Top 11 Best Games Like Destiny 2023

The craze for online multiplayer first-person shooting games is only growing and we don’t need to tell you how many amazing FPS games are available out there that are popular across the world. It’s pretty fun to get an amazing gun and shoot at your opponents until you have won the game, and it’s even more fun when you are playing with other online players, whether against or with them. One such game that has made quite some headlines in the past couple of years is Destiny.
Destiny is a video game series and till now there are two installments launched in the series. Destiny 2 came out in 2017, fans really appreciated this game as it was everything that they have wanted or didn’t find in the first installment in the series. With this, Destiny became a popular video game that features the best gameplay and shooting tactics. So if you are a fan of shooting games then you must have completed this game within a short period. If that is the case then you must feel the need to jump to another popular game like Destiny. Well, it’s not the worst idea.
The thing is, you will have to find a game that is good enough like Destiny. It can be too similar or a little different than Destiny, but as long as it involves the online multiplayer mode with FPS and RPG elements, you will be good to go. There are plenty of games like Destiny available and you will only get some of the best ones. But how would you find them? That’s exactly why you need to keep reading our article. Here, we have listed down the 11 best games like Destiny. We have reviewed them too, so go ahead and see which one would be the best game like Destiny for you.

Best Games Like Destiny

1. The Division 2

One of the first games that we have found for our list of best games like Destiny is none other than The Division 2. This is not a fully identical game to Destiny, but it will certainly impress all the gamers who loved playing Destiny. This game features a similar looter shooter gameplay along with endgame activities that will keep you hooked on the game. This is also an online multiplayer game that will require you and your team to go through some deadly circumstances and kill some enemies with your heavy-duty weapons.
The game takes place in Washington D.C after the events of the first game. The city’s filled with deadly creatures and viruses ravaged. There are so many threats that you will face, but you will also like the amazing gameplay tactics where you will make a team of 4 players and go on missions. The large and dynamic environment is packed with challenging foes. The “Dark Zone” of this game is quite popular too, here you can do the face-off and earn more powerful gear.
Overall, the game will have major updates in the future too, so you can stick around for longer and enjoy this amazing shooting game.

2. World War Z

Game Like Destiny
World War Z is another popular shooting game that is quite similar to Destiny and will certainly become a great alternative for the same. There is a book and a movie also available under the same title, so naturally, this is a popular shooting game so far. This game will take you to the zombie-filled world where you have to survive by killing them first so that they can’t reach you. If you have played Left 4 Dead, then you will find its gameplay quite similar to that. In fact, this is a perfect combination of Left 4 Dead and Destiny, so you will most certainly enjoy it.
You will be on a mission to save the globe by eliminating the massive wave of the undead. The game is played in the third-person perspective. Its gory zombie execution is quite engaging and you would most certainly love playing it. It features 6 unique classes that can be upgraded and equipped with new skills which will affect the gameplay.
Overall, this game is all about killing the zombies and saving the world from the undead. There are a lot of things that will keep you going. You can also expect some major updates in the future as well. It’s going to be quite fun to play this game.

3. Warframe

Best Game Like Destiny
Warframe is another one of the best games like Destiny that you should know about. This is a popular game that will keep you hooked for a long time. The game will most certainly impress you if you like Destiny-like games. The game can be played in a Sci-fi theme and will most certainly make you happy with the gameplay and shooting tactics. The game is packed with lore, smooth action, and powerful abilities along with a devoted community. It is a free-to-play third-person shooter game that features a unique and robust class and weapon crafting system.
The players can show their crafting skills by building powerful weapons or other things without having to give any real-world money. It also features an open-world environment so you can easily roam in the game world and explore new stuff. It also keeps updating from time to time making necessary changes in the game and gameplay.
Of course, you can make in-game purchases if you want to. Overall, it is a great game like Destiny and you would most certainly enjoy it as well, so go ahead and check it out.

4. Borderlands 2

Top Game Like Destiny
If you are looking for a perfect looter shooter gameplay just like Destiny then Borderlands 2 might be your best option. This is a popular shooting game with the best and most challenging environment where you would be able to flaunt your shooting or fitting skills. Its co-op first-person shooter gameplay is quite engaging and you won’t be able to stop playing it once you start. The game has a pretty lengthy 30-hour gameplay that features additional content and modifiers.
There are so many things that we loved in this game including the vibrant environment and engaging gameplay. Overall, this is a great game to play after you have played a game like Destiny.

5. Deep Rock Galactic

Next on our list of tip games like Destiny is Deep Rock Galactic. This is also a popular game that will satisfy the shooter in you and help you to make the most of your time. The game features the best graphics and visuals as the games take you to the other world. You will be on dangerous mining missions in space, and you will find yourself getting addicted to this game soon after you have started playing it.
Each one of the missions is divided into two parts, the first part involves navigating a fully mine-able space environment to find the best ores, and then you will find your way back to the ship through waves of insectoid armies. The game offers lots of things to explore and each of the dwarf classes has abilities suited for both active and surprisingly deep leveling systems. It would be a fun game to play with your friends so make sure to bring them as well.

6. Outriders

Best Games Like Destiny
Outriders are undoubtedly one of the best games that came out this year and have a lot to offer to its players. The game has plenty of amazing features and lots of fun with the third-person shooting perspective. There are lots of weapons available in this game including some of the mutant powers like impaling enemies on spikes and shooting energy beams out of your hands.
This is an action-packed game that will keep you hooked to the very last moment and it would most certainly feature the best kind of gameplay as well. The open arena fights are thrilling and the characters can be customized as well. There are plenty of unique elements in the game like heal by killing mechanics and some innovative teleworking abilities as well. You can easily experiment with everything in this game and have a great time too.

7. Halo 5: Guardians

Games Like Destiny
Halo 5 is another one of the best games like Destiny that you would most certainly enjoy. You will also like how engaging this game is and how fun it is to play as well. The game will put the players against the mysterious and unstoppable force that is threatening to destroy the galaxy. The mission also involves searching for the Master Chief who has vanished.
The gameplay is around 8 to 12 hours but its multiplayer mode is quite engaging and keeps you on the edge. A new multiplayer mode has been introduced where 24 player warzone mode where AI enemies are featured. Overall, there are so many great things about this game that will certainly make you addicted to it. So go ahead and check this one out.

8. Risk of Rain 2

Top Games Like Destiny
Risk of Rain 2 has also impressed the Destiny fans and became a popular game like Destiny too. This is a pretty engaging game where it will be played in the 3D third-person shooter perceptive. The roguelike mechanism and the energetic combat have certainly made this game a popular choice. The goal in this game will be to survive for as long as possible and keep killing the enemies with your excellent shooting and combating skills. There are 6 different character classes and each one would be quite pleasant.

9. Anthem

Good Games Like Destiny
Anthem is quite similar to Destiny and that is why it has made a place on our list of best games like Destiny. It is a third-person action game where the players can become Iron Man (yes your dreams will finally come true).
You will be a part of a four-player team that will explore the world of Bastion. You will be assigned the task of eliminating the powerful monsters of different species and collecting their powerful gear along the way. There are plenty of customization options and you would be able to explore different kinds of skills and weapons to use.
Overall, it is a pretty amusing game to play if you like Destiny.

10. Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2 might not be the latest game but even if it’s a little old, the game has certainly made plenty of fans across the world and they all have praised this one. This is another looter shooter gameplay where the players will be doing the loot and killing the opponents while surviving themselves.
There are plenty of layers that you will have to go through and each one of them is going to test your gaming skills. Overall, this is a full action-packed game that you would certainly want to play for a long time. The game will certainly impress you, so check this one out.

11. Escape From Tarkov

Last but not least, we have Escape From Tarkov as our next best game like Destiny. This game will pit you against other players and make you fight them as well. It is you versus them and you better win it. This one has a pleasant background and sound and it also features some of the modern Battle Royal elements, so you would be more than happy to invest your time in this one.


So these are some of the best games like destiny that you can find. We have listed all the alternative games for Destiny that fans all across the globe would enjoy. All of these aforementioned games like Destiny feature great shooting gameplay and you would be able to fill the void after you are done with Destiny.
Overall, go ahead and take a look at the aforementioned top games like Destiny and see which one would be the most suitable for you. You are going to have fun playing all these games like Destiny, so go ahead and enjoy.

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