15 Best Mechanical Pencils (Drawing/Writing) 2023

Mechanical Pencils are a big part of people creativity, whether is writing, sketching or drawing! Interesting fact about mechanical pencils is the fact that they have been used first in the 16th century! Surprised? As hard it is to believe it’s not an impossible thing to think of even for that time. People use a mechanical pencil for all kinds of stuff and it’s definitely not something you would wanna take granted for when you going to buy a pencil.
There are thousands of choices present for a mechanical pencil but if you wanna buy a specific mechanical pencil for sketching, drawing or even just for writing then you do need to give it a good thought! Since you are on this page we can guess you are having trouble finding the perfect mechanical pencil for you! But don’t you worry because we have picked 15 top mechanical pencils for sketching, drawing, and writing. Take a look at the list of ours to make your mind which mechanical pencil you would wanna buy!

Best Mechanical Pencils

best mechanical pencils

1. Uni Kuru Toga Roulette

mechanical pencils
Kuru Toga Rolette by Uni is one of the best mechanical pencils we have at this moment. This mechanical pencil has a number of features that you can hardly find in other mechanical pencils. For starters, the pencil make sure you have even written when you use a pencil. In this pencil, the tip of the lead will worn down in the wedge shape as you write and that’s not it, its ratchet mechanism will rotate the lead every time you pull up the pencil from the page!
The body of this pencil is stylish too, and it features a metal grip which makes it easy to hold! The three linings of metal on the pencil, not only make a good grip but it will also look sleek and stylish! Overall you would be lucky to have a mechanical pencil like this which uses advanced technology as well as looks simple and professional!

2. Pentel Sharp Kerry

top mechanical pencils
Pentel Sharp Kerry is also one of the best metal pencils out there. What you would love about this one is its portable EDC convenience as well as its high-end executive pencil look. Another reason why we have placed this one on the 2nd spot of our list of the best mechanical pencil is the fact it comes within a very affordable price with all the quality you can look for in a mechanical pencil.
If we talk about the looks of this pencil, it looks like a regular ballpoint pen or ink pen. You can easily carry it in your pockets and its distinctive capped design looked attractive. You can easily extend the lead with its built-in button whether the cap is posted or not! If you remove the button you will see the lead storage tube and if you remove the cap you will find an eraser too.

3. Rotring Rapid Pro

best mechanical pencils for writing
If you want an overall best mechanical pencil them you can never go wrong with Rotring Rapido Pro! The pencil is made up of a full metal body which makes it one of the most durable mechanical pencils. The pencil also features a knurled grip that would prevent slipping your fingers while you use it.
The best part of this mechanical pencil is the fact that it comes with a variety of lead sizes that is you can go for 0.5mm, 0.7mm and even 2mm pencil as your preferences! And this is a hard find features which makes it versatile for a number of things. The pencil is very comfortable for writing and it’s long-lasting so its gonna be there for as long as you want this one to be!

4. Pentel 200

best mechanical pencils for drawing
Now we have bought you the best mechanical pencil for drawing! You know when it comes to drawing artists actually prefer mechanical pencils rather than traditional wooden pencils, as the mechanical pencils are more stable and consistent with their weight and size than the former pencils. So the best mechanical pencil for drawing in our opinion would be Pental 200.
If you don’t wanna spend too much money on a mechanical pencil for drawing then pental 200 could be your option. It’s one of the best pencils out there, it will last longer and it feels nice to hold and draw. People have loved this pencil for its durability and cheap price. The pencil comes with a 0.7mm version too. So if you love to draw then this could be your first choice for the job.

5. Tutto3 by O Art International

best mechanical pencils for sketching
If you are in a profession that involves drawing and if you want it to be best then Tutto 3 by O Art International is all you need. You have it all in this one so you don’t have to worry about the thickness or softness because you can find many choices in this one. Here you will find all kinds of sizes ranging from 0.3mm 2H to 0.7mm hence you can create a number of effects.
Tutto 3 is also come from japan just like other popular and high-quality mechanical pencil brands! The body is made out of brass so it will be durable and the weight is nice too. The pencil has been loved by many people who love drawing although it can be hard to find, but if you want perfection in your drawing then it’s worth your time and energy!

6. Staedtler 925 25

best mechanical pencils for artist
Staedtler 925 25 is another best mechanical pencil for drawing! With this one, you can be absolutely sure about your drawings to come up perfectly! You will get the idea of this pencil by its looks, it gives you all the technical feel this one.
This mechanical pencil for drawing too come up for 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm versions. The pencil also features a grip indicator and you would find many concentric rings for the grip as well. The body is made up of aluminum and you find its weight perfect to draw. Its efficient grip and good design are why you would wanna buy it in the first place!

7. Lamy 7mm 2000 Mechanical Pencil

best branded mechanical pencils
Lamy 7mm 2000 is one of the best mechanical pencils for writing that you can find. The pencil features a pocket safe conical tip. A lead size indicator is present on the top of the brush button.
The pencil comes with a long-lasting eraser too, which is a plus point since not many pencil features a good eraser. The pencil looks very stylish and you would love writing with it!

8. Aviation Aluminium Mechanical Pencil

best art mechanical pencils
Aviation Aluminum Mechanical Pencil is another great choice for a mechanical pencil for writing. Its unique features are the metallic ring that can control the length and it makes sure you don’t get tired even after hours of writing.
The pencil is easy to carry around and you will also have fun working with it. Apart from these, the pencil has a very cool look which inspires you to write more and more and you can also do a little drawing or sketching with this one. This magnetic controller pencil can actually act as a decompression device during work!

9. Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil

mechanical pencils
Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil all you need for writing. This pencil has everything you will look for in the best mechanical pencil for writing. For starters the pencil is has a side lead advance so that you can easily extend the lead without pressuring the pencil.
The pencil features colorful textures that can help you hold the pencil easily in your long writing sessions. The best part about this pencil is its strong lead which won’t break and you can write very in dark and nice writing with the help of a clear point. The pencil also features a nice eraser so you can easily erase your mistakes while writing. The pencil also has a transparent barrel so that you can see how much lead is remaining.
The pencil comes in a very low price which means its affordable. Overall it should be your first pick for a mechanical pencil for writing.

10. Pilot Vanishing Point H1005 Mechanical Pencil

pencils mechanical
Pilot Vanishing Point is one of the best mechanical pencils for sketching. If you are in a profession or sketching or sketching is your hobby then Pilot Vanishing Point should be your first choice. The amazing thing about this mechanical pencil for sketching is the fact that it works really similarly as of the ballpoint pen, meaning the tip will retract when you push the button.
The body is made up of matt black plastic and it also features a nice shiny chrome trims. The pencil is small which makes it easy to carry around. And it’s also lightweight which helps in sketching. Additionally, its 4mm long lead sleeve makes it perfect for sketching.

11. Pentel Graphgear 1000 PG1050

top rated mechanical pencils
Pentel is anyway a popular brand of mechanical pencil but this model of its, Graphgear 1000 PG1050 is the best mechanical pencil for sketching. The first thing you need to avoid in this pencil is its looks, which may be a hot strange for some people, but its what the underneath that makes it one of the best mechanical pencils we have.
The grip area consists of small dots which feature runner inserts so that it becomes soft as well as firm to hold! The pencil comes with a protruding pocket clip which can work as a document clip as well. It also consists of a 4mm long lead sleeve. The pencil is available in 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 0.9mm versions.

12. Rotring 600

writing mechanical pencils
If you want a mechanical pencil for sketching that has the feel of a wooden pencil as well as features some advance mechanisms then Rotring 600 should be your first choice. The brass body of its is super impressive and gives it a nice weight too. It also features a knurled up grip which helps to easily hold the pencil.
The pencil also has a lead hardness indicator along with the clip which is made up of aluminum. The pencil just feels like an instrument and it feels very nice and stylish too.

13. Uni Kuru toga Pipe Slide 0.5mm

drawing mechanical pencils
When it comes yo to the best mechanical pencil for artist, Uni Kuru Toga Pipe Slide 0.5mm is our first pick for a number of reasons. For starters, the brand is popular among artists anyway and it has got many advanced features too. As you would have already seen in its other model that we have listed on our list, it also features a self-rotating tip that avoids slanting and wedge-shaped tip which can cause variations in the lines.
Every time you will lift the pencil a spring-loaded clutch will twist the lead that will give you an even performance during your art.

14. Zebra M-701 Stainless Steel Mechanical Pencil

mechanical pencil
One thing artist looks in a mechanical pencil is their durability so that they can practice their art with the same kind of pencil which improves their art for better. Zebra M701 Stainless Steel Mechanical Pencil is also one of the best mechanical pencils for artists.
The pencil features a stainless steel body with a knurled up grip. The pencil is available in 0.7mm version which is every artist’s first choice. The lead type of this pencil is HB and it also features a silent retraction Plunger.

15. Barunson 2.0mm Lead Holder Pen Mechanical Pencil

mechanical best pencils
Baruson is one of the best mechanical pencils for artists and it is best known for its stable and firm mechanism which makes it most suitable for technical sketching and drawing for artists in various fields! Overall it’s something that would be preferred by any artist!


So these are top choices for the best mechanical pencil out there. We hope you found this article helpful and now you can make an informed decision before buying the perfect mechanical pencil for you!

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