Top 15 Best Mystery Games 2023 (Android & iOS)

We all like to play games to kill some time or just to tickle our brains for fun. Thankfully there are hundreds of thousands of games available to choose from on play Play Store and Apple Store. You can easily find a game that is perfect for you and gives you exactly what you are looking for. So you don’t need your laptop or any console to play games whenever you want. You can just play them whenever and wherever. However, you must find the best games to download on your phone.
There are all kinds of games available on both android and iPhone, all you need is to find your favorite genre and pick the best game out of that. There are plenty of amazing categories or genres available too. Although the most interesting ones to have on your phone would be the mystery games.
With mystery games, you can pick up new mysteries and solve them to test your inner detective of yourself. Here again, you will only have a good time if you know which is the best game to download and which game would be worth your time and attention.
Well, you won’t find a shortage of mystery games on iOS or Android, it’s all that matters if you can get your hands on the best mystery game. Finding the best games on such a platform may be hard. That is exactly why we are here to help you.
In this article, we are going to list down the top 15 Mystery Games on Play Store and Apple Store, so go ahead and have a look at the following to pick your favorite.

Best Mystery Games

1. Life is Strange

Best Mystery Game
Life is Strange is one of the best mystery games that you can find on android and iOS. This game is also available on various gaming consoles and PC which is why its popularity is pretty high.
The game features a protagonist who may have found a way to go in the past and maybe change it. Here, you will be playing the character of Max Caulfield. You have found ways to travel back in time which means you can now save your best friend who died in a horrible accident.
Along the journey, there will be many decisions that you will have to make and each one of them will determine the consequences. There are so many puzzles and mysteries to solve within the game too. This game will surely keep you hooked for a long time. The first episode of this game is free, however, you might have to pay for the next few episodes.
Overall, if you want to go on a mystery adventure then this game is for you.

2. Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game

Mystery Game
Criminal Minds is another popular mystery game that you must play once. This is one of the highly-rated mystery games on the Play Store and Apple Store. The game is based on a popular TV series. The game revolves around the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI.
The game involves a great number of mysteries and murder cases that needs to be solved. You will be controlling several detectives and characters in the game to change the direction of the case and solve it.
This game requires it all, from making a profile for the case to finding the culprit. Make sure you find clues and solve a case as fast as possible. So this game will certainly make you feel like you are a real-life detective which is why you play this game.

3. Ravenhill®: Hidden Mystery

Ravenhill is another one of the top mystery games that you shouldn’t miss out on. The game offers many puzzles and hidden object games which will help you solve one mystery only to move to another.
In this game, the protagonist aka you will move to Ravenhill City. As soon as you set foot in the city, you realize it is turning into a ghost town and so many catastrophe events are happening. You will have to stop catastrophic events by solving mysteries and puzzles.
There are plenty of secrets, clues, and a lot of mysteries to work on, so it will be a fun game to play for a while.

4. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Mystery Game Best
Now, who isn’t a fan of Harry Potter, right? Well, if you are then we have the best mystery game for you and it is none other than Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.
This game is widely popular among the Potterheads as they love playing their favorite characters from the book franchise. In addition to nostalgia, this game gives you a chance to live those characters and work on new mysteries in Hogwarts.
You will start the game by being a student at Hogwarts and learning the spells, about magical creatures, and so on. You will get to customize your character in the game too. There are plenty of mysteries waiting for you to be solved, so make sure you don’t miss out on this game because it’s really fun to play.

5. Adventure Escape: Asylum

Top Mystery Game
If you love the room escape room games then this one should be your favorite on this list.
In this game, you will be playing Anna who has mysteriously woken up in an eerie asylum. Now, it is up to you to get out of the asylum. But how? Well, the clues are in the asylum. To make the game more interesting and thrilling, there is a killer present in the room as well. So make sure you get out of the asylum before the killer gets you.
There is also a girl mysteriously appearing in the room along with the killer. Who is she and why is she appearing in the room? Just play to find out!

6. White Night

Best Mystery Game Android
With White Night, your character has met with an accident near a forest and you can only survive if you find a place to stay and get better. Fortunately, there is a place to take refuge, but there is a catch! The place seems unusual and there are so many things that appear strange. Enter the mansion and try to find out the mystery of the mansion and its secrets.
There are so many puzzles to solve and clues to follow. This game will keep you engaged for a long time until you solve all the mysteries. So go ahead and download it for free on your Android and iPhone.

7. Cognition

Being an FBI detective seems like a dream for all mystery lovers. Well, you can be an FBI agent with this game, Cognition on iOS and Android.
To make this game even more interesting, you will be solving a case of a serial killer that involves four murders. Now, serial killer cases are always pretty fun yet very difficult to solve. This is why you will have to take a close look at all the clues and resolve the case before any other murder happens.
The game is pretty intuitive and the gameplay is also fun. It will be well made with good sound effects and graphics which means you are going to love it.

8. Adam Wolfe: Dark Detective Mystery Game

Best Mystery Game iOS
Next on our list of top mystery games is none other than Adam Wolfe. This one, as its name suggests, is a dark detective mystery game. So if you like to solve dark crimes with lots of gruesome acts and hard challenges then this is the perfect game for you.
The paranormal angle of this game is what makes it stand out among others. There are so many weird and unexplainable events happening around you. As a detective, you are supposed to know all the answers, but you are clueless. So go on a spree to solve all these paranormal cases and find out the hidden dark secrets!

9. Agent Alice

If you like action games just as much as you like mystery games, then we have the perfect game for you and it is none other than Agent Alice! The game, obviously, revolves around Agent Alice Wallace played by you.
Here, the game will offer you a wide range of mysteries to solve. This means there will be puzzles and clues to follow and solve as soon as possible.
Some cases go beyond this world and have an unimaginable ending. So make sure to try out this game and be ready for all kinds of mysteries.

10. CSI: Hidden Crimes

We have another game that revolves around a reputed agency that solves crimes. You will be able to control the agents that work at CSI and solve all the cases. There are plenty of such cases there that you will find to solve.
You will lead the investigation as a detective by searching for clues, interacting with suspects, and arresting the killer as well. You can also customize your character for fun. Overall, this is a pretty amazing game to play if you are into mysteries and detective cases, so give it a try.

11. Criminal Case: Pacific Bay

Mystery Games
This is also one of the most loved mystery games on iOS and Android. The game focuses on one solo case where you will have to find the killer. But it is not going to be very simple.
To find the killer, you only have a virtual seven days. This mystery has to be solved in seven days or there will be some consequences. The interesting thing about the case is that each one of the suspects has a motive yet there can only be one killer right?
Once you have solved this episode, you can download the other episodes to solve it. This will be a fun ride with lots of puzzles and mysteries to solve, and some unexpected answers.

12. Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Amazing Mystery Games
This mystery game is also like an escape room game but it features several quests too. The game is quite interesting if you are into solving the riddles to find more clues that will help you to exit the room. The riddles are not repetitive and you will have fun solving them all. Make sure to explore this one, you are going to love it!

13. Murder in the Alps

Mystery Game
Murder in the Alps is also a great mystery game to play sometime.
With this game, you will find yourself in the 1930s when a case is waiting to be solved. Strange events are happening in the town and murder has shaken up everyone.
You will be playing journalist Anna who will solve the case by finding the clues and finding the killer!

14. Sentence

Sentence is an unusual game that is a little different from others. The game features a psychological thriller angle which makes this game much more interesting.
A murder has been committed in a small town. This leads to suspicion among the residents of the town who are pointing fingers at one another. You will have to put yourself in the detective’s shoes and find evidence to find the killer so everything can get back to normal!

15. Lost Lands 1

Best Mystery Game
This mystery game is defined by its mini-games that come together and become a part of one game. This is quite interesting to play as there are so many things to explore and resolve the mysteries in the game.
The game is about a lost kid and a mother who is trying everything in her power to find her son. This makes this game an emotional ride with lots of puzzles and mini-games. So get ready to solve another mystery case that will be filled with lots of emotions!


Well, these are some of the best mystery games you can find on the Play Store and Apple Store. We have picked these games given the high ratings by the players as well as their intuitive interface and challenging gameplay. With these games on your phone, you won’t get tired of solving the mysteries.
All of the aforementioned mystery games are worth your time so make sure you try them all before picking your best. We hope you find the best mystery game which you can enjoy for a long time.

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