Top 10 Best Apps Like Vin 2022

Social media platforms have been there for a long time now and they have become a crucial part of our lives. First, we got the chatting platforms where we could exchange messages, then we got the photo-sharing platform where we could share the important moments of our lives with the world. Lastly, we also got video-sharing platforms where we could be creative and entertaining. When it comes to video-sharing platforms, Vine was one of the first apps that introduced the concept of video sharing. It was created way back in 2012 where people could create a six-second video loop. The app was later acquired by Twitter.
However, due to the lack of advanced features and regular updates, the popularity of Vine declined drastically. This happened due to many reasons. In 2016, Twitter revealed that they would be discontinuing Vine. While it wasn’t a big deal for the people who were already engaged on the other video-sharing platforms, the people who were on Vine got a little shock. Although it’s not completely bad news, because there are plenty of video-sharing platforms available out there for us to try out.
If you are looking for a Vine alternative then you happened to find the best place. Since there are plenty of apps like Vine available, it’s obvious to get overwhelmed and confused over making a choice. But don’t worry we have got your back. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 best apps like Vine that you should know about. We have also reviewed them so that you can easily choose which one to use and which one would be the best choice for you.
So let’s move ahead and take a look at the following list of best apps like Vine.

Best Apps Like Vin

1. Instagram

Best Apps Like Vin
If there is any of the best app like Vine then it has to be Instagram. Instagram is not only one of the biggest social media platforms that we have but it is also one of the best alternatives for video sharing apps like Vine. The app was launched over a decade ago and currently, it has more than a billion users and most of them are active on the app as well. The app has got huge popularity currently and it is only increasing day by day. At first, Instagram was marketed as one of the best photo-sharing apps but later on, it also came up with the video sharing feature as well.
In the starting days, there were a lot of limitations considering the length of the videos. But for now, you can share 60 second long videos on this platform. There are plenty of features that allow video sharing easy and fun. There are also many editing tools and filters as well. You can also add your music to the videos as well. Instagram also launched the Reels features which made the whole video sharing thing more of a trend and it is considered to be the alternative for another popular video sharing platform TikTok.
Overall, sharing videos is quite fun on Instagram and you would certainly love this app for many of its other features. It is also a social media platform so you can also make friends and follow people and pages. So if you are looking for the best alternative for Vine, Instagram should be your go-to app presently.

2. Snapchat

Top Apps Like Vin
Another one of the best apps like Vine is Snapchat! Snapchat, too, is a social media platform like Instagram and it has also made a good place for itself among the youngsters. The app has been there for a while now and it has certainly earned huge popularity as it is known as one of the top social media platforms these days. The idea behind this app was pretty simple: you make friends on Snapchat or connect to other people, and share Snaps with them daily. If you do that, you will end up maintaining a streak with them. This is something that has got people addicted to the app.
Lately, Snapchat has also started a feature where the users can also share short videos with their friends. They can easily make videos and share them with their friends on Snapchat. Another one of the things that have made Snapchat one of the best Vine alternatives is its filters and lots of fun tools. People are actively sharing videos on Snapchat and they are doing so happy too. It also has features where they chat, snap, and videos sent to each other get deleted after a while.
Currently, Snapchat has more users than Twitter and it’s getting bigger and bigger. So if you haven’t tried Snapchat, now will be the high time to try out.

3. Twitter

Top Best Apps Like Vin
Twitter is undoubtedly one of the best apps like Vine that you can try out. After all, it was the parent company of Vine so it is only natural of us to expect one thing or two from this app. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms and you might have seen many celebrities making some controversial tweets on this platform. This platform is all about sharing your views and keeping yourself updated with what’s happening with the world.
Twitter first introduced the photo-sharing features which resulted in the meme-sharing culture that is quite popular these days. After a while, Twitter also came up with video-sharing features as well. So in a way, users get to share videos with the world just like they used to do with the Vine. The app has been taking precautions as it is keeping up with the trends and latest video sharing technologies. Users can share a video length from 2 seconds to 180 seconds. It is quite impressive and has been a great platform for sharing videos nowadays.
Overall, it is worth giving Twitter a look since it owned Vine and has a huge user base as well.

4. Coub

Apps Like Vin
Coub is undoubtedly one of the best apps like Vines that you need to know about. The app has been one of the greatest video-sharing platforms and they have been calling themselves the best alternative for Vine as well. Coub features plenty of amazing features that make video sharing quite exciting and fun. On this app, you can share a 10-second video loop from YouTube, your gallery, gifs, or even your existing Vines. Not only this, but you would also be able to use the MP3 tracks in your videos.
Users have appreciated how easy it is to make a perfect video and share them on this platform. The popularity of this app is increasing day by day so it would make a great replacement for Vine. It supports HD resolution as well. Overall, this one is worth a try.

5. Periscope

Next on our list of best apps like Vines is Periscope. This platform is the official live streaming platform by Twitter, which is the same owner as Vine. So if making videos isn’t enough for you and you want to go live and share the best moments of your life with the world in real-time then Periscope would be the best alternative. It has got a user-friendly interface and it is quite easy to use as well.
Not only this is a great platform for sharing videos, but it also makes the best platform to stream other’s live videos, so it can be a great platform to kill some time as well. You would be able to leave some feedback after you have watched the video. You would be able to switch between the front and back camera. Broadcasting will start as soon as you push the record button. Apart from this, you will be notified whenever someone takes a screenshot of your live video.
Overall, it is quite impressive platform and certainly the topmost app like Vine to try out these days.

6. Tout

Tout has also made a place on our list of best apps like Vines. This one has also made a name for itself and become one of the most popular video sharing and streaming apps. You would be able to stream as well as share the videos with your followers. You can also share the video via email, Facebook, Twitter.
So if you want to make a video and share them with all the social media platforms at once then tout should be the best choice for that purpose. Here, you can also give the video a title and write something about it as well. So that people would get some idea and context of the video that you are sharing.
Overall, it is the best platform for people who are different social media platform and wants to share the videos on all of them.

7. TikTok

TikTok might be the biggest video-sharing platform we have right now and this makes it the best app like Vine too. TikTok is not just a regular video-sharing platform, but it has made people celebrities on the platform and given them fame. Not only TikTok allows its users to make their own video and share it with the world, but there are so many trends to follow and have fun.
It has got some simple yet impressive tools that make the video-making and sharing process quite simpler. You can also use special effects, filters, audio, and much more which can make the video-making process to the next level.
Overall, this platform is also a great choice if you want to kill some time and see what kind of videos people sharing. It can give you a good laugh and there are some informational pages too. You also have the chance to become the next TikTok celebrity too.

8. YouTube

Best App Like Vin
Well, we can’t complete our list of best Vine-like apps without mentioning YouTube. Some people would find it surprising to see this name on our list because YouTube is all about watching entertaining videos of long lengths or even tutorials. Recently, YouTube has introduced us to the feature of sharing short videos which are called Shots.
These shots are entertaining and anyone can easily make an account and share them as well. Many peoples are sharing their shots and becoming popular on this platform. So if you want a good replacement for Vines, you can certainly try this one out.

9. Dubsmash

Cool Apps Like Vin
Dubsmash might not be trending these days, but it has been the most popular video-sharing platform at a time. It was one of the most fun platforms where people get to imitate the acts on a popular dialogue or song, or even a speech. There are some of the best features like lip-syncing, voice-over, and so on.
People have enjoyed this unique platform where they can show their acting abilities. If you are looking for something fun, then Dubsmash is something you should try out.

10. Vimeo

Best App Like Vin
Vimeo is another one of the top apps like Vine that you should try out. It is also a popular social media platform where you can share videos or even discover some fun videos shared via other users. There is so much to try out and you would certainly enjoy looking up to its feed and discovering new stuff each day. Overall, if you are looking for a less crowded yet active video-sharing platform then Vimeo should be your first pick.


So these are some of the best apps like Vine that you can find so far. We have selected these apps based on their overall popularity, functionality, and features. All of these aforementioned apps are mainstream and are pretty popular these days. They keep coming with new features and keep their users happy and entertaining.
Overall, if you want to try out apps like Vine then these should be the best choice for you. Go ahead and try these out and see which one you would like the most.

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