Top 11 Best Games Like Dayz 2023

The survival games have something that has made us all fall in love with them. The unending struggling or keeping yourself alive throughout the game and making sure you survive till the end will keep you on edge the whole game. You can never rest while playing a survival game because there will be some kind of threat hovering over you. This is the best way to get some adrenaline rush and come up with some great ways to relax on a free day or have some me-time. Since there are so many fans of the survival genre, we have plenty of amusing survival games as well.
One such game that has impressed us a lot is DayZ (Day-Zee). This game is set in a fictional post-apocalyptic world in Russia. There are lots of zombies and all you can do is to survive, how? Well, that can be a discussion. The game will test your survival skills as well as how well you can perform under pressure. There is a lot to do and a long journey to complete before you are finally safe from all the threats. The zombies are more dangerous and not just moving dead bodies. They will attack you and make you give up on life. But you have to figure out a way to survive.
Even though there are lots of reasons why we would love this game, if you have played it and completed it, you might want to find an alternative. Or the people who didn’t find this game good enough would certainly want to try out more games like DayZ. Fortunately, there are plenty of games like DayZ available but only a few of them are good enough. You will find it hard to know which would be the best game like DayZ and that is why you need our help.
Here, we have listed down some of the best games like DayZ. So go ahead and take a look at the following list and see which one would be the best game like DayZ for you.

Best Games Like Dayz

1. Days Gone

Best Game Like Dayz
Our first pick for the list of best games like DayZ is none other than Days Gone. This is one of the most interesting survival games and you would certainly love it as well. The story of the game follows bounty hunter Deacon St. John, who is fighting to survive in the wilderness for two years after a global pandemic has ravaged the society. There are a lot of forgotten forest pathways, abandoned hideaways, and breathtaking views are just some of the things that you will come across.
This game features the rabid freakers which are more or less alike the zombies in this game. These freakers have made the forest their home and now the protagonist is posing a threat to their home. So he must fight back and find a way for home and survive through the journey. The complex ecosystem, hungry and thirst deadly creatures, and lots of other stuff are the obstacles that are hard to pass through.
The player has to fulfill the basic survival needs and make sure he has some food and water to not die of hunger or thirst. Then he will need to fight the deadly creatures and find a way out of the wilderness to a safe place. It is kind of story-driven which has impressed the players. There are plenty of amazing features to keep you hooked and on edge. So it will be fun to survive this game.

2. Miscreated

Miscreated is one of the best games like DayZ that you can find on the list. This game is an underrated gem and it has got the popularity that it deserved. The game will take you in the future as it is set in 2089. In this futuristic world, civilization has collapsed and nuclear war has turned people into twisted mutants. You will find yourself in the quiet, picturesque suburb where you will see abandoned houses and the locality is surrounded by the forest only.
The woods are full of surprises and there is always something new to find in the woods. You can find the hunkers in hidden caves and lots of other secrets. Although you have to keep in mind that there will be hidden dangers too. You will be playing against other players who will be most likely to put a bullet in your head whenever they get a chance.
You have to survive the journey and keep yourself alive at last. This might be a little challenging but that’s what makes this game more fun. So go ahead and see if you would enjoy this game or not.

3. Fallout 76

Top Game Like Dayz
Fallout is one of the most popular survival games and it is also a great alternative for games like DayZ as well. The players will get to experience life on the biggest wasteland as the map for this game is quite big. The game will introduce some quest-giving characters and trader NPCs. There will be a greater purpose for your life in this wasteland than you can think of.
This survival game offers a great number of quests that you can keep completing throughout the game. There are a lot of things to explore and keep yourself occupied throughout the game as well. You can also build bases. The encounter with another human or player won’t be a casual occasion, as it is rare, unpredictable, and sometimes dangerous.
The game gives you the lonely multiplayer vibe which is hard to find. The gameplay consists of long stretches of solo scavenging interjected with the occasional jolting human encounter, this will be familiar for DayZ players. Overall, this action-adventure survival game is quite fun to play and you would certainly find it ideal enough.

4. Project Zomboid

Next on our list of top games like DayZ that you would like to play would be Project Zomboid. Anyone who likes survival games with zombies would be a fan of this game. It is a 2D isometric survival game that will keep you engaged for long hours and you won’t be able to get enough of it. It is also an open-world game where the player will be able to roam in the game world even when they are not on any mission. The game features the suburbs run by zombies and they must scavenge and fight for their lives. You would be able to choose a character and with that, the skill set too. This will shape your personality and play style too.
The game’s interconnected system allows for creative and unique stories. You will also find some NPCs and non-zombie characters that might pose a threat to your survival. They might be helpful or just shoot you at the first sight, you never know. The survival will become harder as you move forward in the game, but it will feel natural and unforced so it will be too much fun to play. The town is full of abandoned houses, there is no electricity, and water and food are also limited.
Overall, this is a quite fun game to play where you will most certainly have fun playing against the zombies and survive till the last moment.

5. 7 Days to Die

Best Games Like Dayz
7 Days to Die is another one of the popular games like DayZ that you would love to play. This is a popular survival game that you must have heard of already. The gameplay of this game fits its title perfectly and you will have to struggle to survive every second in this game. Each day is a challenge and you must survive it by strengthening the base, getting more supplies or resources, and getting face to face with the zombies as well.
The game features an open world and you can easily roam and explore new things in the game. Not just the zombies but also the wildlife will also haunt you in the game. You can either survive solo or play with other players. Overall, you will also like this game if you want to survive in a zombie-infested world.

6. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

Our next best game like DayZ is S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. It may be a little different than DayZ but is a great game to play that will represent modern-day survival. This game is based on the movie Shadow of Chernobyl and it will be pretty amusing to anyone who is a fan of this genre.
The player will take the character of titular Stalker, a wandering mercenary exploring the irradiated areas of the Zone. There will be a lot of other survivors as you move forward in the game. You will be surviving against aggressive humans, radioactive mutants, unforgiving elements in the game. Overall, it’s a classic survival game that will take you to the post-nuclear apocalypse, and surviving under these conditions would be challenging.

7. Rust

Game Like Dayz
Rust is another one of the popular survival games that might impress you if you are a fan of games like DayZ. The players will be thrown into a world where they will have to be ready for everything and survive. This open-world survival game features dangerous wildlife and limited resources.
You will have to fight for the resources to keep yourself alive. From collecting materials to building shelter, everything will be a struggle. You will have to beware of other characters in the game because they can harm you in many ways. Make sure you reach the resources before the other players or you won’t be able to make it in this game world.

8. Z1 Battle Royale

If you like the Battle Royale genre then this one would be the best game for you on our list. This is a great game for anyone who felt the Battle Royal aspect of DayZ was a bit disappointing. The idea behind this game is quite simple, the player will be thrown into the game world with a parachute into the battlefield and they have to be the last man standing. Kill the other players before they kill you and make sure you survive till the last minute. Collect the supplies and weapons and you will be good to go.
You can either play this game solo or make a team of five. It is going to be quite fun to play.

9. Metro 2033

Games Like Dayz
This is yet another underrated gem of the survival genre that you should know about. The game features a lot of amazing features and makes the gameplay quite compelling and interesting. The game is based on the popular novel by Dimitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033.
It will take the player to the underground tunnels of the titular Moscow metro. The survivors of the city have been gathered here and they are trying hard to survive. There are mutants and dangerous enemy factions to fight against. The sci-fi and the horror aspect of this game are interesting. There will be lots of weapons to use in your defense.

10. Unturned

Unturned is another one of the popular games that features a world run by the undead where the player must survive with other unturned players or go solo against the enemies. The simplistic graphics and the open-world environment is good enough to keep you hooked on the game. There are lots of hurdles and obstacles and so many zombies. You must work hard to survive until you are fully safe or you will turn into a zombie as well.
You can either play solo or play with your friends. Both are a great way to deal with the zombies and keep yourself occupied for a few hours. The game has received high ratings and mostly positive reviews from gamers.

11. State of Decay

Best Games Like Dayz
Last but not least we have State of Decay on our list of best games like DayZ and you are going to love this game as well. The game does not come with a multiplayer mode yet it provides a wide range of stuff to do here.
You will have to survive the undead hordes as well as get the resources as well as build your shelter to survive in this game. The zombie-infested world will test your survival skills and keep you on edge all the time. Although you can meet the other survivors in the game and make an army for yourself.


So these are the top 11 games like DayZ that you can find so far. These games have received the best reviews and so much love from players across the globe, so you will be happy to play these games too. Some of them are too similar to DayZ others might take a little different approach but all of them would certainly impress you if you like games like DayZ.
That would be all for now, so go ahead and see if you can find the best games like DayZ among the aforementioned options. We hope you got everything you were looking for, try out all the games, and have fun.

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