Top 15 Best Talking Games To Play With Friends 2023

Making conversations with people is one of the hardest tasks these days. Not many people know the art of making conversations or even just talking to one another. This becomes a problem when you are at a party, get-together, or any other event. These are the places where we should be making conversations and not scrolling through our phones. But how would we do that?
One of the easiest ways to make conversations with one another would be to start playing games. Any fun game would do the job of breaking the ice and starting a conversation but if you want it just a talking game then you would want to play the games that make people talk about themselves or others.
There are plenty of such talking games that you can play with friends. Although not many people would be aware of these games or how you can play them right. That is why we are here to help you. In this article, we are going to mention some of the best talking games that you can find and play with your friends. So go ahead and take a look at the following games and see which ones you would love to play with your friends.

Talking Games To Play With Friends

1. Never Have I Ever

The best kind of talking games involves people spilling their secrets or at least hinting that they have done something embarrassing or wild. Well, many such games can bring out the secrets of people. One such game would be Never had I Ever.
This is one of the classic games that have been played for a long time and it is an evergreen game. That means you can play this game anytime and anywhere with any group of friends across all age groups and you would still have a fun time.
The rules of this game are pretty simple. You don’t need much to play this game except a bunch of people.
Sit with your friends. One friend will say something that they have never done and if someone in the group has done that thing then they have drunk a shot or talked about it openly. It’s fun and interactive and can start a lot of conversations.

2. What’s your favorite?

It’s a rather simple yet fun game to play with friends that can make them tell everyone their likes and dislikes. This game would be a fun time-killing game that you can play with anyone. It can be played with a group or just one individual person. This will give you a lot of insight into a person that you just met.
The game is simple, all you have to do is to ask the people what their favorite things are. Such as favorite books, movies, food, location, etc. Of course, you can customize the game by making it dirty, funny, or even weird to know more about the person.

3. Truth and Dare

Almost everyone has played truth and dare at least once in their life because this classic game has existed for a long time. That is why you can never go wrong with this game.
If you still don’t know how to play this game properly then don’t worry it’s pretty easy.
Make everyone sit in a circle. Now spin the bottle, and the person who faces the mouth of the bottle will have to choose between truth or dare. If they choose the truth then you ask them anything and they will have to answer honestly. If they choose to dare then the group can ask them to do anything and they have to do it.
So it is a pretty fun game and it can be as wild as you want it to be. Make your own rules and ask them the most embarrassing questions or make them do daring stuff, the choice is yours!

4. Two Truths and One Lie

This is probably the easiest game and also one of the spiciest games to play. This game can also go as crazy as you would want it to be.
It is pretty simple to play and you don’t need anything to play the game. Make sure you have your friends and a great place.
Now, each person in the group will say three things about themselves. Out of the three, two will be the truths and one would be a lie. Now they can say anything and this will leave the group wondering which one was the lie and which was the truth.
Of course, the game can be played with any number of players. The more the better or you can play with your crush too.

5. Association

This is also a classic game that has been played by people for a long time whenever they are bored.
The rules are pretty simple, all you have to do is to say one word. Just name anything and the other person will have to say the first thing that comes to their mind. If they hesitate to say or respond for a few seconds they lose.
It is certainly a fun game and people love playing it when they don’t have anything to do or while they are driving or something. So if you find yourself running out of things to talk about, just play this game!

6. Would You Rather

Would you rather it is also a pretty fun game to play when you want to know more about people you are with or just want to have fun with them?
Again the game is simple and you can play it anywhere as long as you have someone to play with, even online!
You have to say two situations or things and let the other person answer what they would rather.
For example, you can ask;
  • Would you rather let someone check your phone’s gallery or your Google history?
  • Would you rather be the smartest or the richest?
You can make up as many questions as you want and the game will go on. This can be a great game to get to know someone or to start a conversation.

6. Hot Take

If you want to play a little serious game that can start up various conversations then Hot Take would be the perfect game to play.
A hot Take is an unpopular opinion that is the opposite of the opinion the majority of people have. For example, some of the Hot Takes are;
  • FRIENDS is overrated.
  • DC is better than Marvel.
  • Social media is running everyone’s lifestyles.
It will be fun to hear what your friend’s hot takes are. Make sure to set some ground rules regarding religion or any other stuff that can hurt anyone’s sentiment.

7. High, Low, and Buffalo

This is a game that helps you to know how your friends are doing without being awkward. You can ask everyone to say their highs, lows, and buffalo. Here;
  • High means something that is going well in their life
  • Low means something that is bothering them
  • And Buffalo is a random thing that they can share with the group.
Overall, it’s a nice game to catch up with what’s going on in your friends’ lives.

8. Ten things in common

If you are playing a game with a big group of friends then this one should be a great game to get started. The game requires you to name ten things that everyone present in the group has in common.
The first person to find ten things common in the group would be a winner. So this one requires you to have conversations with people and find out what you guys have in common with each other. Even if you lose, you would still be happy to make some conversations and get to know more about the people in the group.

9. Ask me Anything

Another game that helps you know the secrets of the groups which is why this game has to be on our list!
Well, the game is pretty simple as you would be able to ask anything to anyone in the group and they have to answer honestly. But there is a twist that can help you keep your secret. If you don’t want to answer the questions then you will have to pay the penalty.
The penalty can be anything from eating some random things or putting a dollar bill in the jar.

10. Superlative Game

The superlative game is also a fun game to play when you are with your friend circle. It is simple to play yet a lot of fun.
The game starts with someone saying “who is more likely to get arrested”. Now every person in the group will point to the person who is more likely to get arrested. It would be fun to know what the opinions are about each other and if they are popular or not.

11. 20 Questions Game

In this game, one person thinks of something and the other one has to guess what they thought of it. They can ask up to 20 questions such as whether is it a person, a movie, a character, etc, and then move on to ask more questions until they get to know the answer.

12. This or That

This is a great game to play with a person you want to know more about. You will give them two things and they will have to choose the one they would prefer the most. For example, dogs or cats, and they will answer with what they would prefer. It’s a short and simple game to play but can tell a lot about a person.

13. Just a minute

You have to pick a topic and then one person in the group has to talk about it for a whole minute. This sounds like a very easy game but it is not and you will find that out once you try to talk about something for a whole minute. If they do that then they win.
The game will work with any size of the group across all ages, and you can play it with your friends, colleagues, family, or even random people.

14. The alphabet game

With the alphabet game, everyone needs to decide on a topic such as fruits, movie names, celebrities, etc. And then everyone will have to name one thing of that topic in alphabetical order.
For example, if the topic is fruits, one person can start with “apple”, now the next person has to say something that starts with the letter B, and so on. If a person fails to name a word then they lose.

15. Fact or Fiction

If you want to play a nerdy game then this one would be a perfect game to play. You can collect a bunch of facts or myths. Now you have to say something and the other person or the rest of the group has to decide if it’s a fact or fiction.
Make sure to pick up facts that sound made up while the myth sounds too real, this will make the game much more interesting.


So these are some of the best talking games to play with friends. We have enlisted some of the classic games, some rare games, and some of the fun talking games that you can play with your friends anytime and anywhere. All of these games won’t disappoint you and promise to make your time enjoyable.
That would be all for now and we hope you get to play all of the aforementioned games with your friends and see how it turns out!

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