Top 10 Best Games Like Until Dawn 2023

Games like Until Dawn don’t come easy. These games happen once in several years, and when they do come everyone becomes a fan of these games. This game has earned a lot of appreciation and huge popularity after its release in 2015. The game has a perfect combination of horror elements with decision-making tactics, so players will always be on an edge while playing this game. There is hardly any moment that bothers you while playing this game and once you start playing it, you will end up playing it for hours until you have finished it.
The story of the game starts with 8 characters that are friends and you will be controlling them too. They have been stuck in a lodge on Blackwood Mountain. You can sense that there is something wrong and with each passing moment you realize you are trapped. Now, all you are left with are your skills and decision-making power. No matter what you do you will have to survive against anything the game has to throw at you.
The best part about the game is that each one of your choices will have a consequence on the story and how the game will end. This is why players can play this game multiple times without getting bored. You will have to know the importance of the choices you make. The game also features the relationship aspect as well, this might help you or lead you to your demise. The players have loved its graphics, gameplay, and engaging storyline that will keep their players hooked on the game. So it won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the most innovative games in the past few years.
Even though this is an amazing game to play, yet you may have already finished it or you want something different to play. In either case, you will need to find a game like Until Dawn to play. Although there are plenty of games like Until Dawn available, not all of them are ideal for you. This is why you would need to know which are the best games like Until Dawn which you will enjoy playing. Well, there are plenty of amazing choices out there but we have selected the top 10 games like Until Dawn for you.
Let’s move ahead and see which are the best games like Until Dawn that you will like to play next.

Best Games Like Until Dawn

1. The Inpatient

Best Games Like Until Dawn
If there is any game that deserves the title of best games like Until Dawn then it should be none other than The Inpatient. This game is not just a game like Until Dawn but it is the prequel of this game, surprised? It’s okay if you didn’t know this because not all people do know this. Yet it’s one of the best games to play when you are trying to find something like Until Dawn with a different setting and character.
The game follows the story of a patient that suffers from amnesia and is in the Blackwood Sanatorium. You will be playing this character and your primary objective is to reclaim your memories. There will be some non-playable characters that will react to your actions via voice recognition. Just like Until Dawn this game also has a few consequences of your actions and your choices in the game will turn the path of the game and how it will end. Unlike Until Dawn, this game will be played from a first-person perspective.
It is quite an amazing game that has some chilling factors. You would certainly like to play it with the same adrenalin rush as you get from playing Until Dawn.

2. Man of Medan

Top Games Like Until Dawn
Man of Medan is another one of the top games like Until Dawn that you would like to play sometime. The game has been developed by Supermassive Games, the same developer as Until Dawn. The game is quite interesting and it also got the best reviews and ratings from gamers across the world. This is also a horror genre game with an interactive storyline. When Until Dawn got popular the developers knew exactly what impresses the players and this is why this one is the best game like Until Dawn.
The story of the game revolves around young adults who are stuck on a ghost ship. The game can be played in either single-player mode or multiplayer. If you decide to play it with your friends then you can take control of one character. The game is full of terrifying elements and it keeps testing your decision-making skills as well. Just like Until Dawn, each one of your choices will have its consequences. You can play it several times as well. Overall, it is an amazing game like Until Dawn to play and you won’t be disappointed.

3. Detroit: Become Human

Games Like Until Dawn
The next game like Until Dawn is Detroit: Become Human. There are plenty of reasons why you should try out this game, be it the graphics, gameplay, or even the decision-making skills, you would like it all. This game will take you to the future, where you will be against the robots and not any ghosts, but don’t get too relieved because these robots are not very nice. Just like the android smartphones have become a part of our lives just like robots are everywhere in the future. But the game asks the classic science fiction question, do robots have emotions? Or are they going to be the end of the humans?
In this game, each one of the characters has an important part to play in the game. What you are going to do next will certainly change the way the game will end. Even though the game feels more like sci-fi than horror, some characters and things are certainly creepier than you can imagine.
Overall, playing this game will be quite fun. You would like it if you want some change from Until Dawn yet what an interactive drama just like this.

4. Oxenfree

Another game that has made a place on our list of best games like Until Dawn is Oxenfree. This game is quite like Until Dawn yet takes you on a different journey. The teenagers in Until Dawn were trapped on a remote mountain, this one takes them to an island. This game has a lead character, Alex. He is out on a vacation with his friends and his new stepbrother. They chose the island for their journey because they wanted to explore the myths that local people have about the island. While spending some time on the island, they quickly realized there is something that isn’t right about this place, but what?
Their curiosity takes them further into the island. They learn the history of the island as well as their relationship with each other too. The game world has so much to offer you. You will realize what the myths were all about and how strong of a bond you share with your friends. The story is not that but definitely engaging. The game will keep you hooked for long hours and you would certainly enjoy playing it as well. Here again, your choices will have consequences so be careful with that.

5. The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Best Game Like Until Dawn
There are many people who have already heard of the iconic Walking Dead game series and the TV series that the game is inspired from, some might have played the game as well. But for those who haven’t touched the game ever, it is high time that you should try out playing Walking Dead. This game is quite like Until Dawn yet it has made a name for itself. Some people might not compare these two games, others might find one better than the other, but in the end, both are similar kinds of games and you will like playing them as well.
The game was launched in 2018 and it got the best response from the players as well. The game has got the perfect amount of horror elements and great gameplay too. The game focuses on Clementine who is now a teenager and she has turned into a hardened teenage girl who is focused on saving Alvin Jr.
The zombies will be there and so are a few hurdles that would test your survival and fighting skills. Be quick to make any decisions and remember each one of your choices will have some consequences as well. Overall, it will be a fun game to play after Until Dawn.

6. Vampyr

Game Like Until Dawn
Vampyr is another one of the leading games like Until Dawn that you need to know about. This game is quite amazing and you would love playing it as well. This is an action RPG where you will be engaged with the story and the characters and also show some action as well. The game allows you to make the decision and you will have to be ready for its consequences as well.
The story is set in 1918 London and you will be playing the role of a Vampire who is also a doctor. You are investigating more about a plague that has spread across London. Your vampire side will be active all along with the game, and you might have to make a choice between hurting a mortal and feeding on them and suppressing your vampire side. You will also develop relations with the non-playing characters too. There will be some fights where you can show off your combat skills too.

7. Heavy Rain

Cool Games Like Until Dawn
Heavy Rain is one of the latest games that was released in 2020 only and this one became one of the best games like Until Dawn that you can play. This is a great game to play and you would have fun too.
The game tells you the story of people affected by the deranged activities of the so-called Origami Killer. You will be playing multiple characters but not all of them will see their end. It is a dark and gritty story and you would certainly enjoy this one too. The tense atmosphere and storyline will surely keep you hooked on the game for long.

8. State of Decay

Best Games Like Until Dawn
State of Decay is another one of the best games like Until Dawn that you have to know about. This game has earned huge popularity and it has become a decent choice for players who love playing survival/ zombie games with an interactive storyline. You would be able to change your character and keep up with the story. This one also comes with an engaging storyline that you will have to follow. Stick to your character and make sure that you survive the game as long as you can. Go ahead and check out this game, you might like it.

9. Life is Strange

Games Like Until Dawn
We have another interactive story-based game filled with strange things and this is none other than Life is Strange. It is yet another best game like Until Dawn and you would be happy to play it as well. The game features several episodes and each one focuses on different characters and their story.
The story of the game features some teenagers and the struggles they have been going through. The game also features the supernatural stuff that brings drama to the lives of the character. There is so much to explore and follow the characters in the game. This one too would require you to make some quick decisions and each decision will change the story.

10. Indigo Prophecy

Games Like Until Dawn
Indigo Prophecy aka Fahrenheit is another one of the best games like Until Dawn that you should know about. The game features the best kind of drama and action. The game features a cult following over the years. You will be playing the role of Lucas who has been processed into committing a murder. There are multiple endings in the game as each one of your choices affects the whole game. So you can play this game multiple times and still have fun.


So these are some of the best games like Until Dawn that we have found. All of these are popular games in the horror and interactive genre. Some games are more similar to Until Dawn while others are quite different. You will find the best kind of experience playing these games if you are a fan of Until Dawn.
So go ahead and take a look at these games like Until Dawn and choose the ones you found best. That would be all for now, we hope you found this article helpful.

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