10 Best Washing Machine Cleaner 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Got a brand new best washing machine? We hope you are enjoying your laundry being done and the smell of fresh clothes, right! Sure the machine does a pretty great job cleaning your dirty clothes, but what about cleaning the machine! Yes, you heard it right the washing machine also needs to be cleaned from time to time. A clean machine will stay fresh and won’t have any bad smell (so will be your clothes if your machine is clean!).

For that, you will need a good machine cleaner, and finding one can be tedious! But we have done a good job of finding the best machine cleaner! We have gone through a number of washing machine cleaner and found you the top 10 cleaners for your washing machine.

But before we tell you which ones are the best washing machine cleaner we have, we wanna tell you the benefits of machine cleaner and how to use a machine cleaner properly!

Benefits of washing machine cleaner!

With each wash cycle some soap residue, minerals, and chemicals from your detergents, this residue remains in your washer and makes a thin layer that may attract the bacteria and traps them in your washing machine. This bacteria may prevent your washing machine from working at its full potential. For example, the bacteria may clog the inner mechanism that may cause a delay in warming water and your detergent won’t work as effectively as it used to be.

All these bacteria can also cause an odor in your washing machine which may result in your clothes smelling a bit. All these things can go away if you keep your washing machine clean!

A washing machine cleaner will penetrate your machine and break up the dirt and residue, it will also dissolve in the entire washing machine and clean it thoroughly! This will leave your machine looking all new and with a fresh smell!

People also ask how often they should clean the machine. Experts say once or twice a month is enough. But if you see a brown lining (mostly germ residue) on your machine then you may wanna clean it!

How to wash a washing machine?

Cleaning a washing machine is an easy task! All you have to do is to empty the washing machine and put the washing machine cleaner (one tablet would be enough) and run the clean water cycle with hot water cycle! After the cycle is over, you can simply wipe out the residue from the machine! And your machine all clean and fresh now!

Best Washing Machine Cleaner

washing machine cleaner

1. Calgon Washing Machine Cleaner Tablet 2 in 1

washing machine cleaner

Our first pick for the best washing machine cleaner is Calgon Washing Machine Cleaner Tablet 2 in 1. This one is best for keeping the inner drum and plastic parts clean by preventing them from dirt and getting rusty! This washing machine cleaner also helps in preventing the rubber pipes from deteriorating.

The cleaner is also great when it comes to protecting the machine parts from limescale and help your machine properly over the time! The other best thing about the cleaner is that it can be used to soften the hard water which means if you live in hard water areas then this might a perfect choice for yourself!

Overall the washing machine cleaner does a pretty good job of cleaning as well as protecting your washing machine.

2. Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner

best washing machine cleaner

Who can doubt the ability of Dettol when it comes to cleaning! And that’s why we have bought you Dettol as our next best washing machine cleaner. What we like about the cleaner the most is it’s budget-friendly price as well as it’s ability to get rid of 99.9% bacteria and germs (as it claims).

After using this you will get your machine at it’s best performance as it can easily remove the hidden bacteria and timescales which can prevent the machine to work properly in the first place. The washing machine cleaner is also known for preventing your machine from getting odor so that you get freshly smelling laundry with your each wash.

3. Amazon White Vinegar

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Vinegar is a popular cleaning agent and amazon has bought the goodness of white vinegar in it’s cleaner, making it one of the best washing machine cleaner we can get! The cleaner is best suited for getting rid of mold and mildew in the washing machine.

If you want a basic washing machine cleaner then this one is best for the job and you can also do many other wonders with this white vinegar.

4. Pro-Kleen Washing Machine Cleaner

washing machine cleaner

Pro Kleen Washing machine Cleaner could be your next washing machine cleaner which is capable of powerful and effective cleaning. The best thing about this washing machine cleaner is the amazing smell it leaves behind cleaning your washing machine. It is also really good for fighting against the limescale build-up which can affect the overall performance of your machine.

The cleaning liquid will easily descales the harmful limescale and makes your washing machine bacteria-free. This one is also an idea for the areas with hard water. You will be also impressed with the fact that it will only need a 50ml of liquid to clean the machine.

5. Wipro Limescale and Detergent Remover

We all know that getting rid of limescale is one important task that every washing machine cleaner should do, and Wipro also does a pretty good in getting rid of those. But what more it does is, it will also clean the detergent build-up from the inner parts of a machine and sanitize it effectively.

The cleaner will also do a good job of cleaning the tub, drum, element, drum, and pipe! Which makes it one of the best washing machine cleaner. The cleaner comes with 10 sachets which will be enough for the next ten months, as one sachet is enough for one-time wash (once per month). Smell causing bacteria will also be eliminated from the washing machine.

6. Home Master Limescale and detergent Remover

Home Master has also proven to be a decent washing machine to use. The cleaner suits any kind of washing machine and is suitable for any brand. The cleaner will do a good job of cleaning the dirt and leaving the machine all clean and shiny just like a new machine.

Its ability to remove limescale is effective too and it also cleans all kinds of build-up inside your washing machine. The pack will last for a year as it comes with 12 packs (one for each month!). You can also use it for your dishwasher as well!

7. HG Service Engineer

What could be better than a machine cleaner that has been developed with the help of a professional washing machine engineers? It’s one of the best washing machine cleaner which is known to deep clean your washing machine as well as making it perform at its original Potential.

You will get the cleaner at a decent price and it will last for a while too, so buy this one and say goodbye to germs and bacteria that are causing buildups and smell in your washing machine.

8. Dylon Washing Machine Cleaner 3 in 1.

If you are frustrated with the traces of dyes in your washing machine than Dylon Washing Machine Cleaner 3 in 1 is the best choice for you. Customers are also very satisfied with the smell it leaves behind. It’s also a good washing machine cleaner that comes at very a cheap price yet does a very impressive job of cleaning your machine and leaving as good as new!

9. Ecozone Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner

Ecozone is already a popular brand and it lives up to your expectations of being a good washing machine too. The best part about this washing machine is that it is eco-friendly and clean your washing machine without any harmful and strong chemical smells.

People mainly love the cleaner for its pleasant limey smell that it leaves behind. It is also suitable for the deep cleaning of your washing machine and making all the parts of it clean and as good as new. Overall you will love this one if you are looking for a vegan-friendly washing machine and dishwasher cleaner!

10. Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner

Affresh another great choice for a washing machine cleaner that you can rely on. These are specially formulated tablets that will fully penetrate the washing machine and making every part of it clean and removing odor produced by the bacteria. The cleaner is best suited for high efficiency washers. You will also to get it at a reasonable price and it will surely impress you.


So here we have listed the best washing machine cleaner that we could find! All the machine cleaners are really popular and effective and you will love them if you wanna keep your machine clean and fresh!

We hope our article was helpful to you and you have found the best washing machine cleaner for your washing machine!

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