Top 11 Best Apps Like Pinterest 2022

Pinterest is one of the most popular platforms where people can share their interests and inspire other people. Whether you want to check out some outfit inspiration, some amazing recipes, decor inspiration, art, or anything else that you can think of, just go to Pinterest and see what people around the world have to offer or inspire you. Lately, Pinterest has been a go-to destination whenever we are short on inspiration or want something good to start with. There are plenty of categories to browse and find something of your interest in. The simple user interface, easy search feature, and overall smooth functionality are some of the reasons why we all love using Pinterest.
No doubt, Pinterest has been the best kind of app lately for anyone who is looking for some inspiration or ideas or even shares their passion or interests with the world. But with time people tend to get bored with what they have and what they have explored fully. So they move forward and look for other alternatives. This is why people are searching for Pinterest alternatives. Even if it’s hard to imagine an app like Pinterest but they do exist, fortunately! All you need is to find a good enough alternative to Pinterest.
Although there are plenty of apps like Pinterest, not all of them are good enough. This is why you need to know which one is right for you and which one will only waste your time and energy. This is why you need to know what are the top apps like Pinterest so you can choose the best one for yourself.
To make the hunt for the best apps like Pinterest easier, we are going to list down the 11 best apps like Pinterest for you. We have also reviewed them for you, so go ahead and check them out, and see which one you need to download next.

Best Apps Like Pinterest

1. We Heart It

Best Apps Like Pinterest
One of the first apps like Pinterest that came to our mind was “We Heart It”. There is no better replacement for Pinterest than this app. While Pinterest is made for everyone, We Heart It gives a little advantage to teenagers and young ladies. Where Pinterest features all kinds of stuff that can feel a little messy for some people, this app has a clean user interface and chic homepage which is basic yet modern. There is hardly anything that young people won’t like about it.
You can easily check out the photos uploaded by the other users on this page and see what they have to offer. Here, you will also find everything that you are interested in. You can like or share the pictures that you like as well as upload your favorite pictures. Although on the downside, you won’t find the pining or board feature of Pinterest. But you will get an easy-to-use layout and a great community full of young women.
Overall, this would be the best app like Pinterest that you can go to. People have given it a good review and high ratings and it’s been fun using it as well. It is available for web, iOS, and Android and it is free to use as well.

2. DudePins

Dude Pins is another one of the best apps like Pinterest that you can find. This app too is making headlines and winning the hearts of people who are looking for an alternative for Pinterest. The app has been there for a while now and it has done a great job establishing its worth which is the reason why its popularity is increasing with each passing day.
While We Heart It was more focused on young ladies and is more popular among the women, DudePins is focusing on Men’s interests. This app is made for Men and there are a lot of users across the world that are sharing their interests and showing their passion as well. The tagline of this app says, “Discover everything that’s manly”. This makes it pretty clear that you are going to find out manly stuff here.
The app features a clean and simple-to-use interface that has impressed all of its users. It might not have an appealing design yet it attracts the users with its content. We also liked its layout and homepage which aren’t very messy or complicated. Overall, if you are looking for a male-dominated Pinterest-like app then this one should be your first choice. For now, it is only available for Web and iOS.

3. PearlTrees

Top Apps Like Pinterest
PearlTrees is also a well-recognized app like Pinterest that you can try out sometime. This app features all the things that you can possibly want in a Pinterest alternative. Where we find the pin and board concept in Pinterest but here you will get the pearl and tree concept. There is a wide variety of content to explore and you can also share any kind of content on this page as well. Once you start sharing content on this platform, you will get a similar kind of “tree”. There are various types of trees (content) that you can follow and you can also add your pearls on this page as well.
PearlTrees has got a similar interface that users find easy and simple to use, although some might find it a little outdated. Just like Pinterest, here too you will find endless content and stuff to explore and get inspired from. The platform is available for Android, Web, iOS, Chrome, and Firefox. It is also available in both free and paid versions, so you can use anyone you find suitable for yourself.

4. Mix

Apps Like Pinterest
The mix is very much like Pinterest and this is what makes it the best app like Pinterest that is available out there. The app, much like Pinterest, is a personalized platform where you get to discover fun and interesting things. People have appreciated this platform for its availability of a huge collection of content. The variety of content on this platform is what makes it ideal for us. There are plenty of amazing things to discover, be it food recipes, art, philosophy, or anything else that you can possibly think of.
One of the b parts about this app like Pinterest is that it uses curated posts which means you don’t have to scroll through the trash before finding what is important to you and what interests you as well. It will automatically get the best content and post for you that you are interested in.
Another interesting part about this platform is that you don’t just get the photos here but will also get an article attached to the photos. This saves so much time because most of the time we don’t really understand the full context of the picture and we have to search it on Google as well. So you will get something new to learn with each photo.
Users can also personalize their feed with the content that they wish to see or have an interest in. You will have to log in before you can use it. It is available for web, Android, iOS, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Overall, if you wish to explore new content then this should be the best app like Pinterest and you should certainly check it out.

5. Mamby

Mamby is more like a social media platform and it has the potential to replace Pinterest in the future or for some users presently. The app has got everything that you can wish for including most of the Pinterest features and services. The easy and simple user interface is impressive. Users have also liked its card-based design that looks pleasant. On this app, not only can you explore and discover new and interesting content but also get to know about the trending content.
There is no need to create an account on this platform and you should only make an account if you want to. So you can directly browse some content without having to go through the account making or registering. You will find photos, articles, and even YouTube videos shared by the users or you can share them yourself.
Not only this but you will also be rewarded for making content here. You can get cryptocurrency here and it uses Bitcoin. Your earning will depend on the likes and shares you get. It is available only for the web now but you might see an app available for Android or iOS in the near future. Overall, it’s something unique and different, so you definitely check it out.

6. Dribble

Dribble is another one of the best apps like Pinterest that you should know about. It is also like a social media platform but will certainly fulfill all the Pinterest purposes as well. It aims to share the work of designers across the world. There is a lot of stuff that you can discover, explore, and get inspired from. It features tons of diverse designs for the web, posters, graphics, logos, pixel art, and more.
The app has got a very active community of designers who share their work daily. So you can be a part of this community too and share your work with the world as well. Overall, there is so much to explore and share and it is the best platform for a designer as well. The app is available for web, Android, and iOS.

7. FoodGawker

The name says it all, isn’t it? Well if you are a foodie and like to watch food porn on different kinds of platforms, then there is no better app like Pinterest than FoodGawker. Although it is a kind of app that can make you hungry every time you open it. It is filled with pictures of different types of dishes and they all look pretty good as well. You will also find various categories like breakfast, dinner, lunch, vegan, starters, and so on to browse through. Overall, if you are all for looking at the food then this would be your best option.

8. Hometalk

Hometalk is another one of the best apps like Pinterest that you should know about. This one too features only a specific kind of content and that is the home decor and DIY home projects. So if you are interested in this kind of stuff then Hometalk should be your best alternative for Pinterest.
You can also find the various categories like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc to browse and get your ideal stuff.

9. Fancy

Fancy is for anyone who likes to buy cool and unique items. There are many shopaholics out there who want to have everything before anyone else gets their hands on those things. The unique items are from different categories like home decor, art, clothing, gadgets, and so on. So you can easily get your hands on the things that you like the most.

10. Juxtapost

Juxtapost has also made it to our list of best apps like Pinterest and you would most certainly like it. This platform also features a huge collection of content here just like Pinterest. The credit for its rich collecting goes to the loyal community that has been there for a long time now.
The interface is also easy and simple to use. Just like Pinterest, here too you can add the stuff you like the most to the board. Apart from this you can also comment on anyone else’s post and collaborate with them as well.

11. VisualizeUs

VisualizeUs is another topmost app like Pinterest that features all the content about home decor. If you are obsessed with the home decor stuff then this app won’t let you down. The interface is similar to Pinterest as you would be able to save stuff to visit them later. You can also look at the home decor products closely and find out how they would look in the real-life environment. This would give you an idea about what would look good and what won’t. Overall, this is a decent app like Pinterest to explore.


So these are some of the best apps like Pinterest that you can find so far. You may have heard about a few of the aforementioned apps while the rest of them would be new to you. Well, these are the emerging apps that are ready to take the place of Pinterest. Even though they lack a huge number of downloads and are not very popular, these apps are certainly good enough to be an alternative for Pinterest. Go ahead and give these a try and we think you won’t be disappointed.
That would be all for now, and we hope you got everything that you have been looking for, that is, the best app like Pinterest!

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