9 Amazing Games Like Zoo Tycoon 2023

The simulation games are pretty fun and we all have played and got addicted to a simulation games as well. There is something about creating your own world and ruling it, in this process you manage everything in between and make sure that everything in the game is on point or as it should be. Since the popularity of simulation games has increased, so has the number of simulation games that we can play. There were different simulation games available such as the city simulation, farming simulation, lifestyle simulation, and so on. But one of the unique simulation games that have gained high popularity among the players in the Zoo Tycoon.
The Zoo Tycoon is, as its name suggests, a zoo simulation game where the player will manage a zoo and the animals, and make sure that more and more people visit the zoo and increase the profit and revenue. So you will look after the construction, management, and business of the zoo. This would be a lot of fun and full of challenges as well. The Zoo Tycoon is a full series where you can find different games in the franchise and experience the different challenges and rewards in each game.
Although, if you are one of those people who have completed the Zoo Tycoon and looking for a new game that is also a simulation game and maybe a game that revolves around animals too, then you are at the right place.
There are plenty of such games as Zoo Tycoon available for you. But not all of them are ideal for you, some are good while some might not be that cool. This is why to help you find the best game like Zoo Tycoon, we have enlisted the alternative to this popular game franchise so you can try out the best games and see which one would be perfect for you.
So go ahead and take a look at the following best games like Zoo Tycoon and see which one you like the most.

Best Games Like Zoo Tycoon

1. Planet Zoo

Games Like Zoo Tycoon
What can be a better alternative for Zoo Tycoon than its spiritual successor? Yes, you heard it right, the Planet Zoo is known as the spiritual successor of Zoo Tycoon and people have loved this game over the years. The game was launched in 2019 and it went pretty popular during that time as well. This is a similar kind of management game as you would have experienced in the Zoo Tycoon, although there are more layers to it. The game is a little bit more complex than Zoo Tycoon and there is more depth to the characters and the storyline as well. This is why people have loved this game and had a great time playing it too.
The game features a pretty clear conservation message to its core. It is not just about keeping the animals in the zoo but also about how to keep them healthy and happy. You will have to find out what to feed to each animal and how to keep them engaged in the activities that they enjoy. So naturally, there will be some challenges when the animals aren’t doing well or they are not satisfied. At the same time, there will be rewards and incentives when animals in your zoo are in perfect shape.
Overall, this is a popular Zoo Tycoon game alternative that you must try out, you will have fun.

2. Jurassic World Evolution

Best Games Like Zoo Tycoon
Jurassic World Evolution is another one of the best games to look forward to and play when you are a fan of simulation games that involve different animals. This game is also developed by Frontier Developments which seems to have a monopoly over simulation-type games. This game, just like the Zoo Tycoon is a pretty good simulation game that requires you to build and manage a Dino park where you will come across many challenges and rewards while you look after the park.
Since you can see the name of the game suggests the presence of Dinosaurs, you won’t be disappointed because it does have these historic beasts that are both fascinating and somehow scary. To maintain a park full of Dinosaurs would be a great challenge and a fun ride where you can look after their health and overall requirements.
You will get to build your very own world in the Jurassic franchise where you get to customize the dinosaurs in the game and also bioengineer them. The players will have so many amusing events to face throughout the game. This would include breakout, espionage, and storms.
Overall, if you are looking for a simulation game that involves something extraordinary then this is what you need to try out next.

3. Planet Coaster

Amazing Games Like Zoo Tycoon
Next on our list of top games like Zoo Tycoon is none other than the Planet Coaster. This is a great game to look forward to and this one has managed to impress the fans of animal simulation games across the globe. The game comes from the same developers who developed the Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Planet, so you can expect the same level of brilliance and reliability in the game. The idea of the game is similar as this one also revolves around the concept of building, managing, and maintaining a unique world. But there is no zoo, instead, the players will have to apply these concepts to a coaster park.
So the players will have a fictional park that they can manage and create just as they like. There are plenty of things to look after and manage, this game will certainly give a platform for your imagination to explore and be as creative as you can be with your ideas and choices throughout the game. The customization features are also pretty good as you will get to give attention to the smallest details possible. All of this is pretty fun to do.
Overall, your ultimate goal in the game would be to look after the park and make sure more and more people visit your park so you can increase the revenue and invest in the park to make it even bigger.

4. Cities: Skylines

Top Games Like Zoo Tycoon
If animals are not as important for you as you are looking for a simulation game then Cities: Skylines is the best game to play. This is one of the best simulation games that you can come across and this game has managed to earn its reputation over the years. Although the game was released a few years back it is still considered one of the best simulation games of recent times and people who want to build their own world love the game as well.
As its name suggests, you will have to build a city instead of building a zoo. But the twist is, that you get to build the city from scratch. This means you will find a big land which you will transform into a small town, then into a big town, and then make it a city. Now, your journey will start in the game where you constantly look after the needs of the people of your city and make your city the best one in the world. You will have to regularly update the city and make it a top city by making everything in the city.
The best part? You will create everything like a school, hospital, police station, tall building, and maybe a zoo as well. It is a never-ending objective as you can keep innovating the city as much as you like. Sure there will be many challenges and that is the fun part.

5. Tropico 6

Game Like Zoo Tycoon
This one is also a city buying simulation game developed by Limbic Entertainment and published by Kalypso Media. In this game, the player will be in charge of the island where he will get to look after the island and manage it however they like.
This game is a part of a franchise and it’s the sixth installment in the series. So you can also play the whole series or just jump to the latest game which is a pretty good game. The players are given several islands where each island will give different challenges and awards. The game will help you to explore and exploit the resources naturally available. This is a cool simulation game for those who like to explore the tropical regions and look at what they will have to offer. It’s a fun game to play.

6. Viva Pinata

Piñatas might be dangerous or at least they look that way to us, but it will be fun to play a game where you get to get close to the pinata species. The game is all about attracting different pinata species to your garden. To attract them, you will have to make sure that the garden you have comes with all the attractive features that can lure the pinata spices into the garden.
The game is a little more intense and not so relaxing than the Zoo Tycoon but that is the fun part of the game. Your goal is to make sure you have lots of animals and they all are in their suitable habitat and happy and healthy as well.

7. Two Point Hospital

Game Like Zoo Tycoon Best
We have another management or simulation game that has nothing to do with a zoo or animals. If you have played several games like Zoo Tycoon and are looking for something that requires you to explore your management skills under a completely new environment and challenges, the Two Point Hospital might be a great choice for you.
This one features a hospital that you will have to manage and run. There are a lot of challenges in this game, and instead of making sure the animals are happy and healthy, you need to look after saving human lives. Managing the budget, finding the cure for the fictional disease, and overall making sure that this hospital becomes the best hospital in the country would be your goal in the game. So if you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan or into the hospitals or saving lives, you are going to love this one.

8. Stardew Valley

Best Game Like Zoo Tycoon
Stardew Valley is another popular simulation game that has been appreciated by players across the world. This game has become a popular pick by all those who like to play simulation games and get lost in a world that they have created.
In this game, you will be responsible for the generational farm and make sure that you get to manage the crops and harvest new crops each season, and then sell them. This is much more complex than you think. Throughout the game, you will need to increase your farm and your profit, and make personal relationships as well. Overall, it will be fun to explore.

9. Minecraft

Games Like Zoo Tycoon
Minecraft is another popular name that you must have heard by now. This game has managed to earn huge popularity and appreciation from players across the globe.
Although this is a lot more different than Zoo Tycoon, there is a similarity when it comes to simulation. Here, you will be given two modes to choose from, one is survival and the other one will explore your creativity. In the latter mode, you will be able to develop a city as you like and look after the needs of the people in the city. As we have said, this one is much more different than the Zoo Tycoon and that is why you should try it out sooner than later, it is going to be fun.


So these are some of the best games like Zoo Tycoon that you can find. We have selected these games based on their popularity and overall game experience so you are going to love these as well. There are plenty of alternatives for Zoo Tycoon so make sure you try these out and find your perfect match.
That would be all for now and we hope you found this article helpful and you got everything you have been looking for. Thank you.

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