Top 11 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Under $50 Of 2023

We know how important video games are for the passionate gamers out there. All gamers want is to play the best video game with their friends or with online strangers and have the best gaming experience. But it’s not that simple. Your gaming experience would depend on so many things, especially the equipment you are using. From the monitor to the gaming headsets everything is important.
Ever since they have started releasing multiplayer mode, players need to connect with other team players. For that, they need good connectivity and a good headset that is capable of delivering the best sound and have the best features.
Although there are many gaming headsets available in the market, finding one can be a bit hard to given the choices we have. You would most certainly want to buy a wireless gaming headset as they are more convenient and efficient, besides who wants to deal with the wires nowadays right?
You must be looking forwards to find the best wireless gaming headset. We know how difficult it can be to find a perfect wireless gaming headset and that is why we also know that it’s better to seek out some help and see the reviews for the best wireless gaming headsets. This would help you find the perfect one for yourself as well.
To find the best wireless gaming headset is one thing and finding the best wireless gaming headset under $50 is another thing. When you limit the budget you got to compromise with the features, still, you would want to choose the best one.
To help you out, we have enlisted the 11 best wireless gaming headsets under $50 that you can find right now. We have also shared a little buying guide for the best wireless gaming headsets so that you can know which is good for you or how to choose one.
Go ahead and have a look at the following 11 best wireless gaming headsets and choose one for yourself.

Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Under $50

1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Under $50

Our first choice for the best wireless gaming headset under 50 dollars is SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless. With numerous features and good performance, this should be your favorite pick as well.
It’s an over-the-ear type headset with a closed-back enclosure. They are well built to meet the high standards of the customers. There are several customization features as well that make sure you get an ideal performance and everything you have expected from a 50 dollars wireless gaming headsets. It would be easy to adjust and tweak your audio experience.
These are very comfortable and you would be able to play games for hours without making your ears uncomfortable. The mic is pretty good too and it can nicely produce the voice even in a noisy environment. It comes with two batteries so you can charge one while using the other. You may not find noise isolation in these wireless gaming headsets under 50 dollars but these come with some amazing features that are worth spending your money on.

2. Astro A50 Gen4

Wireless Gaming Headsets Under $50
Astro A50 Gen4 is also one of the best wireless headsets for gaming under 50 dollars that you would want to spend your money on. The low latency audio and a strong connection are what have popularized this one. Here you would also find its 17-hour long battery life more than enough.
They are well built and features good padding to deliver the utmost comfort to the user. The well-balanced sound profile and audio preset of this headset have also made it our favorite pick. The quality of the microphone, too, is very impressive and they produce full-bodied, natural, and free from background sound. They are truly wireless headphones that don’t support any wired connection and neither are they compatible with Bluetooth.
Overall, their comfortable fit and amazing features are enough to make you want to buy them right away.

3. Logitech G Pro X Wireless Lightspeed Gaming Headset

Top Wireless Gaming Headsets Under $50
Logitech is one of the most popular brands when it comes to headsets. For years now, Logitech has never failed us and always provide us with innovative and advanced technology. Its premium-looking design and construction are all you would see at first. The design is simplistic and not very gaming-themed, so it would go easily in any environment.
It comes with a default sound that is well balanced and you can also customize in-depth via presets or a graphic EQ. The headset comes with a battery life of 24 hours, so you can literally play all day with this headset (not that we recommend it!). There is a wide range of microphone adjustments as well.

4. SteelSeries Arctics 9X Wireless

Gaming Wireless Headsets Under $50
We already know that SteelSeries is one of the most popular brands that you can find so naturally there would be more than one option for the best wireless gaming headset under dollar 50 here.
They can be connected to several devices like Xbox and more via wireless technology so you won’t have to worry about compatibility. They are also Bluetooth compatible so you would be able to chat with your friends or listen to music while playing. The battery lasts for 28 hours and the low latency is another one of the best features.
Overall these could give you value for your money so you can consider them buying as well.

5. HyperX Cloud II Wireless

Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Under 50
HyperX Cloud II Wireless is another one of the best wireless gaming headsets under 50 dollars that you needed to know about. These are very popular and have become a leading choice for today’s gamer. These are feature-packed and comes with everything that you would want from a $50 wireless gaming headset.
HyperX Cloud is a very powerful wireless gaming headset that produces a very crisp and clear voice. The closed-back design is another one of the plus points. The well-balanced sound and the extra bass go hand in hand and won’t seem too much, you can hear the voice as it has been intended to be heard.
The headset features a good quality sound and these are pretty comfortable as well given the nice padding. Overall you would love having them around.

6. Corsair HS70

Wireless Gaming Headsets Under 50 Dollars
Corsair HS70 is also a top wireless gaming headset for under 50 dollars that you can buy. It’s a great construction and high-end built quality is what will impress you the most. The battery life for the headset lasts up to 16 hours. The flatter EQs provide better versatility. So whether you are playing COD or wants to listen to your favorite songs on Spotify, this is the perfect headset for you.
With this budget, you are getting a lot and that is what amazes us in the first place. So it’s one of the best budget wireless headsets for gaming that you can buy right away.

7. EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 370

Under $50 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets
You would also like EPOS from Sennheiser as your next wireless headset for gaming under $50. It is well built and features some very amazing features as well. The battery life is up to 18 hours, so you can play for a couple of hours as well. The headset is blue tooth compatible so you can connect it with multiple devices as well.
The excellent sound quality is what has impressed us the most about this headset. Overall, you would be happy to invest in this headset.

8. Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE

Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Less Than 50
We are present with yet another wireless along with a headset from Corsair. This one has made its place in our best wireless gaming headsets for under 50 dollars with its quality features and amazing sound. The battery life lasts up to 20 hours which is pretty amazing.
Moreover, the headset also features RGB lights as well that would give you the best gaming feel. Here you would also get a detachable mic so you can remove it when you don’t need it. It features 7.1 surround sound that works great in FPS games.

9. Razer Nari Ultimate

Wireless Gaming Headsets Under 50 Best
The Razer is another one of the leading brands that have impressed us for a long time now. So when it came down to finding the best wireless gaming headsets we looked at Razer products and found an excellent headset.
With up to 20 hours of battery life, you would be able to play a few long gaming sessions. The retractable unidirectional mic does wonders and delivers clear and crip voice to receivers. The balanced sound quality is also something you would appreciate in this wireless gaming headset. Although the headset only supports PC and PS4, apart from it, it’s an amazing choice.

10. EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 670

Wireless Gaming Headsets Under 50 Dollar
The EPOS and Sennheiser’s GSP 670 has also made it to our list of best wireless gaming headsets under 50 dollars. This one features a battery life of up to 100 hours! Shocking right? So if you want a headset that can last a while longer then this one should be your first choice.
The great bass and incredible sound are also a reason this one is becoming so popular. The sturdy design also makes sure that it doesn’t cause any troubles and remains best always.

11. Razer Kaira Pro Wireless

Top Rated Wireless Gaming Headsets Under $50
Razer Kaira Pro is also a great option for anyone looking for a budget wireless gaming headset. They are compatible with Xbox series consoles and make a great choice with people having an Xbox! These come with Bluetooth compatibility and customizable lighting as well. Overall, you would love these, because everything is on point, whether it’s the sound quality or the build quality.

Buying Guide For The Best Gaming Headsets Under $50

There are a few things that you need to know about wireless gaming headsets and these things would help you to choose the best wireless headsets for gaming. We have enlisted some of the features that you need to consider when you are buying a wireless gaming headset for under 50 dollars.
The Sound Quality
The sound quality should be excellent and you wouldn’t want to compromise it. After all, who would prefer hearing low-quality audio or not able to cleanly listen to your mate’s voice? So the first thing you need to check in the wireless gaming headset for under 50 dollars is the audio quality. The ideal wireless gaming headset should be able to deliver every genre of music sound effectively and efficiently. So whether it’s pop, classical, or any other kind of music, you should be able to hear them perfectly.
The Mic
The mic is another prospect of wireless audio gaming that you need to consider. Make sure the mic is of good quality and it can deliver your voice to the other person clearly.
The presence of a mic is also a concern because some cheap wireless gaming headset doesn’t come with a mic and this can be a problem as well. So make sure the wireless headset for gaming you are buying has a mic and it should work well too.
The Comfort
No matter what, you wouldn’t want to compromise with the comfort of the gaming headsets. Since you are spending this much money on a wireless gaming headset then you must like to play video games for hours. You won’t be able to enjoy video games if the headset is not that comfortable.
Make sure they are well cushioned or built and provide you comfort while you are enjoying your game.
The Size and Fit
The size and fit of wireless headsets matter the most. If you are not wearing the right size then it won’t fit well, and this would lead to an uncomfortable experience. They might fall off now and then if they are big and they might be too tight if they are small in size. So make sure the headsets you are investing in are of the right size.
The Controls
The Controls are another important feature of a wireless gaming headset that you need to be worried about. You should be able to easily control the headset and it shouldn’t be too hard to find the right controls at the time they are needed the most.
Some features inline controls which are most preferred may feature a single button control. Find the one that suits you the most and you should feel comfortable in controlling the headset as well.
The Connectivity
Since you are buying a wireless product, connectivity surely is one of the most important features to consider. The connectivity should be strong and you should be able to connect it easily and the connection has to be strong as well. You don’t need a weak connection for a wireless gaming headset that gets interrupted every time you move slightly.
The range should be wide enough for you to walk about at distance without breaking the connection. The latency is also a matter of concern and you should see if it comes with a good latency or not.
The Battery Life
The battery life is another one of the important features that you need to consider in a wireless gaming headset. Since they are wireless, you may need them to last longer. So make sure that they come with good battery life as well.
You should also see how much it takes to fully charge the headset. How it is charged is also a bigger concern for us, whether they are completely wireless or not would decide the way of charging.
The compatibility also plays a bigger role in deciding whether or not they are the best wireless gaming headsets or not. It’s pretty clear that you wouldn’t want to stick with a wireless gaming headset that is only compatible with one kind of device so make sure they feature a wide range of compatibility as well.
The Construction
The construction of the headset also matters. It should be made from comfortable material and it should last longer as well. You would want to avoid any wear or tear at a slight inconvenience. So make sure the headsets you are buying are sturdy and durable.
Price and Value for Money
Even though you have made your budget, you would still want to look for a wireless headset that is low in price and have a good set of features. In a way, you would want to buy a headset that can give you value for your money. So make sure you know if you investing your money in the right product. You can also consider the warranty for the product but it is hard to find.


So these are some of the features that you need to consider while buying the best wireless gaming headset under $50.
Here we have come to an end for the article, the best wireless gaming headsets under a dollar 50. We just hope you found your ideal wireless gaming headset from our list. Thank you for visiting us and we are glad to help you out as well.

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