Top 10 Affordable Ceiling Fans In India (2023)

Winter has gone and spring has been introduced to us and with that need of ceiling fans is growing. But not many people put a lot of thought while buying a ceiling fan as much as they do while buying other electronic appliances. A ceiling fan deserves all the efforts as you would put in other things, because you may use an AC in extreme heat as well as a cooler but you will certainly use a fan all day as well as night so it becomes important that you put some thoughts while buying a good, price efficient as well as energy-efficient fan that fits into your budget!
If you have decided to buy a good ceiling fan then this article is for you. Buying a random fan can be a waste of money because there are so many factors present which you should look into before finalizing the fan!
Here are a few factors that you should consider while you are looking for a ceiling fan!

Where will you place the ceiling fan?

The location of your ceiling fan can make a difference, as the indoor and outdoor ceiling fans are not quite the same and you will wanna make sure you are buying a perfect ceiling fan, for your room as well as for the outdoors!
There are three types of ratings that define where will be the fan should place, for starters there is a UL-Dry rated ceiling fan which is entirely made for indoors, the UL-Damp rated fans can be placed covered outdoors while UL-Wet rated fans can entirely be placed at outdoors.

Which size of the fan you should buy?

Just like an AC, you will have to consider the size of the fan too. The ceiling fans vary in size largely and you can easily find a perfect size according to your room. And there are different installation applications too which you would wanna out thoughts in. So before buying a fan, make sure you are getting the right size.

Do you want lights in your fan?

This one might be the best invention where they have combined light and fan together! Just like normal lights, here you get some choices too. You can buy the fans with LED lights, fluorescent light or even halogen light.
Efficiency and airflow of the ceiling fan!
The next thing that would be on our list is the efficiency and airflow of light which you can decide with the efficiency of its motors.
  • DC motor fans: they are lighter in weight and smaller than AC motor which results in greater torque and consumes 70 percent less energy! Another great thing would be they are silent and produce less heat.
  • High airflow: high airflow fans are a lot known to consume less energy and circulate more air than regular fans. These fans are also great for outdoor places like garages, warehouses, etc.
Ceiling fan controls!
There are a number of fans available in the market which can be controlled by remote. You can find remote control fans, wall control fans, and pull chain control fans!
So these are some criteria that you should look into while buying the ceiling fan! Since there are so many choices of ceiling fans available in the market so we have done a pretty great work for you by listing out the 10 best ceiling fans in India!

Best Ceiling Fans India

best ceiling fans in india

1. Orient Electric Apex- 1200mm ceiling fan

best fan ceiling in india
When it comes to fans, Orient is one of the best brands we have in India. Here Orient Electric Apex is one of the best ceiling fans in India that you can buy! The fan looks elegant and simple and goes with every room, and it is also impresses us performance-wise.
Its high-quality air delivery is what people have loved as well as it’s noiseless feature also impressed us. It’s also energy efficient as it only consumes 78W of power and it has 370rpm motor power. The fan is said to be suitable for both indoors and outdoors so you can easily buy the fan for any of your rooms in the house.

2. Crompton HS Plus 48 inch 53 Watt Power Saver Ceiling Fan

best ceiling fan india
Crompton HS Plus is our next pick for our best ceiling fan in India as it is also a leading brand that has bought us some of the great electronic appliances. It is yet again a simple looking yet elegant ceiling fan that will go with any interior.
The Fan is a BEE 5star rated fan which makes it energy efficient ceiling fan to have. The fan features a double ball bearing motor which means the fan will be durable and you can completely rely on it for a quality airflow!

3. Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm Smart Premium Ceiling fan, Underlight

top ceiling fan india
If you are looking for a premium and smart ceiling fan then Orient Electric Aeroslim would be one of the best Ceiling Fan in India and no other fan can compete with it. It’s slim, it’s stylish and it surely is one of the coolest fan you can get.
The fan has IoT technology which will make your life more convenient. The smart fan comes with a remote so you can easily control the fan without getting out of bed! Along with cool design and smart technology the fan also features high air delivery which keeps you comfortable. The ceiling fan also saves up to 40% energy, so you don’t have to worry about your monthly bill either.

4. Gorilla Efficio + Energy Saving 5 Star Rated 3 Blade Ceiling Fan with Remote and BLDC Motor

ceiling best fan in india
Gorilla is another best ceiling fan in India to have this summer. The best thing about the fan would be it’s low energy consuming features, as it runs on 28W of power and that too at it’s highest speed. It’s design also ensures reduced heat loss which increases energy-efficient ability.
The airflow would be 220 cubic meters which makes it one of the best fan. The fan can run longer on inverter which ensures a longer life and durability of the fan. It is also supported by a remote so you don’t have to get out of bed to regulate the speed!

5. Usha Technix 1200mm 5-star ceiling fan without regulator

Usha is another popular fan brand of India and it is also one of the best ceiling fans in India to have. The fan has got many great features like it is 5 star rated so you won’t have to doubt it’s efficiency and it oy consumes 43W power.
The fan has a high lift angle which further ensures better air delivery. The fan has also got a glossy powder finish which ensures more durability! The speed of the motor would be 330rpm which is quite impressive.

6. Crompton Seawind 1200mm ceiling fan

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly ceiling fan then Crompton Seawind 1200mm would be one of the best ceiling fans under 1500 to have. The fan is known for its low noise yet high delivery performance so you can comfortably sit in your room and beat the heat.
Overall the fan would be the best choice to have, so bring it home at a very affordable price.

7. Luminous Morpheus Anti Rust 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Luminous is yet again a reliable brand when it comes to fan and this one is definitely a great ceiling fan under 1500 to have. As its name says, the fan is anti-rust, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it every other day! It only consumes 75W power and the motor gives you a speed of 380RPM! So get ready for higher air delivery at a reasonable price!

8. Bajaj Edge 1200mm ceiling fan

Bajaj is another reputed brand of India and here you are getting a really great ceiling fan under 1500 again with very great features. It only consumes 58W power. This one also features rust-free blades. Overall you would get a high quality of fan at a reasonable price.

9. Activa Galaxy 1360RPM high-speed ceiling fan

The next best ceiling fan under 1500 would be Activa Galaxy fan which not only comes at a great price but also offers a high speed of air delivery to you. The fan is made up of 100% copper winding which ensures a high energy flow!

10. NexStar Naura Ivory 1200mm High-Speed ceiling fan

Given its price, NexStar is definitely one of the best ceiling fans under 1500 which can find at the moment. It’s a lightweight and moderate power requirement fan which you can easily afford and use this summer!


So these are the best ceiling fans you can find right now! You can easily pick any one of them and you won’t be disappointed by them as they are some of the best ceiling fans from famous and trustable brand in India! Thank you for visiting our page, we hope our article was a help for you!

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