Top 7 Affordable Stabilizer For Washing Machines In India (2023)

When it comes to washing machines no one really gives it a thought to voltage stabilizers but a voltage stabilizer is as necessary for washing machines as it would be for any other appliance. Here the thing, with summers coming you will see a lot of voltage fluctuations that can damage any household appliances from Ac to your TV and this can affect your washing machine too.
Voltage fluctuations refers to the uncertainty in voltage, as it can be either too low or too high from the ideal voltage range which will eventually cause permanent damage to the internal parts of any electronic appliances. And that’s is why a voltage stabilizer is necessary for a washing machine as well.
But if you take a look at the stores or even online you will find plenty of voltage stabilizers which may or may not be suited particularly for washing machines. And that’s why we have decided to make a list of best voltage stabilizer for the washing machine in India.
These stabilizer will protect your washing machine from voltage fluctuations and these are some of the best so you can totally rely on them.

Best Stabilizer For Washing Machines

stabilizer for washing machine in india

1. V Guard VM 500

best stabilizer for washing machines
How can we not start our list with the best stabilizer brand which is V Guard? V Guard is one of the best and most trustable brands in India when it comes to voltage stabilizers. And VM 500 is the best voltage stabilizer for washing machines in India to rely on.
The stabilizer features the voltage range from 150V to 280V which is enough for washing machines and stuff. It also features high and low power cut off technology. The best part is it’s also compatible with other appliances like oven and treadmill (up to 15 Amps). It also shows primary switching technology. Overall the stabilizer does a quite impressive job and it also comes with a 3-year warranty.

2. Everest EW 2KVA

stabilizer for washing machine
Our next best voltage stabilizer for the washing machine would be Everest EW 2 KVA. Here this one shows many amazing features, for starters the stabilizer features the advance IC technology design which is responsible for protecting the inner part of your washing machine from even a small voltage fluctuations.
Its built-in thermal overload protection will help you prevent the device from overheating and internal short circuit by disconnecting the power load (it can sense excessive current consumption by your washing machine). Furthermore, the stabilizer is made up of copper windings which ensures it’s high performance.
It is power efficient and saves 40 percent power. It’s noise-free so you won’t be bothered by annoying noise either. It’s intelligent time delay also a great feature. It voltage range in between 150V- 270V.
Overall, this is specially designed as a washing machine stabilizer and that’s why we think you should definitely buy it. It also comes with a five-year warranty so it will last longer.

3. Bluebird 1KVA

voltage stabilizer for washing machine
Bluebird to an impressive voltage stabilizer for washing machines to have. It may look old but it’s works just fine and you can totally rely on this one for the protection of your valuable washing machine. It’s input voltages ranges in between 170V-270V and output voltage between 195V-245V.
It will ensure less heating of your machine as well as high efficiency and low power consumption. It has powder-coated wiring which makes it highly durable as well as power efficient. It’s tested and proven to ensure the safety of the washing machine. This one comes a 2-year warranty so you won’t have to worry about its life.

4. Servomate 500 watt 0.5KVA automatic stabilizer

washing machine stabilizer
Servomate 500 Watt 0.5KVA automatic stabilizer is also a great option for a washing machine stabilizer. Although the stabilizer is compatible with lots of other appliances like refrigerator, tv, computer, oven, etc. But even if the stabilizer is not tailor-made for washing machines it does a pretty good job for it.
Its intelligent time delay is what makes it highly reliable and secure your washing machine from uncertain voltage. If the voltage will go too low or too high the stabilizer will automatically cut off the power and secure the washing machine from internal damage. It will also prevent the washing machine from overheating with its inbuilt thermal overload protection. Although the stabilizer will require a professional electrician to install it in the first place and it comes with 18 months guarantee too.

5. Servomate 10 KVA mainline automatic stabilizer

top stabilizer for washing machine
Out next best voltage stabilizer for the washing machine in India is also from Servomate 10 KVA. Although it’s quite expensive as well as powerful but it will do a really nice job in protecting your washing machine from any kind of internal damage caused by voltage fluctuations. The voltage range is in between 90V-300V so you have to doubt its ability.
This one too features high and low cut off as well as thermal protection. The product comes with an 18-month replaceable warranty.

6. Rahul V-444 a1 digital 1 KVA/4 ampere stabilizer

washing machine stabilizer
Rahul V-444 is also a great voltage stabilizer for the washing machine. People prefer it for a low price and versatile nature as it can also be used for other appliances such as LED TV, computer and washing machines. It shows a voltage range between 100-280V!

7. Servomate 4 KVA

best stabilizer washing machine
This one too is a great stabilizer for washing machines as well as all other house appliances and you can also include your 1.5 ton AC in it! It shows a voltage range between 110V-280V. If you wanna buy all in one stabilizer then it should be your top choice!


So these are the best stabilizers for washing machines that you could find! And as everyone wants to protect their valuable appliances it’s important that you do too.
We have introduced you to these top voltage stabilizers for washing machines in India and now it’s your turn to choose the perfect one that suits your needs. We hope you liked our article and thank you for visiting our page.

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