Top 15 Best Games To Play With Preschoolers 2023

Keeping toddlers busy is a little hectic task. You don’t know what would engage them and keep them occupied or what would bore them (which you don’t want). Whether you are a parent, preschool teacher, or even a babysitter, you would want to make sure that toddlers get a little busy and they can have fun for a while. If you are a parent who is having a party or inviting other toddlers into your house then you would most certainly want them to engage in some activities or play some games to keep them busy.
With toddlers, you can’t play generic games like truth and dare or the 20 questions game. You would need a game that allows them to take full participation without being too complicated. This is why finding the best game for preschoolers is pretty hard. That is why we have done it for you and made sure you don’t have to struggle with finding popular and good games to play with preschoolers.
In this article, we are listing down some of the best games to play with preschoolers. These games have been played in preschools and teachers also have recommended these games to play with kids. We have selected the games that are popular everywhere. So go ahead and take a look at the following list and see which one you would want to play with preschoolers.

Games To Play With Preschoolers

1. Simon Says

Simon Says is one of the classic games that children enjoy and it is also convenient for the parents or elders while they play with them. The rules are pretty simple and there won’t be any mess while playing the game. One of the best parts is that the game is versatile so it can easily be played in a way that is suitable for you. It can be played indoors or outdoors.
To play the game there should be some kids and you will choose one of the kids among them, Simon. Now, at the start, you can also be Simon just to show them how the game is played.
The person who is named Simon will give some commands or tasks to the other players of the game. All the kids will have to follow the command. Now, the kids will have to follow the command only when Simon says “Simon Says” and if the command is given without the Simon Says that means the kids don’t have to follow. So if the kids don’t follow the command when you said Simon Says or if they follow the command without you saying Simon Says, they will be eliminated. The last person remaining would be the winner. And that person should be named Simon for the next round.

2. Story Time Clap

If you want to play a quiet game with the preschoolers and don’t want any chaos then Story Time Clap would be the best game to play.
This is a quiet game and you don’t need to do much. It is kind of like the kid version of the drinking game where they have to drink when they hear a particular word. So, here you can play the game while you are telling a story to the kids. You can ask them to clap whenever a particular word has been said.
This game will make them more attentive to the story and it would be pretty fun for them to clap every time they hear that word.

3. Touch and Feel the Box

This is another fun game that kids would love to play. It is also pretty simple and can be played in any setting, be it indoors or outdoors. The game is simple and you don’t need too much to play it.
To play the game, you would need to collect a few things that have unique shapes and textures, that is they should be different from one another. Now you should put them in a box so that kids can’t see the objects.
Now, each kid would touch the objects without seeing what it is. And they have to guess the object by just touching it. Someone who guessed the maximum number of objects would win the game.

4. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek doesn’t need any introduction because we all have played this game at least at some point in our life. This is a game that any group of people would enjoy regardless of their age. So if you want to find a game to play with preschoolers then Hide and Seek should be on top of your list.
Furthermore, the rules are simple. One person would have to be the one who seeks the other players who have hidden somewhere. The game can be played indoors or outdoors, although you might need to set boundaries for the space. Whoever remains the last person hidden wins the game and the first person caught by the seeker would be the one who seeks in the next round.

5. Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is another one of the classic and evergreen games to play with preschoolers or even any age group people whenever there is a party or get-together. This is also a simple game that can be played outside or inside the house.
To play the game you would need some chairs, players, and a musical instrument.
Now place the chairs in a circle, the chairs should be one less number of players. Someone will play the music and players will have to take a round of chairs. When the music stops the players have to take a chair and sit. Whoever remains without the chair will be eliminated. For the next round, you will have to remove one chair. Whoever remains, at last, will be the winner.

6. Red Light, Green Light

Another game that is quite popular with the kids is the Red Light and Green Light. This one is also an easy game to play with preschoolers and they would also enjoy playing it. It can be played outdoors as well as indoors.
One player will stand on one side of the room while others will stand on the other side of the room. That one player will face the wall or the side where they can’t see other players. The players will say Green Light and everyone will try to reach the person. However, when the player says Red Light everyone has to freeze where they are and not move at all.
If any person is seen moving then they would have to go back to the line and start again. The first person to reach the caller would win the game. It is pretty interesting and will keep the toddlers occupied for a long time.

7. Four Corners

Four Corners is also a fun game to play with preschoolers. A lot of people played this game when they were kids so it is a classic game to play. It is a perfect indoor game but you can also play it outside as well.
To play this game, each player will stand in one corner of the room and one player will stand in the middle of the room. The players standing in the corners will try to switch places with one another without letting the middle person know. If the player in the middle notices the movement they can try to occupy the corner position and the corner person would have to come to the middle. This can go on as long as the kids enjoy it. It is a great game to teach the kids about team play and quick thinking.

8. Freeze Dance

If the kids love to dance and move then this is the best game for them. It is also a pretty simple game to play as there are no complicated rules and you don’t need much to play the game either. The game can be played anywhere with any number of kids or players.
To play the game you would need a musical instrument or music player and some kids. Now as the music starts playing the kids will have to dance and show some creative and fun moves. As the music stops they will have to stop dancing and freeze however they are. This would be fun to see them stopping them while showing their crazy and creative dance moves. The players who don’t stop or move while the music is not playing will be eliminated.

9. Treasure Hunts

If there is one game that will never be boring for kids then it would be treasure hunts. The game is pretty simple yet it is complex for one who hosts the game. The game can be played in the backyard or inside the house.
Here, you will have to collect some objects and hide them in various places. Now give each kid or team (if there are many players) a clue. The first clue should be an easy one and now they will have to follow the clue and find the first object, with this will find another clue that will lead them to another object. Like this, they will eventually reach the final treasure. Whoever finds the treasure will be the winner of the game.

10. The listening game

This can be an educational game and also a fun game for toddlers to play. It can be played indoors where it is quiet.
Let all the kids sit in a circle. Now you will choose some objects that make some kind of noise. Now, you will ask one kid to close their eyes and listen to what sound an object makes and have to guess what object is this. The one who guesses the maximum number of objects will win the game. This will improve their listening skills and how well they know certain objects around them.

11. Balancing Beam

This is also a great game to play with preschoolers and they will also enjoy it. It doesn’t have many rules and it can be easily played indoors. The game is simple.
You need to make a line with a tape of bright color and have to ask the kids to walk in a straight line. So they have to make a pretty good balance and if they set their foot outside of the tape they will be out of the game. You can also make it more challenging by making them walk backward or just hopping with one foot.

12. Board Games

If you don’t want to be creative and play a fun game inside the house without any chaos then board games should be your go-to game to play with preschoolers.
There are plenty of board games available such as snake and ladder, ludo, monopoly, etc that you can play with kids and they will all enjoy the game as well.

13. Drawing

This isn’t a game but a fun activity to do with the preschoolers. Although you can make it into a game by setting a time limit and asking the kids to draw something, whoever finishes the drawing first wins the round. Overall, just make your room and give the kids a chance to be creative with their thinking and let them draw some unique things.

14. Puzzles

If your kids love solving puzzles then this should be the best game to play with them. You can either buy the puzzle games from stores or you can come up with some riddles online and let the kids solve them. Whoever solves the puzzles or riddles first would win the game.

15. Building

The building is another one of the fun games that kids would enjoy. This too is more of an activity than a game but it sure is a fun one.
Now, the game is simple. The kids will have to build things with ordinary objects such as cards, blocks, boxes, or pillows. It is fun and allows them to be as creative as they can. It would be fun to see the results and what they have created so far. There is no winner or loser or if you want to customize it you can set a prize.


So these are some of the best games to play with preschoolers. These games have been loved by toddlers and teachers and parents also have recommended these games to play with toddlers.
That would be all for now and we hope you found what we’re looking for. Make sure you try all of these aforementioned games at least once with the preschoolers and they will certainly have fun playing these games as well.

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