15 Best Branded Genuine Leather Belts 2023

Belts are one of the most important accessories that can change the way our outfit looks and easily transforms it. The best is not just important from the fashion pint of view but they are also important for placing our pants on the waist (if you are the skinny ones).
A good belt will go with any outfit no matter if its formal, casual, party wear, etc. So the accessory which is so important for the outfit must be of good quality, right? Cause settling for the cheap will not only ruin your looks but they can’t be trusted either. Speaking of good quality belts, leather belts are considered as one of the best. They may cost a bit expensive but at the end of the day, it will be worth it. But choosing one can be hard, as there are a number of belts available in the market and it can be confusing to choose the best one from them.
Keeping in mind the importance of good quality belts we have came up with this article where we have listed out some of the best leather belts for you. Take a look and then decide which belt would be the best one for yourself.

Best Leather Belts

best leather belts

1. Levi’s Reversible Casual Jeans Leather Belt

best leather belt
Levi’s is a popular brand as we all know and they have impressed us with many fashion apparel. So when it came to checking out the best leather belts, we thought, why don’t we go to Levi to find something good and we actually find the best belt! This one is a casual belt, as its name says, and you can easily pair it with any of your outfit thanks to its reversible nature. We know it can be hard to decide which belt you want, so with this one, you will get two in one!
Just flip it when you want a change of color and there you are with a whole new look. You will find a wide range of colors in this belt. The buckle is also notable giving it a natural look for both the sides of the belt and it is of matt silver in color. It should be your first choice for casual outfits.

2. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Reversible Belt

leather belts
The next one is also from a famous brand, which is Tommy Hilfiger, which has always impressed us with its premium range of stuffs. So it was important for us to look for the best leather belt from this brand. And honestly, they have lived up to their reputation as their belt has definitely impressed us.
This one is also a reversible belt, and comes with two colors. It’s a formal belt that can go with casual outfits as well, so it’s a total win-win. The belt has been made of leather, vinyl, and polyurethane. The composition of the belt resulting in a durable as well as flexible material which will last long and good look at the same time. It’s has a traditional single prong style buckle which gives it a nice formal finish. The width is 1.25 inches. Lastly, the belt, even with a big brand name, is affordable and inexpensive so you can try it out.

3. Hugo Boss Garney Leather Belt

best branded genuine leather belt
Hugo Boss Garney Leather Belt is also our leading choice for the best leather belts. This one should be your first choice if you are looking for a highly formal belt for a professional environment. The belt comes in two colors that are black and dark brown which will give your outfit a nice touch.
What makes us pick the belt for our top leather belt list is its unique style, it is definitely something which will enhance your wardrobe so you can surely rely on this one. Moreover, the belt is made of 100% cow leather so it’s quality would be best. The belt is 3.5 cm wide and it features modern gunmetal hardware.

4. Columbia Trinity Casual Leather Belt

best rated leather belt
Columbia Trinity also makes a good choice for leather belts. The belt is made up of 100% genuine leather which makes it a high-quality belt. Even with the premium quality, the belt comes at a very reasonable and affordable price. The belt will also impress you with its durability as it’s something that will last longer.
The belt is classy and looks decent on every outfit. It is meant for casual outfits, but if you have good fashion sense then you can also pair it up with something semi-formal. The belt features a single prong nickel buckle and it’s logo stamped accent is also impressive.

5. Buffway Heavy Duty Italian Leather Casual Dress Belt

budget leather belt
Buffway will impress you at first sight, yes it’s that good looking. It is made to fit on every occasion so you can count on its versatility. The best thing about the belt is its simplicity, as we know, there are many belts coming which seems a bit over, this one will stands just perfect in your wardrobe.
You must have heard about the brand as they also make wallets and other leather goods, so it’s a well-known brand that is reliable and durable. This one is made from Italian leather which gives a nice finish and is also comfortable. Lastly, the belt comes in four colors, that is navy, black, brown and maroon which gives you many choices.

6. Timberland Casual Leather Belt

best mens leather belt
Timberland is also a reputed brand for belts that you can trust on. This one Is perfect for the people who are looking for something rough and tough belts which will go with their personality. The belt looks very antique due to its buckle, which gives it a unique personality.
Moreover, the belt is made from full-grain leather, the quality is gonna be good and live up to your expectations from a leather belt. The belt has been designed in a way that it can go in all seasons, so no need to buy different belts for different seasons. There are many things about the belt which makes it one of the best and make a good reason for you to buy it, such as it’s sturdiness, durability, quality and rustic style.

7. Dickies Leather Classic Casual Belt

best leather belt for men
There is no way that we can complete the list of best leather belts without mentioning one from Dickies. You must have heard the name of this brand or even tried its product. The belt is just perfect for the casual occasions due to it’s simple and classic looks. The quality is what we find the most appealing feature for the belt as you can always count on this one for the durability. It doesn’t easily stretch or show any tears so it’s just perfect.
Although the belt says, casual in its name, but trust us, you will find it good elegant enough to wear at work. So that makes our 2nd point, the versatility. Speaking for its buckle, the silver matt finish will be enough to convince you to buy it at the first sight. The only drawback is they come a bit small, that’s why the company itself suggest to buy two sizes larger belt for yourself. It’s comfortable, it’s classy, comes at a reasonable price, what more you can ask from a leather belt? Go on and buy this one, you won’t regret.

8. Bulliant Slide Ratchet Leather Belt

leather belt men
Just like everything else, belts are also changing in terms of styles, and nowadays the sliding hole-free belts are becoming very popular. And when it comes to transforming the traditional styles the Bulliant makes good products which can be accepted by anyone.
The belts are easy going and can be styled with both casual as well as formal wear. You will also find a number of colors, black and brown remain the first choice but you want to experiment with something fun then try out other colors as well for your casual wears.
The belt is sold in one size but this shouldn’t be a problem as you can but our the extra tail. The belt features 32 sliding positions which it will easily fit on every waist. It also promises to deliver maximum durability as it features a scratch-resistant zinc alloyed buckle. Overall you will wanna have something like this in your wardrobe, so take a good look at this belt.

9. Marino Ratchet Genuine Leather Dress Belt

top rated leather belt
Since we are including the ratchet belts, it would be wrong to not mention Marino Ratchet Genuine Leather Dress Belt. This one looks just perfect for a formal outfit at the workplace or any formal meetings. This one features 36 adjustment position which will go for any waist size.
While the belt is not made up of full grain leather as it is mixed with polyurethane which makes it breathable, moisture repellent and makes it last longer. The buckle is made up of zinc alloy which is scratch resistance and lightweight. The belt is good enough to be on our list so yeah, you can check it out once.

10. Fossil Joe Belt

branded leather belts
Our next pick for best leather belt is Fossil Joe Belt which is also becoming popular nowadays. It’s a perfect combination of casual as well as formal belt which will allow you to pick it up whenever you are in a dilemma of what you should wear.
The best thing about the belt would be it’s is made up of 100 percent genuine leather so for those who don’t want anything leather, here is a good option for you. The belt is available in 3 different colors, black, brown and high-class cognac. Nickel-based buckle is also a nice touch to the belt.

11. Dockers Men’s Casual Leather Belt

genuine leather belts
We are here again with another casual belt which is from Dockers. It is got everything from fashion to quality, so it would be hard to say no to this one. You should have realized by now that a wide range of casual belts can go for the semi-formal or formal looks as well and this is one of them.
The belt has been made from top-grain leather which features durability and comfort. The strap ranges from 30 to 44 inches long with 7 holes. You are advised to buy two sized larger belt than your waist. The width of the belt is 1.5 inches perfect for casual and some formal wear.

12. Nike G-Flex Pebble Grain Leather Belt

casual leather belts
Nike? Surprised? Well don’t be, they are more than just a sports brand. This one makes a good leather belt and you would definitely thank us for introducing this one to you. The G-Flex technology is what makes it a must-have a belt in your wardrobe.
The belt has been made with genuine leather and it also features the feather edge strap with double stitching. The silver harness buckle and logo are what give it a premium feel so you won’t be disappointed with this one. If we want to explain the belt in a nutshell, then it would be, durable, high quality, premium, branded and something you can flaunt.

13. Calvin Klein Smooth Reversible Leather Belt

leather belts for male
Since we are talking about the best leather belts then how can we leave Calvin Klein out of the race? So when we are digging up for the best leather belts, this is what we found in our way. And since the belt is reversible you will get two belts in one, featuring one side black and another side brown color.
The belt goes perfectly with casual wear and suits any occasion. You will find a metal keeper and engraved logo on the buckle which is silver-toned. This is made up of 100% leather so you won’t have anything to complain about the quality.

14. Dante Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Automatic Belt

leather belts best
Dante leather belt is our next choice for the best leather belt that you can have. As its name suggests the belt features Ratchet buckle system which is easy to use as well as look fashionable. The belt comes up with 38 adjustment which results in a comfortable fit. Moreover, the belt is highly durable and will stay in your wardrobe for a longer period of time. It’s stylish and goes perfectly with a casual occasion.

15. X Xhtang Men’s Solid Buckel with Automatic Ratchet Leather Belt

best mens leather belts uk
Our last but not the least choice for the best leather belt is x xhtang. This one also features the Ratchet system with 38 adjustments. It’s made with cow leather with zinc alloy buckle. This one is also durable and it is too made for casual occasions.


So these are the best leather belts in our opinion. To help you further with choosing the right sized belt we have came up with a little buying guide (yes buying a belt do need some criteria as well). Take a look at these things before buying the belt for yourself.
  • Length: Length of belt is one of the most important criteria to choose the belt for yourself. The general rule says to buy at least one size larger belt length then your waist. This is because a tail must be left out for the belt and but too much tail of belt will only ruin the look for you. So watch the length!
  • Width: The width of the belt is also important which should complement your attire and should look good on you. You would want a normal width belt for your formal wear whereas, for casual ones,  smaller width will do better. Overall you should know what kinda belt and look you want to go for that.
  • Type of belt: Yes, belts too come in different types then you could have imagined(if you are not into fashion!). Different types of belts go with different outfits, for example, if you are going to pair the belt with a suit then go for a dress belt which gives more formal and classy vibes then the casual ones, which are more fun and easy-going. In conclusion, buy the right type of belt for the right type of outfit.
  • Buckles: Buckle is also an important factor to look for when you are choosing a belt for yourself. There are different kinds of buckles available for the belts such as buckle with a tongue, buckle with a hook, sliding hatch buckle.
  • Color: Lastly, the color too is an important criterion. The three basic colors are black, brown, and tan, which are good for formal wear. But you can choose something fun and more vibrant if you want too.
So this was our article about the best leather belts that you can find right now. We have listed them by checking the reviews and most importantly the leather quality. Not many people give a thought while buying belts for themselves but since you are here, you must know how important it is to choose the right belt. We hope you liked the article thank you for visiting the page.

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