Top 7 Affordable GPS Watches For Hiking 2023

Hiking is such a relaxing activity! You get lost into the woods or go on the highest peak to find peace and watch those immersive scenarios from the top. Hiking isn’t just about fun as you have to be careful about yourself because only the wrong move can put you in danger. We have seen many people injure themselves or get lost while hiking. So if you don’t want that for yourself you will have to be ready for every difficult situation out there.


You will need a few things but the most important thing would be your smartwatch! Yes, that’s true, your smartwatch can be a lifesaver on those high peaks. As it tells you a lot of stuff other than time and date. The GPS on your smartwatch is one of the most important features. And that’s why you have to have the best GPS watch for hiking. Although choosing one can be a bit hard and that’s why there is a little buying guide before we start our list of best GPS watches for hiking.


These are the things you should look in the GPS watch for hiking:-

The hiking features in the watch:- As you are buying the smartwatch for hiking purpose the first thing you need to look for is the hiking features. The ordinary smartwatch features should be there but they are not enough when it comes to hiking. The most important hiking features are a barometer, altimeter, and compass.
A barometer will tell you the atmospheric pressure of the surrounding and you can easily predict the weather. For example, the increasing atmospheric pressure would mean good weather, while falling atmospheric pressure would indicate bad weather. So you easily plan the hiking trip according to the weather.
An altimeter will tell you the height from the sea of the place you are in. It depends on the atmospheric pressure or GPS data. The altimeter that relies on GPS data is more reliable than the one which depends on barometer data.
Lastly, you know the function of a compass which tells you the direction. It is definitely one of the most crucial features when it comes to GPS watch for hiking.
Apart from this many watches also notifies you for the upcoming storm or any bad weather crisis. Thermometer also seems a good feature to have in your watch while hiking for many reasons.
  • GPS: Well having the GPS is the whole point so, you just can’t ignore that if you are buying a watch for hiking. GPS will help you to easily navigate and tracking. The GPS will also help in measuring the distance and get you the coordinates for various places. The GPS can also be useful in sending the details of your location to anyone you want.
  • The battery Capacity:- You can’t rely on a watch with poor battery capacity, can you? If your GPS watch died in the middle of the mountain or range then what will you do? Not much will be in your hands and you will be lost. So make sure you get a watch with larger battery capacity as well as one which features fast charging.
Apart from these two features, you might wanna look for the waterproof watch so that it won’t get affected with a little rain. You can also look for stylish smartwatches if you are style-conscious. Another feature would the durability of the watch as well as the comfort.
Budget remains our last criteria when it comes to choosing a watch for yourself. Just decide your budget first and then look for the best GPS watch for hiking in that price range.
So these are some crucial criteria that you need to consider when you are on a hunt for the best GPS watch for hiking. Now based on these points we have selected the 7 best hiking watch with GPS for you! Take a look and find your perfect match.

Best GPS Watches For Hiking

best hiking gps watches

1. Garmin Fenix 6

best gps watches for hiking
Garmin Fenix 6 surely deserves to be on the top of our list as it is one of the best brands for smartwatches right now. The brand has impressed us with many amazing smartwatches and this model is surely best for a hiking GPS watch.
The watch is suitable for hiking, mountaineering, cycling, trekking, climbing, swimming, running, and for everyday use. The watch is made from different materials such as stainless steel, titanium and with the Sapphire glass. Its color display is designed for surfing the harsh environment. So it’s durable.
The watch is equipped with a barometer, altimeter, and compass along with the thermometer. And all these are calibrated with the GPS. It’s highly reliable as it gives detailed information about your surrounding and lead you to the right direction. It can be connected with both iPhones as well as Android phones.

2. Suunto Core Hiking Watch

top gps watches for hiking
Suunto watches are as popular as the first brand we listed in our list. It surely deserves a place here due to its ability to provide all the reliable information about the weather and surrounding, which will assist you in hiking. The best feature of this way h would be its premium design which will impress everyone.
Furthermore, the watch is also equipped with an altimeter, barometer, compass, as well as depth meter. It’s sun-tracking and weather tracking feature is also appreciated. It features a comfortable band as well as light in weight so you won’t feel like a baggage on your hand. It’s definitely worth buying.

3. Suunto 9 Baro

gps sports hiking watches
We couldn’t resist ourselves from listing another amazing watch by Suunto as it meets the criteria for the best GPS watch for hiking. This one is also suitable for many activities as we have listed in the first watch reviews. It’s color touch screen as well as stainless steel body makes it a catch for every person who loves going to hike.
You can easily do the route planning as well as have all the required information about the place you are going for a hike. It is Bluetooth enabled and supports apps from your phone. Vibration alerts, as well as notification alerts, is what makes it a perfect match for you.

4. Garmin Epix Hiking Watch

hiking gps watches
It’s also one of the best hiking watches with GPS to have if you are a hiker. When it comes to smart technology nothing can’t compete with Garmin and that’s why it made it to our list. It features Basecamp software form which you can download maps for various locations and help yourself with navigation.
Its touch screen is just perfect and it is also stylish and features a luxurious design. You can also easily upload to Garmin’s app. Although it’s lithium-ion battery needs to be replaced with every year. Overall it’s more than enough for having a good as well as safe hiking experience so you can take your chances with the watch by relying on it for navigation.

5. TomTom Adventure Hiking Watch

hiking best gps watches
Our next pick for the best GPS watch for hiking is Tom Tom adventure Hiking Watch which is also a popular brand in the smartwatch industry. It’s an elegant and sophisticated design that will definitely impress you at first sight. But it’s not just a pretty watch as it many tremendous features like the music player, average battery life, and multi sport features.
Moreover, the watch tells you the accurate result just like any other specialized equipment and it also includes the heart rate of a person. So whether it’s indoor activity or outdoor activity, this should be your go -to watch.

6. Casio Pro Trek Sports Watch

best gps watches hiking
The Casio Pro Trek is exclusively made for trekking and hiking so you won’t have to worry about whether or not the watch is suitable for hiking. For a long time now, they have been impressing us with their amazing watch made for sports use and this one too live up to expectations.
The best thing about the watch would be it’s solar-powered so worrying about the battery would be the last on your list. It’s also water-resistant making is good to use while it’s raining or even underwater.

7. Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F30

best gps watch for hiking
Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F30 is also a great GPS watch for hiking to have by your side. It also features some amazing hiking features like GPS and a long battery life. It’s mapping features are the most reliable and it also gives out some accurate information to you.


So these are our favorite picks for the best GPS watch for hiking that you needed to know about. We have listed these watches considering their popularity and the positive reviews from the customers. All of them are equally good, you just need to pick the one which meets your needs the most.
Alright then, here our article ends and we hope it was helpful for you and you have found what you were looking for. Thank you for visiting the page.

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