Top 7 Best Colored Pencils For Artists 2023

Are you an artist? If you’re then you know the importance of choosing the right color pencil! Yes, color pencils are not just for children as many professional artists like to explore with different color pencils until they find the perfect one.
Many people think there is nothing like a “best” color pencil and all of them are same. And that’s where they are wrong. A professional artist would know the difference between a best color pencil and regular pencil. The best color pencil would feature premium pigments, good color quality, and high-end effect.
And in this article we are gonna talk about such best color pencils. Although finding the best color pencil can be a challenge because the artist prefers the one which feels right to them. But still there are some elite color pencils that you can consider as best!
Just like any other product, a brand can make a difference when it comes to a color pencil. And in this article we are gonna discuss 7 such best color pencils. So take a look at the article and find your next best color pencil to work with.

Best Colored Pencils For Artists

colored pencils for artists

1. Prismacolor Premier

best colored pencils for artists
Our first choice for best color pencil is Prismacolor Premier. It is really popular among beginners and those who love coloring and creating artisans work. Here the color pencil is a really good option if you are looking for a more budget-friendly color pencil set.
They feature low wax made color pencils which blend very well with a buttery application. This one came with a set of 72 color pencils and they come in a nice box. You can easily sharp them and use them where you want. For coloring purposes, these are definitely one of the best color pencils out there.

2. Faber Castell

artists colored pencils
Our next option for best color pencil for artists would be Faber-Castell. If you would ask any professional artist, they will surely recommend this one. You might find it a bit expensive but given its premium quality, you will get value for every penny you spend.
Being a professional artist you would definitely wanna choose the one which serves the best quality and it definitely impress you. Its reliable quality is all you need and you will also get a named color system which this one. They all are pre-sharpened and you may find it’s oil-based lead a good option for coloring. Lastly they are environment-friendly and you won’t regret buying them. So money isn’t an issue for you then go for them.

3. Pluqis Colored Pencil

pencils for artists
Pluqis derived from an Indonesian word “pelukis” which means painting artist. And just like its name, the color pencil is considered as one of the best color pencils for artist as they feature 24 high-quality color pencils. It works best for both the beginners as well as professionals. So whether you need color pencils for simple skating or complex creations you will get satisfied with these.
The color pallet shows a variety of vibrant colors. Here color pencil shows, softcore which is perfect for shading. These are also made up of vivid and saturated pigments and from non-rain forests (which means they are eco-friendly). Lastly, we can sum them up with the words, thick, durable lead which resist breaking! Overall you will like working with them.

4. Prang

artists colored pencils
If you don’t wanna spend much on color pencil for artists and still wants the best quality then Prang is definitely one of the best choice for that. These pencils are great for beginners and kids. Here you will get vibrant colors which will fill you up with joy and reflect your imagination on the canvas.
They feature a core that is not too soft as well as not too hard, so it makes a perfect balance. The box comes with 288 vibrant color pencils which means you will get any color you can think of. Lastly, the leads are non-toxic and safe for children’s use.

5. Derwent Inktense

best colored pencils artists
If you have ever worked with an artist or seen any workshops then you must have seen the name Derwent somewhere. This is because these are one of the best color pencils for artists and they are mostly used by professionals. These are best suited for those who work with fine arts and detailed work.
You will find a harder lead which is perfect for fine art. You will also love them if you don’t like soft leads of other color pencils. You will get 72 color pencils in a beautiful wooden case, which gives you the feels of a professional artist.

6. Staedtler ErgoSoft Colored Pencils

colored pencil for artist to buy
Staedtler is a great pencil brand and you will find many great pencils from this brand. And that’s why they have made it to our list of best color pencils for artists too. Here you will get 24 pencils. The best part about this pencil is its non-slip grip which makes it easy to work with.

7. Caran D’Ache Luminance

best rated colored pencil for artist
These color pencils are as fancy as their name sounds and these features a crumbly texture that feels like an oil paste. Artists mostly use them with combination another color pencils. Individual pencil case also looks premium. So if you too are searching for something like this then it’s your best option.


And here our list of best color pencil ends and now you know which one you should look for, when it comes to choosing the best color pencil for yourself.
The key criteria to choose a color pencil for professional stuff would be its color quality. And we have made sure all the pencils that we have listed here, features the best color quality. Apart from color quality, these pencils will smoothly glide over paper which makes you wanna put your best effort in your art.
Overall we have tried to include the pencils which are highly recommended and used by artists themselves. We hope you have found the article helpful. Thank you for visiting our page.

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