Top 15 Best Xbox One Shooter Games 2023

We have been fortunate to have so many consoles because each one of them has great features and all of them have made their mark. One such gaming console that has been very popular since the day it was first introduced to the market is none other than Xbox One. We all must have played on Xbox One at least one, or even own it too. It may have been launched a long time back yet it is still a popular choice for many video game lovers.
If you have Xbox One too, then you must want to play your favorite games on this console and have a good time too. Well, fortunately, there are plenty of games available on Xbox One and you can find almost any game that is quite popular and good enough to spend a few hours on. Since you are here, you must have an Xbox One too and you might be looking for the best games on the console as well.
We are writing a series of articles on the best Xbox One games categorized into several genres. This one will feature the best shooter games on Xbox One.
The shooting games are quite popular and anyone who likes to play with guns and several high-end weapons must like to invest their time in playing the shooting games on Xbox One. Luckily, we have no shortage of shooting games on Xbox One, but we must find the shooting games that are good enough and worth your time and attention.
So here we are with a list of the top 15 shooting games on Xbox One games that you should know about. Go ahead and have a look at the following best Xbox One shooter games and see which one you would like the most.

Best Xbox One Shooter Games

1. Call of Duty:Modern Warfare

Xbox One Shooter Game Best
If there is any game that deserves the first spot on our list of best Xbox One shooter games then it is none other than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We all know that Call of Duty is one of the best video games and it is quite popular across the globe too. Ever since the series started it has only gained more and more popularity. This shooter game features a wide range of weapons and you will have endless opportunities to shoot your shot and kill your enemies.
You will be a part of a war where you can either play against the AI or in multiplayer mode and play against other teams. Either way, it is one of the best games to play when you want to play a shooting game. This game is also known as the best game in the series and there are plenty of new features that have been introduced to the game such as reloading while aiming down the sights of your weapon. It also features a slightly slower pace that makes it perfect for players who are more technically minded.
Overall, this is a game that you must play, if you haven’t already if you are a fan of shooting games. We are pretty sure that you are going to love this game because of the high-end weapons and so many opportunities to flaunt your shooting skills.

2. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Xbox One Shooter Game
Every player that owns an Xbox One has great respect for the Halo series and they know how amazing it is. If you are one of few that haven’t explored the Halo series on Xbox One then you are missing out on a lot. This is not just one of the best shooting games but it is one of the most popular games on the console. This game is a collection of several Halo games in one, which makes it a perfect choice for anyone who likes to explore the shooting games on the Xbox One. This bundle features remastered Halo and Halo 2 alongside Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4, and as of 2019, and Halo: Reach. You will also like the fact that this game lets you experience the best first-person shooter game with the epic war between the UNSC, Covenant, and Flood from beginning to end.
Players will also find the multiplayer map from these games. This bundle would let you experience the inception of a great series and some quality content. It has hours of the campaign as well as multiplayer content which would most certainly impress any shooting genre fan. The game bundle has lots of content updates that will keep you occupied for a long time.
Overall, if you are a fan of the Halo series, you would most certainly love this game collection, and there will be a lot of fun shooting stuff.

3. Splitgate

The next best Xbox One shooter game is Splitgate, and this one is also something that you should try. It is a new game that has entered the arena of multiplayer shooter games and so far it looks promising as there are thousands of fans out there that love to play this game. This game is often considered as the Halo meets Portal shooter game. The game has been developed by the independent studio 1047 Games and they have done a great job at making this game.
Even though it is known as the hybrid of Halo and Portal, yet its sci-fi setting does a great job at impressing us. It features nuanced mechanics that have been found interesting by the players. It is a classic shooting action game that will keep the players hooked on the game for a long time. Players have also appreciated the wide range of weapons along with a variety of maps and modes.
Overall, this is an interesting game to play if you haven’t already played it and you are a fan of shooting games. So you must try this game sooner than later.

4. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Best Xbox One Shooter Game
The Tom Clancy series is a popular one and it is quite a big name when it comes to shooting games. This series debuted a long time ago and it is still going out strong as it is very popular among the players. Whether you have played any game in the series or not, you must have heard about the series. This is why it is undoubtedly one of the best Xbox One shooter games that you would like to play sometimes. This is a tactical FPS where you will get a sandbox mechanism along with an intricate system that features a reward system.
Just like any other game in the series this one also deals with the terrorist operation where the protagonist has to find out the bad guys. The plot is quite interesting and you can play the whole series as well. The gameplay is hundreds of hours and the complex mechanism is also something most people have liked. For shooter game fans, it is no less than a blessing as it features smooth and precise gunplay and a shooting mechanism. You will also get the free update all year round. The competitive multiplayer mode is also a plus point in this game.

5. Fortnite

Top Xbox One Shooter Game
In modern times, if there is any game that has redefined the FPS genre then it would be none other than Fortnight. We all know that Fortnight is a quite popular game and almost everyone has played this game multiple times too. But for some reason you haven’t explored this game fully yet, this might be a good time to give your time and energy to this shooting game and check it out.
This is a battle royale genre where you will be playing against almost a hundred players. There is only one goal of this game, you have to be the last man standing and kill other players before they kill you. There are plenty of guns available along with other melee combat weapons and armors that would help you throughout the game.
The frequent updates have given the game a nice touch to it and players have appreciated that too. Overall, if you are a fan of Battle Royale then you should play this game.

6. Borderlands 3

Xbox One Best Shooter Game
Next on our list of best shooting games on Xbox One is Borderlands 3. This is another one of the popular games that you would like to explore and play sometime soon. This game gives you a chance to explore the wasteland in this game where they feature countless weapons and rewards in the process. It is one of the best and most robust FPS games that you would come across.
You would like to play the hours of content of this game with your friends where the focus is on rich and snappy combat. The diverse environment and encounters are also something that you would like. Overall, it is light and fun, yet an interesting FPS game that you would like to play.

7. Titanfall 2

Xbox One Shooter Games
Titanfall 2 is another one of the leading shooter games on Xbox One that you would like to play if you are a fan of shooting games. This game is also counted as one of the most under-appreciated games as not many people have recognized its full potential or even tried it. This is why it is a must-try shooting game on Xbox One.
The series is well known among gamers and its fans are pretty happy with its overall performance. It has a great camping mode which is both creative and wildly entertaining. This FPS game features robots and intriguing gunplay that will keep the players hooked on the game for a long time. It also features multiplayer that isn’t disappointing. You will also find some amazing weapons in the game such as explosives, rockets, and ambush tactics.

8. Halo 5: Guardians

Best Xbox One Shooter Games
If you have enjoyed playing the Halo games or even the collection that we have mentioned earlier on our list then you should certainly check out this fifth main installment in the series, Halo 5: Guardians. This game features the same emotional and disturbing direction that was first introduced by the previous installments in the game. This time, everything is bigger and you would find the AI trying to rule the galaxy.
The game is a roller coaster ride, even though it received some backlash from the players as it didn’t live up to their expectations. The competitive multiplayer mode in the game has proven to be a long-running formula and players have certainly appreciated the gameplay for this as well.
Overall, the game has the best shooter mechanism and you will most certainly enjoy shooting in this game and killing the opponents with some cool weapons.

9. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Top Xbox One Shooter Games
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is the next best shooting game on Xbox One that you would want to know about. This game features a powerful Nazi killing man. He has an exo-suit powered by ancient Jewish technology. This game is not just a shooting game but a perfect blend of the emotional storyline and high-end action that will keep you on the edge throughout the game.
The game also features a series of flashback that features details on the childhood of the protagonist where they will get plenty of chances to blow up the nazis. This game is pretty great and you would get a good experience that will make it worth spending your time on it.

10. Doom

Best Shooter Games For Xbox One
Doom is another one of the best franchises that explored the FPS genre and you would be more than happy to play it. This shooting game has similarities to Wolfenstein, where you need to be ready to die and be always prepared to shoot. This game supports a cross platform which makes it even more popular as the players don’t need to be on the same console to play the game with their team.
The game features the doomsayers, whose job is to kill the demon with his cool weapons. Make sure your finger is always placed on the trigger or you might get killed before you can kill a demon. Its sequel is about to be released so you might want to finish the game.

11. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Xbox One Shooter Games
Even though Resident Evil is more of a survival horror game, lately they have been shifting their focus more on the first-person shooting angle of the game than the horror side. So it’s only natural that we put this game on our list of best Xbox One shooting games.
The protagonist in this game is searching for his missing wife but there is much more than he is prepared for. He will need to fight some unnatural creatures and kill them before they do any harm to anyone. There is a wide range of weapons available in the game so you would certainly like to shoot your shot with some cool guns in this game.

12. Overwatch

Shooter Games Xbox One
Overwatch is one of the highest-rated shooter games on Xbox One and this is why you must play this game. This game features a wide range of heroes with different abilities, powers, and skills, so the player must choose the right team or an individual character to control in the game. This game has won many awards which made it even more popular over the years. So go ahead and take a look at this game, you might love it.

13. Fallout 4

Xbox One Shooter Game
The Fallout series is also a very popular FPS game series which is why its latest game in the series has our next best Xbox One shooter games that you would like to play sometime. It got mixed responses from the fans, some liked it while others think that it’s prequels wear a lot better. Overall, it has plenty of amazing weapons and great gameplay mechanics that will keep you hooked for a long time and you will have fun shooting with the high-tech guns in the game.

14. Apex Legends

Xbox One Shooter Games
Next on our list is none other than Apex Legends. This one is also a popular game on many consoles including Xbox One to play and you would also want to play this game if you like shooting.
This game also features the already popular battle royale genre and you would be much happier to fight the opponent players and be the last man standing in this game. It is one of the latest games to release so you can expect the best graphics and soundtrack. Overall, if you haven’t played this game yet, this might be a high time to try it out.

15. Destiny 2

Best Xbox One Shooter Games
Destiny 2 is another one of the popular names that you may have heard even if you haven’t played the game. This is a great FPS game that features multiplayer mode which was well appreciated by the players. The game has won many awards and also impressed the critics along with the players with its performance and overall gameplay tactics.


So these are some of the most popular shooter games on Xbox One that you should know about. These games are pretty popular and come with plenty of amazing graphics, gameplay, and of course the best shooting tactics and weapons. All these games are quite popular, not only on the Xbox One but on every other console as well. So if you own an Xbox One and you want to play a shooter game then these are the ones that you must try before any other game.
That would be all for now and we hope that you got everything that you have been looking for, Thank you.

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