7 Bus Simulator Games For PC (Windows/Mac) 2023

Do you wanna play with buses? I am sure you do that’s why you are here. It’s true that racing cars are fun but handling the bus full of passengers and still taking an adventurous ride is another level of thrill. It’s not like you are just gonna ride the bus and taking the passenger here and there, but you will get to ride the best buses and find the best way to drive it through obstacles and leave your passengers at their destination safely.
As much as the bus game sounds fun to you, finding the best is not that easy. One may think okay let’s download any game that comes between our way but you might end up downloading the wrong game. It’s easy to find the bus game for Android or iPhone but when it comes to downloading the best bus game for PC you will need to put a lot of effort. Well, have done the tedious work for you by picking up the 7 best bus games for PC for you. Take a look at the list and download the one you find most interesting.

Bus Simulator Games For PC

bus games pc

1. Bus Simulator 2019

bus simulator games pc
Bus Simulator is a top bus game for PC that you will definitely wanna play. Here you will be playing the role of a bus driver. You have a lot on your play right now, with the costumes and taking them to their destination across the city and furthermore, to the suburbs. You can either make money by delivering the passengers and following the traffic laws. Or you can complete the various scenarios with pre-set conditions. You can also build your career in the free mode.
You can choose the city as well as the route on which you wanna drive your bus. The city is very detailed and looks realistic. Moreover you can also choose the way your bus look. It’s highly customizable and fun to play. So try it out it definitely impresses you.

2. Bus Driver

best bus games for pc
Bus Driver is a vehicle simulation game that features the best buses and the best gameplay you can find in a PC bus game. This one too is a highly customizable as you can choose the bus route as well as the type of bus you wanna drive.
It’s a rather strict game where a player has to follow all the traffic rules as well as a stop at all the bus stops, if you fail to do so, the point will be taken from your final score. The game features many great cities like New York, London, etc where you can roam the city and watch the best places in the city. There are various buses type as well as the tiers featured in the game.

3. Fernbus Simulator

pc bus games
The game is as fancy as it sounds. Fernbus Simulator is also a popular bus game for PC that you needed to know about. It’s a little different bus game than the above mentioned one, as you will be playing the character of a bus coach. Here you will live the daily life of a bus coach.
The game is modern and you will get many advance elements. The buses are fully tested and certified to run on the roads and you get to choose the best bus as you want. The buses also feature the real functions and cockpit. Overall it’s a decent bus game to play.

4. Tourist Bus Simulator

The next best bus game for PC on our list is Tourist Bus Simulator. In this game, you will be able to start your own bus empire and be the owner of the bus company. The game features sightseeing of the city so you will too enjoy those monuments and amazing tourist sites.
There are a number of features which you will love like the tracks, villages, beaches, and more. All the areas are entirely accessible to you. You will also need to care for your vehicles and handle any hurdle that comes in your way. Lastly, expand your fleet as much as you can and become the most successful bus empire.

5. OMSI: The Bus Simulator

OMSI is one of the most popular bus simulation game for PC. The game has been popularized because of its realistic gameplay. You will get a chance to explore the Spandau while driving the Omnibus. The game features the era of the 80s and 90s, you the world will be quite different for you. And its also a plus point as you will be able to explore an entirely different world.
It’s also easy to play with an intuitive gameplay and it’s a map-enabled feature. Realistic day and night effect is also a great feature of it’s.

6. Desert Bus

If you are looking for something different than Dessert Bus should be your first choice. The game features an 8 hour trip from Arizona to Nevada. It is the virtual reality game of epic Penn and Teller cult. So enjoy the non-stop hours of amusement. This is a must-play bus game for PC.

7. City Bus Simulator 2010

City Bus Simulator is another great Bus PC Game. The game features realistic gameplay with a very detailed environment. It has RPG elements too. So it’s also a fun game to play and you will enjoy the adrenal rush with the game.


So these are the best bus driving game which you can find. We have picked the one which features the best gameplay, best controls, and more importantly the best buses. So you will definitely like these games. You can also introduce these games to your kids and they will be more than happy to play this game as they are fun to play and non-violent!
So here we have completed our part by introducing you to the best bus PC games so help yourself and try to download one, you won’t regret. Thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such reviews.

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