Top 15 Best PS4 Themes Of All Time 2023

There is no doubt that we love playing with PS4 and we would do anything to make our gaming experience better. In the PS and PS2, there was a simple user interface and we didn’t see a lot of options either. But as we got the PS4, we have so many different options and features. And one of the best things about the PS4 is that we are able to choose the themes for the gaming console and we can set any theme we want.
So with this customization option, we have an opportunity to make our gaming console look as we like and flaunt our choices and personality as well. The best part is there are like hundreds of such themes are available for PS4 to choose from and with that many choices come to the confusion and the tough decision of choosing one that’s best for us.
So in this article, we are going to name a few best PS4 themes to choose from. So let’s get started and introduce you to some of the best ps4 themes to choose from.

Best PS4 themes

1. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Launch Dynamic Theme

best ps4 themes

Now who wouldn’t love playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4? I am sure everyone here is a big fan of the game and is eagerly waiting to play the game. This one is a free ps4 theme so anyone can easily get that and all you have to do is to download it.
With this theme, your entire gaming console looks like it’s a part of the game and you can also see a number of characters from the game in the background. Not just the visuals this theme also comes with the sound effects as well, so every time you select an icon it produces a sound familiar from the game. So if you are a true fan of the game then this one should definitely be on your ps4 console and it would almost feel like you are playing the game.

2. Dark Souls 3: Transitory Land Theme

ps4 best theme

Dark Souls 3 is definitely a great theme to select and you would love it as well. The most surprising thing about the theme is it’s surprisingly peaceful and thought-provoking. The overall effect of the theme is to quote beautiful and calming. Although some people might find the motion and the main character in the theme quite dizzy and slow.
For those who like the game also want some neutral colors as their theme this one is a perfect choice. The theme is parliament styled and you will also see the drawing effect and animation effect as well. Overall the theme resembles the medieval times and it’s even for those who haven’t played Dark Souls as it’s pretty good and almost everyone would enjoy the theme.

3. Red Redemption 2 Dynamic Theme

top best ps4 theme

Yet again a popular game based free dynamic theme that you would love to see on your ps4. The Red Redemption is definitely among the best ps4 themes given the popularity of the game as well as the look and feel of the theme.
There would be the sound and visual effects inspired by the game replacing the default sound and the visuals of the PS4. Some of the major characters can be seen in the theme as well. Although try not to get angry looking at the theme for too long at the theme, but if you’re okay with this then you should give it a try as well.

4.  Assassin Creed Odyssey Theme

ps4 theme best

You might have played this game or you might not have, but one thing is clear you are gonna love the theme on your ps4. Here is the thing, the people who love the action-adventure themes or games would definitely like this as their ps4 theme.
There are the characters from the game as well as the icons look like a part of the game with a golden trim accentuating which looks super stylish. Overall you can definitely go for it and you won’t be disappointed by this one.

5. The Last of Us: Part 2 Ellie Theme

ps4 best themes

We now have a paid theme on our list of best ps4 themes and it’s definitely worth every single penny you spend on this one. The theme, as you can guess, is from The Last of Us which is the second franchise of the game series (you might not have played it).  This survival game’s theme has a different kinda feel in it so you can easily choose this one if you want something different.
Here you will find spooky music as well as a shot of Ellie holding the rifle. Users would find Ellie floating around the screen which is kinda fun. The icons and the menu style is impressive. Overall if you like the game and the feel of it’s then you should definitely get this one.

6. Uncharted 4: Thief’s End Shipwreck Theme

best ps4 themes

The next on our list is Uncharted 4: Thief’s ShipWrek Theme. This one cost about $2 but it’s actually fun and you would enjoy it on your screen as well. It doesn’t matter you have played this game or not, but you can’t resist the Shipwreck on your PS4!
The shipwreck shown in the theme is beautifully made and there is also sunbeams filtering through the ocean water which looks so calming and feels so pleasing. There would also be fishes floating through the screens. The game menu is changed to map themed options. Even if you are not a fan of the game but if you have got a soft spot for the ocean theme then this one would be your best option so far!

7. Alien Laser Cat Theme

ps4 themes best

Alien Laser Cat Theme is an amusing ps4 theme to buy and have it on your screen. The unconventional combination of cats and laser is all you need and even though it sounds weird the theme looks pretty good. So you remember the laser cat meme? Well, it’s kinda like that but only cooler and more fun.
What’s more? This comes with a background filled with good music beats, and the sound effects are exceptionally good. It sounds like a laser gun is being fired which is kinda cool. To choose this one as your theme for ps4, you have to be a fan of cats or lasers.

8. Firewatch

all time best ps4 theme

Firewatch is to an amazing theme for ps4 to choose and this one is kinda one of the most serene options we have on the list. The theme features some shots from the game features trees swaying at the dawn. There is also some good music beats as well.
It’s too a paid theme and it has got a number of reasons why you should choose the theme. From the soundtrack to visuals, everything is just perfect.

9. Playstation 20th-Anniversary Theme

playstation 4 best themes

There is nothing better than the PlayStation 20th-Anniversary Theme if you have been with the PlayStation since it’s the first installment of the gaming consoles. The theme makes you nostalgic and it reminds you of the simpler times of the video gaming and also the simple themes the PlayStation used to come with.
The developers have crafted the theme beautifully and all the little details of the theme make you a little bit happy. All the features of the theme, whether its the menu option or the sound effects makes you nostalgic, and ghats the best part about the theme.
To sum it up, the theme is simple and lowkey and would remind you of the simpler interface, and it’s for those who want a not-so-overwhelming theme for their ps4. It good enough to stay on your console forever as you might feel the urge to change the theme if its a game-centric theme but this one is all about the PlayStation devices from its inception and the way it has evolved till now. Lastly, the theme is free so there is another reason yo pick it up!

10. Legacy Dashboard Theme

ps4 themes

Legacy Dashboard Theme is an amazing option and you would love it if you have played on the earlier PlayStation devices. This one too features some of the elements of the PlayStation 20th anniversary theme in terms of making you feel nostalgic. The theme goes with both the day as well as the night feels.
This one does resemble the former theme in most of the cases and you can too choose this one as well when you want a theme that you can set for a really long time without feeling the urge to change it more often. The only difference is that it’s paid.

11. Transistor

The next one on our list is Transistor, this one is also a paid theme. The visuals and music of the theme are quite different and you might find it perfect as well. The theme features a number of things that you would like t9 to have in your ps4 theme such as the cyberpunk styled theme.
The game from which the theme is inspired is definitely not the famous one and you might not have played or have heard of it, but the sci-fi theme will definitely lure you.

12. Far Cry 5 Theme

Feeling a little blue? Well, this one will bring out the sad yet calming tone. This one is for the people who enjoy the smoking effects and the ones who like the Haze!  So if you are among them then perhaps this one is indeed the best ps4 theme for you. The little details of the theme as well as the nice sound would definitely be a plus point. Overall you can try it out and since its free, this one worth a shot.

13. Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Theme

Perhaps this one is what you all have wanted at some point in life. The usage of soft colors and the good illustrations which will soothe a gamers eyers. The popular game’s themed is definitely a hit and that’s why it has been called as one of the best ps4 themes as well.
The best part about the theme is its amazing characters that you find here and there on hour screen as well as the good upbeat music effect from the game. Overall it’s worth a look!

14. Horizon: Zero Dawn 1st Anniversary Theme

This theme was developed as a celebration of the popular action-adventure game completing its one year. Just like any other anniversary inspired game, this one too features everything that has happened in the game and every one of the actions and adventure elements from the game. This one would be perfect for the fans as well the ones who haven’t played the game as its visuals are definitely something that can be tolerated for a while. It’s all about exploring the beautiful game world and having all the good things from the game.

15. Marvel’s Spider-Man Battle Theme

Last on our list of best PS4 Themes is Marvel’s Spider-Man Battle Theme. We don’t really have to seel this one to you if you are already a spider man or the marvel fan for that matter. Everything in the theme is inspired by the spiderman and you would love how it made things more and more amusing. Lastly, we can only say that this one is a perfect choice for those who love the spiderman game!


So these are the 15 best ps4 themes in our opinion and we think that you would like them as your ps4 theme as well. Now some of them are free and other ones are paid so this list is for everybody (people who are looking for the free ps4 theme as well as the one who wants the paid ps4 theme).
We really hope you liked the article and found the best pa4 theme for yourself. So thank you for being with us we hope you liked the list of best ps4 themes.

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