17+ Best Horror Games To Play With Friends 2023

Even though some claim to dislike horror games, they cannot argue how tough they are to avoid. It may be an enjoyable experience to attend popular Halloween parties with people wearing spooky costumes. However, what more perfect way to begin the party and enter the Halloween spirit than by playing some spooky games with your buddies? Scary games are there for a long time and have existed for a very long time. But these are the pastimes that people can never get tired of playing. So, today, this article will provide you a selection of frightful and horror games to play with friends.
Jump scares and paranormal phenomena abound in these spooky games that you may play with pals. Pick your safety item and get ready to explore the scary zone.

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Horror Games To Play With Friends

1. Light as a feather, stiff as a board

As shown by experts, this is neither Wingardium Leviosa nor an interesting concept. We’re not sure whether there’s a scientific reason for it, but this game will terrify the hell out of you every time.
Allow one buddy to rest on the ground while all the others surround him on their knees.
After that, all of the buddies who are sitting put two fingertips from every hand underneath the person who is lying on the floor.
As you attempt to pick up your companion from the floor, recite the phrase “Light as a feather, stiff as a board.”
Even if it might not be successful the first time, it will function the next. Then, it will be possible to raise the person who is on the floor into the air.

2. Bloody Mary

Among the most common “truth or dare” activities, especially at night, is something like this. Obviously, it matters on your level of belief, despite the fact that you don’t, it’s still likely to be unsettling.
Turn out all the electricity, illuminate a candle, then take the candle inside the bathroom and close the door. Then, to call Bloody Marry, you must face the mirror and repeat “Bloody Mary” three times.
The story goes that Bloody Mary shows up in the mirror and attempts to capture you.
If you’re fortunate, all you might get is a graze on your face or forearms. If not, she may drag you into the glass, where you would be trapped for all time.

3. The Answer Man

Given that it takes ten players to participate, this exercise might not be as frightening as other games. Each participant will stand in a ring and then call the member to their left while simultaneously pressing the transmit button.  Most callers will receive unavailable signals, but if you’re fortunate, The Answer Man may be contacted.
Regardless of how many individuals are there, if he doesn’t seem to like your response to a question you pose to him, he may pose one of his own in return, and things won’t end well.

4. Three Kings

When you have queries that Google is unable to resolve, you should practise the terrifying game Three Kings. In your basement, you erect three seats: one serves as “the throne,” on which you sit; the other two carry mirrors through which the “queen” and “fool” spirits might pass.
You have precisely one hour and one minute to speak up about the query after calling the spirits. A companion is required to recall you back to reality when your time has expired, otherwise, it’s all goofy fun. There is nothing more awkward than confessing to a buddy that you require devil counselling.

5. Don’t Look Behind You

You illuminate a candle and place it in front of three seats where you and two buddies assemble for this moment. You then urge the devils to accompany you while pledging not to peek at them.
The game’s regulations are quite clever at making you uncomfortable, and giggling is strictly forbidden. The monster will attack you if you continue playing lightly. Furthermore, you’ll be forced to look behind you despite the demon’s assault once you do.

6. Dry Bones

In the game Dry Bones, concealment is the main theme where you invite a dangerous ghost into your home and then strive to avoid him until three o’clock in the morning. If you succeed, your dream will come true; if not, then, you don’t succeed.
It’s frightening if he turns up, but it’s equally frightening if he doesn’t because you sat quietly at home by yourself till three in the morning in the dark. Additionally, you have obligations tomorrow, so it implies being a grownup.

7. The Shoebox Telephone

This is your own opportunity to discuss with a person who has passed on if you’ve ever desired to.
You’ll require the following items to prepare for your call: a plastic cup, thread on a needle, a shoebox, clippers, a pencil, a sheet, an item having a special significance to the individual you wish to communicate with, and a dark closet.
Switch off all interruptions, including your cell phone, TV, and other devices, in the night before you go to bed and devote some time to concentrating. You want to be as mentally clear as possible, then, when it seems just perfect, begin typing your message.
Once you’ve finished composing, tighten the thread to your item and, using the needle, poke a hole through the bottom of the plastic cup. You now have what seems to be an outdated connected telephone after removing the needle and tying a knot.
With utmost sincerity, speak your letter aloud into the cup, typos, and everything. After you’ve finally finished, place your message in the shoebox along with the item that should continue to be affixed to the cup. Put the cup on the surface of the lid of the shoebox and shut it down.
A “call” will eventually come to you that will appear in a dream; as soon as it does, wake up and head straight for your box. Pick up the phone if the box is shut and the cup is sitting erect on top.
Do not respond and disconnect the cord if the shoe box is open or the cup is turned upside
It’s crucial to remain silent throughout this phone conversation, even when questioned. Disconnect the line once the call is finished and t throw away the cup and keep the shoebox locked for a while.

8. Cat Scratch

This pastime, sometimes referred to as Catscratches or Black Cat Scratch, is frightening yet won’t upset anybody.
Your pal should lie on their back with their face in your lap while you both kneel down on the ground to participate. As you massage their heads, narrate to them a spooky cat story and repeat “cat scratch” three times to close the narrative.
Immediately upon standing up, your companion should check their back for red scratch marks by lifting up their clothing.

9. Sara Sarita

It’s simple to play Sara Sarita, and if you succeed, you’ll get in touch with two young girls who are reportedly killed in Mexico.
You only need a pal and two tokens with the same worth to start. Lie on the ground, facing each other, with a coin in each hand. Ask Sara Sarita whether you can join your play in cooperation. Throw the coins so they drop on the floor behind you by throwing them over your forehead.
You join the game when both coins strike on heads and then ask questions. Now, you flip the tokens to determine the responses. heads indicate a yes response, and tails mean no response.

10. Dead Man Dead Man Take Me To Your Grave

You just need a pal for assistance because this game will cause your arms to automatically raise.
One participant shut their eyelids whereas the other instructed them to “count to 10 in your brain then nod.” After that, the speaker will alternately swing their arms 10 times both above and below one another.
You’ll do that from 10 times to five, then seven, and finally three as you continue this cycle. When you’re finished, chant “dead man, dead man, carry me to your coffin” until the second participant’s hands begin to rise on their own.

11. The Candyman

You will require 12 black candles, a matchbox, and other necessary items if the name isn’t frightening enough for you to engage in the game.
Seal yourself in the restroom before nightfall, then switch off the electricity. Ignite the candles while facing the mirror while standing still, then keep your eyes shut until precisely midnight. You’ll be able to observe the devil’s visage in the glass as immediately as you open your eyelids.

12. The Telephone Ritual

You must be by yourself in a dark home without any family members, pals, or animals in order to have fun. The house also requires a telephone because you will make a prank call to a ghost in this game.
Enter the restroom to begin the game, then sprinkle salt on the entrance of the room there and then shut and keep the door locked. Include a torch to illuminate the bathroom, then utilize your mobile phone to dial the home’s telephone and check if anybody picks up.

13. Silent Hill

Given that the series began in 1999 and ran until 2014, Silent Hill is considered to be the pioneer of spooky video games. The plot of Silent Hill centers around a girl who haunts a tiny Maine village, and a father who escapes to the hamlet there following the death of his wife, where he must struggle to survive, battle creatures, and look for his child who has vanished.

14. Horror Hospital

In order to save your pals from spirits in this survival horror game, you must navigate through the filthy, deserted corridors of a sizable hospital utilizing only the illumination from a lantern. You need to be cautious where you beam your flashlight because you never realize what could be hiding to murder you in the shadows.

15. The Five Nights At Freddy’s Series

This adventure is for you if you like being terrified by scary realistic monsters. According to reports, this play is among the most played and the best horror game for practically all age groups. In the game console Five Nights At Freddy’s, you take on the role of a security guard in charge of the webcams at an adventure park, and you must cautiously wait in suspense while animatronic SAW-style creatures emerge and make you frightened by stress.

16. The Little Finger Game

You must read a tale in order to participate in this activity where you are encouraged to read the narrative aloud or silently in your brain, but only if you intend to participate in the game.
You’ll experience the vision the tale characterises a week after studying it. In your illusion, a woman will request your assistance in finding her little finger; it is recommended that you accept.

17. Baby Blue

The participants would find this horror game similar to Bloody Mary but with an evil baby in place.
First of all, you need to enter the restroom, lock the door, and switch off the lights to begin. Say “Baby blue, blue baby” 13 times while staring into the glass and putting up your hands as if you were hugging a child.
You’ll sense the weight of a newborn in your hands if you complete it without making a single mistake. The infant will begin biting you and then you need to flush it down the bathroom toilet as soon as it becomes too weighty. If you keep waiting too long, a lady will yell and beg you to give her kid back while also threatening to murder you if you’re still carrying it.

18. The Closet Game

Switch off the lights in your apartment and enter the bedroom to commence this adventure and horror game. Put the flame there next to you and repeat, “Show me the light or leave me in darkness,” after being there in silence for a couple of minutes. If you detect whispering, pick up a matchbox and light it right away but If you don’t detect anything, don’t ignite it.
In either case, when you’re prepared, get out of the room, lock the door, and for further security, ensure you never reopen it again.


So, finally, these are some of the most frightening horror games that you can enjoy with your friends and family members.

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