List Of All Dog Man Books In Order To Read (2023)

Looking for a children’s book series? Well what could be better than Dog Man! This famous book series has been written by American Cartoonist Dav Pilkey. This book features the main character of Dog Man, he is part man and part dog but he is fully a cop who fights against the crime.
Background of Dog Man-
The story began with Officer Knight and his police dog Greg was severely injured in an explosion of a bomb which was planted by the evil cat Petey! The only way to save them is to sew the head of Greg on Knight’s body. That way the Dog Man came into existence. Now that he has a brain of a dog and body of a policeman, he has become one strong officer who fights against crime as well as his nemesis, Petey.
The story is fun and till now 8 books have been released in the series. All the books have become widely popular and children love the Dog Man. In this article, we have written down all the books in order. So take a look at the article and find out from which book you should start the dog man series!

Dog Man Books

dog man books

1. Dog Man

dog man books in order
This is the first book in the Dog Man series which was published in the year 2016. You will be introduced to the characters of the book and you will learn about the incidents which lead to the creation of the dog man. You will see how the story evolves and earn more about the problem-solving skills of Dog Man.
Apart from this, the book has been appreciated for its universally accepted themes such as kindness, persistence, empathy, and how important it is to be true to yourself.

2. Dog Man: Unleashed

dog man books to read
As you are aware of the characters and their personality you will enjoy the book even more. The book starts with Dog Man learning a few tricks of the trade. Meanwhile the evil cat, Petey is has taken the city by storm with her evilness. Now it’s a test for dog man’s reputation as a fearless cop and how he cops with this scenario. It would be interesting to see if the Dog Man will be able to bring justice and make peace in the city by arresting Petey or will Petey will escape the situation. It’s a joyful book for kids and they will definitely enjoy it till the last page.

3. Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties

list of dog man books
The third Dog Man book in order also has a lot to entertain you and your kid. With similar themes as written above the Dog Man is back to entertain you with his amusing adventure as well as a story that will keep you glued to the book till the last page. As we all know the Dog Man hasn’t been the best dog neither he is the worst dog. He is still in the age of invention as well as exploring the season of surprise. This time the trouble is double and so is the Petey! Yes the evil cat has a twin now which means it will be double the action and double the fun. It would be interesting to see how Dog Man manages to handle both the evil cats and how he manages to figure out what is going on. Read the book and enjoy this double trouble!!

4. Dog Man and Cat Kid

dog man books list
The 4th Dog Man book in order is as amusing as it can ever be. The Dog Man is back again to provide justice and bring peace in the city but this time he is not alone. He is accompanied by a cat who is a clone to Petey and that’s why known as Little Petey. Both of them are spending time with each other while solving cases and enjoying themselves. But how can peace last when the Petey is there! This time Petey the evil cat is in disguised and planning something bigger for Dog Man. Will he be able to escape her big plan or he will be the victim of hers?

5. Dog Man: Lord of Fleas

dog man best book
The 5th Dog Man book is no less than a surprise and you will be seeing something which you never would have imagined in your wildest dreams! This book features the fresh bunch of baddies who are bursting up the town and giving everyone a hard time. Although Dog Man has it’s own team but he still needs an ally! And its Petey!!! Yes you heard it right. Both of them came together and join hands to fight the common evil. But will the Petey avoid his vengeance and stay true to his words?

6. Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild

dog man books in order to read
The book tests the identity of Dog Man and his ability to fit among the man as well as the dogs! Here the Dog Man has been accused of a crime he didn’t commit and every one of his friends and co-workers is trying to prove him innocent! Will they succeed or Dog Man will have to fact the worst?

7. Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls

dog man books
The 7th book in the series is a rollercoaster for both the Dog Man as well as Petey the cat. On One hand Dog Man is struggling with his bad habits while Petey is now released from jail and living a new life with little Petey. In between all this, Petey’s father is also back and now he is struggling with his past and fighting for who he loves!

8. Dog Man: Fetch 22

dog man books list
The last book that was published in the year 2019 is featuring another dilemma of the characters. Here the focus goes on Little Petey who is struggling to find good in the world. Since Petey has now become more sensible about what matters most in life he must do something about the Little Petey. The Dog Man too should help Little Petey in restoring his faith in goodness. It would be interested g to see them working as a team for Little Petey and giving the lesson of goodness in the world.


So these are the Dog Man books in order that you were looking for. We are sure your kid will like books (maybe you too!). So go ahead and buy the books which will feature favorite Dog Man! And don’t forget to read the next Dog Man book in order which is expected to release this year. Thank you for visiting our page and we hope the article was helpful.

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