Top 11 Best Games Like Candy Crush 2023

We don’t need to argue over the fact that candy crush is undoubtedly one of the most popular games. This game has been played by most people at some point in their lives. And some people might have gotten addicted to it as well. If you come in the second category of the people where you get addicted to candy crush, you might not be alone. People have played this game for a long time and they now get bored of this game yet they want something similar to kill time.
Well, there are plenty of games available that are similar to candy crush. Matching three candies is pretty addictive but the candies can replace something and give it a little different theme than candy crush. There are plenty of such games available but finding a perfect alternative for candy crush can be a little hard. You might have to go from one game to another to find out which are the best games like Candy Crush and then you may or may not get successful.
Well, that is why we are here to help you out and save you from finding the best games like Candy Crush on your own. We have selected the top 11 games like candy crush that you can find and you would be more than happy to play these if you want to find an alternative for Candy Crush.
Go ahead and take a look at the following top games like Candy Crush and see which ones you would find more.

Best Games Like Candy Crush

1. Aqua Blast

The very first game that we found just like candy crush is none other than Aqua Blast. This is a popular game and probably one of the best after candy crush when it comes to matching three games. This game features an underwater theme that is quite interesting and amusing. This game is not just about matching three games but you can also do many other things.
Players will create an underwater fish sanctuary alongside the core game that they will play in the loop. You will get the usual stuff as you do in the candy crush such as limited-time events, power-ups, and more that will make this game a little more exciting. The game is quite amazing and will certainly keep you hooked for a long time. The game also keeps getting new updates from time to time and you will most certainly get new features as it keeps getting better with time.

2. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

Next on our list of best games like Candy Crush is Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. This is a great game for anyone who likes candy crush or the three-match games and Pokémon. This is a pretty popular game among Pokémon fans as well as three match games. This was the first official Pokemon game on mobile and it certainly impressed us and thousands of others.
The gameplay is usual and decent, you would have to match three items as usual. When you complete the match, your pokemon will be allowed to attack. The first pokemon to fall would be the loser. The game is free to play. You can also expect more events in the future with updates, but till then, it is a decent match for Pokémon fans.

3. Puzzle and Dragons

Puzzle and Dragons are another one of the top games like Candy Crush that you would love playing on your phone. The game has got everything that you would like to play as a candy crush fan. The best part? It’s not just a three-match game but also features RPG elements as well. The players will assemble the army of monsters and go on a journey to discover and explore the dungeons. Their goal? To beat up the bad guys.
The more items you match together the bigger the hit you get. This game is a little older yet it has managed to survive the test of time. The game has more than 2000 monsters to collect and there are various recipes for evolving them. The game also features a co-op mode that will allow you to play with friends. Even though it is free to play, you can spend real money to purchase some in-game items. The game features the best RPG mode along with the three-match gameplay, so it will be quite fun to play.

4. Sugar Blast

Sugar Blast is another one of the top games like Candy Crush that you need to know about. This is a popular game to play when you are bored and like to play three-match games. This game has been developed by Ravio, the developer of Angry Birds, so we had high hopes for this game. Playing this game did impress us and it lives up to our expectations as well. The developer has tried to clone Candy Crush even before it but this one is the most successful.
The game features a lot of levels, so you won’t get out of the levels pretty soon. It has got the simple mechanics that involves the classic three-match mechanics. You will also like the power-ups and other stuff that you would enjoy playing in this game. Although, the game will get difficult once you cross the 200 level mark, so if you like challenging games like Candy Crush then this would be the best choice for you.

5. Triple Town

Triple Town is another one of the best games like Candy Crush that you would like to play sometime. The game isn’t as popular as the other three match games and this is the reason why you should try this game out sometime.
The players in this game will grow the city full of bears. The growth will occur when you match the tiles together. This is a friendly and family-oriented game that will make you all smiles and happy as you play it. There is also a distinctive feature that you may not find in any other game, here you can purchase the turns (unlimited) and also remove any time limitations as well. Even though it’s a free game to play, you can spend some bucks if you like.

6. Toy Story Drop

Toy Story Drop is another one of the best games like Candy Crush that you would like to play. This game has also impressed hundreds of thousands of people and you can also be a member of its community too. The game has got everything that you would look for in a Candy Crush alternative. This is a classic three-match game that features the theme of Toy Story. The players will have to use a variety to clear shapes from the board and you would also be able to match them up too.
To add some extra charm in the game, it uses some scenes and locations from the movie, and it does impress the fans as well, don’t worry it won’t affect the gameplay, but will certainly be a treat for fans. It also features a narrative that is quite impressive. Overall, this is a pretty good game and you would most certainly be impressed with this as well.

7. Puzzle Quest

If you are looking for something a little different than Candy Crush yet want some similarities as you play, then Puzzle Quest might be the best game you should try out. This is a multi-game and you will find lots of different kinds of games to enjoy. The game has lots of different kinds of three-match games that will most certainly impress you. There are several games in the franchise and some of them do feature pop culture themes.
There are different kinds of mechanics in each game and you would most certainly like to play different types of games if you don’t want to stick with one game for a long time. By matching three or more alike items the players will be able to perform certain actions like attacking someone. Overall, this is a popular game and it is most importantly a great substitution for Candy Crush, so make sure you try this one out.

8. Indie Cat Match 3

This game has not received the same popularity as Candy Crush, and it might never will, but this game is quite impressive when it comes to comparing the game with Candy Crush. This is another classic game like Candy Crush where you will have to match three items, complete levels, and then collect various cat-themed artifacts to progress through the game.
You will also find a storyline in this game, it’s lighthearted and simple, and not too deep, so the game remains goofy and fun without introducing something too serious to the players. Everyone likes this game equally, whether it’s kids or adults. This is another one of the free games that you would most certainly like. And it is quite fun to play, so give it a try sometime.

9. Bejeweled Series

Another one of the popular games like Candy Crush that has made a place on our list is none other than Bejeweled Series. The game has got everything that you would think of or look for in a three-match (or in a Candy Crush alternative).
It features classic and simple gameplay where you will have to match three or more jewels or crystals to score big and level up. There are so many games in the series and you would like them all. Overall, this is a game that you must try if you are a fan of three-match games, as it’s simple yet so much fun to play, and you won’t be bored.

10. Bake Shop Drop

Another one of the games that you would like to play that is just like Candy Crush is the Bake Shop Drop. This one features tasty sugary treats that you will have to match in three or more pairs. But it features a little different approach where the pastries or other sugary treats will be falling from the top and you will have to match three or more pastries to vanish them and make space for the new pastries, or it will keep piling up. You have to stop them from piling up because if it touches the roof, the game will be over.

11. Dots

Dots is another playful and intriguing game that you would like to play if you like candy crush-type games. This is kind of like a more colorful and simpler version of Candy Crush. It will test your ability to connect the three or more dots within a minute. The game can get addictive and it is so much fun to play as well. So go ahead and try this one out, you won’t be disappointed.


So these are some of the best games like candy crush that you can find. We have selected these games because they have got the best reviews and ratings from players across the world. These games are quite similar yet a little different from candy crush so you are going to have a fresh take on the matching candy game.
That would be all for now and we hope you found the best game like Candy Crush. If you are still confused, we would suggest you play all of them and enjoy them, you would certainly find the best one among these.

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