones. But sometimes we need to run these android apps on our PC as we want to control the other things more efficiently from our laptops. Or we are too lazy to switch phones and PC for different work and want to check the WhatsApp msgs while we work on the laptop. And lastly to play those android games on our PC.
In the following article, we are going to list out some of the best ways to run your android apps on your PC, these are popularly known and some of the best ways to run the Android apps on your PC without any inconvenience or going through a complicated procedure either.

How To Run Android Apps On PC

1. Mirroring your phone with windows

If you already have the apps on your android phone that you want to run on your PC and you didn’t have to go for the trouble of installing the games in the PC in the first place. Because you can simply mirror your phone with your windows and the windows would be able to run the apps that you want on your PC.
With a few simple steps, you can easily mirror your phone with the windows and run almost all the apps on your PC. Although this one isn’t the ideal for those who want to run the game app from their android phone to the windows. And you have to keep in mind that this is only available in the Windows 10!
Microsoft has featured it’s “Your Phone” app which enables the user to connect their android phone to the windows without having much trouble either. The steps are easy as we, all you have to do is to open the Your Phone app in your PC and then sign up and follow the instruction and you will be able to run the apps on your PC.
As we have said earlier this one isn’t the ideal option but it will do a good job if you want quick access to your android apps from your PC!

2. Use BlueStacks

BlueStacks is one of the best android emulators and that’s why it’s one of the most popular ways to run the android apps on your PC. For a long time now BlueStacks is considered as one the best way to run the Android apps on PC and that too with minimum efforts.
There are so many features that ensure that your android apps run smoothly on your PC and you are able to enjoy them or work with them conveniently.
To use the BlueStacks you will have to download and install it on your windows (just like you would install any other application on your PC). It would take some 2GB of space and with the space of the apps, you want to install on your PC so make sure your PC has that much space to run the application.
The best part about it is, users will get access to the google play store so you can easily install almost all the application that wants as it isn’t the traditional way where it would mimic the applications present on your android device.
Here, BlueStacks comes with a lot of features including the features to control the DPI, FPS, or resolution that you can adjust. Overall there are many things that you can do with blue stakes and it’s super easy to use as well. So go ahead and try out this one.

3. Use android emulators

The last and final one but one of the well-known ways to run android apps on your PC is to use the android emulators. There are a number of Android emulator presents out there but here are our best picks for you!


Our first android emulator is Genymotion, this one too features a number of options that makes it one of the best. Here the emulator is free but there are a few paid options as well. This one is kind of use to test android apps without owning them. The emulator is very flexible as you can configure with a variety of devices as well as various versions of Android. Here the emulator is best for personal use and it is available on desktop as well as on the cloud.


MEmu is also a popularly known android emulator for PC that you can rely on. This one will definitely make it easier for you to run the Android apps on your PC. This one should be your first choice if you are a gamer and looking for an emulator that can meet your gaming needs.
This one supports both the chipsets as well as the AMD. It also supports various other versions of Android. The developers come with frequent updates and it’s kinda productive as well.

Phoenix OS

The next one on our list of the best emulator for PC is Phoenix OS. It’s one of the newest emulators we have, which means you can expect it to be more advanced. It will provide your desktop-like experience and also the gaming experience can boost up.

Android Studios Emulator

Android Studio’s Emulator is an excellent choice if you want to have a great desktop experience. This one can be the most productive emulator of all the time and you can easily test the apps or run them via this on your PC. Overall if you want something to test your android apps then this one can be your best shot!
So these are some of the emulators through which you can run the Android apps on your PC and we hope you would have a good experience as well.


So these are some of the best ways to run android apps on PC and we hope you found them helpful. Although you might find other ways as well these are the most effective and reliable ones. So go ahead and try one of the ways way which you found most reliable, easy, and useful.
We hope you found all your answers regarding how to run android apps on PC.

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