10 Most Popular & Free Business Listing Sites In India (2023)

Business listing is the most prominent factor to grow your business presence digitally. A business listing is an online listing of all your personal or global business services and information It is the starting point for consumer research and digital marketing agency are essential because they maintain the research consists of all records and contact information for your business. It includes a business online presence, business information such as phone number, address etc and hours of services or operation. It helps in growing your business listing sites in India through online interactions and maintain an accurate listing of online consumers.

Benefits of business listing sites in India

  • It helps you to reach out maximum web presence of your business rankings regarding services, facilities, products and many more.
  • It promotes the increment of website traffic that takes visitors to your business website.
  • The business listing leads to recognition from industry leaders with direct business and the potential to attract SEO values of the customer.

What are the business listing sites?

Business listing creation is categorized into several businesses where can post their products, business and services in the manner of top business listings sites. This method helps to make reach out business customers and inherits to add your business directories to get found online. You can freely advertise your business over the online for local business with the directory in India. You can find the best business in your city as per your requirements based on city, location, area and GPS with the help of business listing sites in India.
There are numerous business listing sites available online and share all types of business category as well. This listing helps businesses to reach an extent with their local audiences.

How to do business listing?

Whenever come to post online business listing sites, the problem arises how to do business listing, how to add my business for free and many more. Here, you should start with the trusted source of business in your local city in your online browser which can be operated on your phone or computer. After selecting the appropriate columns and fields on the homepage, you have to add information’s regarding business details, business name, address, city, website and contact details. Further, mentioned all the relevant details of business category, business hours, price range and business description about new services and offers.
At last, your business listing has been uploaded successfully which conveyed all settings of receiving orders, calls, emails, etc. This helps business to expand more to targeted areas and needy consumers.

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Business Listing Sites in India

1. Justdial.com

Justdial is mainly known for its services and its wide range of databases. It provides services related to electrical, housekeeping, travelling etc. It basically works as a search engine with online directories which keeps records of business products, categories, business information and manufacturers.
It is one of the business sites which is listed online and promotes businesses on a priority basis, package to one who spends more. Justdial usually provides information in the manner of two-sided, one from users information to business information and another from clients on a package basis.

2. Google My business

Google my business also stands for GMB. It is one of the leading business sites to get your business on the search engine. It will help you in many of the ways such as appearing on Google search, Google map and other Google services.
It is considered a great platform to assemble your business workplace, various services and many more. These Google services enhance the reach with many customers and manage them in one place.

3. Sulekha.com

Listing your businesses on Sulekha are great ways to promote your business. It helps you to get more customers and offer shows more business in search engines. It is one of the major service providers in India in terms of housing, local services and properties.
Sulekha works through relevant questions query related to the nature of businesses and then target audience. Queries should be shared with business owners regarding customers through SMS via Email.

4. Local pages

In today’s era of business need to escalate their businesses over the online platform to reach a more targeted audience. By increasing brand prospective and reaching customers, they help small businesses to work efficiently for a particular service.
Local pages play a very important role in the functioning of backlinks, local SEO and other business listing sites. It promotes the businesses in the manner of reputation, revenue and rankings.

5. Hotfrog.com

Hotfrog is a popular site which provides options for various business requirements. It is a famous B2B site in India, works as exorbitant services for a listing of the business.
It helps businesses to get higher domain rankings on Google. These are the highest authority business listings which give you instant approval with necessary details.

6. Tradeindia.com

Tradeindia is one of the b2b players among business listings and beneficial in a portal paid plan. It helps you to handle bulk enquiries either your business will grow bounces and leaps. Through the company works on the basic concept of selling premium packages for B2C and B2B format.
Further, they promote with pages and products subscribed by the owned company for enquiry generation. They serve online infrastructure that expands the online spaces.

7. Linkedin.com

LinkedIn is a social media online platform specially designed to create professionals and career-oriented businesses. It is really about exploring, creating new jobs, partnerships where you can create your connections with users. On LinkedIn, people networks with various professionals, students and create business connections.
From LinkedIn, we can develop a business all over the online network. LinkedIn provides a platform to develop a career in professional growth and enhance your skills.

8. Indiamart.com

Indiamart is an online B2B market place where they fulfill customer requirements and help them with related online business specifications. They designed an online cataloger in a manner for suppliers to supply products, services to buyers.
They help in maintaining a connection between buyers and sellers and there is both a free listing as well as a paid listing. It benefits in two of the ways such as direct selling and indirect selling. Indiamart is the best market place for listing business directories and B2B suppliers in India.

9. Clickindia.com

Clickindia is one of the best-classified business sites in India which is available both in paid as well as free advertising. These are considered as classified sites because it gives instant and quick replies. It is well-functioned sites of business ventures related to free administrations and promotes your business to targeted clients.
You can also post the premium advertisement at very minimal costs. These business sites are the easiest way to start searching job in job listings category from free classified sites.

10. Yellow pages

Yellow pages are traditional marketing and also stands for IYP i.e. internet yellow pages or often work as vertical directories. It is basically listed business over a telephone directory for the highly targeted audience which provides 24-hour coverage and helps in establishing resources online.
Consumers nowadays are more aware of research businesses and get knowledge before any online purchase. It creates a global trend of vertical directories for a sensible lucrative business.


Here’s the key role in your business growth and success by listing your business to an online platform. It helps to get more your visibility for your business and enhances the chances of being searchable by consumers. Listing your business leads to maintain wide connections to local customers, helps in increment of recognition authority & interactions, cost-effective in the manner and helps consumers to divert towards your listed business. That’s how anyone can reach out to numerous consumers at a very nominal cost. While most of the listing are free of cost and it depends on you to choose the best among them. It works at range high DA to reach a wider range of audience and enhance your business. Hope this list of business sites in India helps you to find good sites for your business. You can now list your business on all the sites given above and see positive results in your online ranking site.

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