How To Recover Lost Snapchat Streak And Get It Back [2023]

With more than hundreds of millions of active users across the globe, Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms that you will find. And the popularity of Snapchat is constantly increasing with more and more people joining the platform daily. We can all agree that Snapchat is a fun messaging app where you all can exchange messages, snaps, and videos on the platform.
They also have a snap streak feature where you can constantly send pictures to your friends and maintain a streak. It may not sound as appealing to the people who are not using Snapchat, but it surely is an interesting activity to do on Snapchat. This can also be addicting and people would spend some time to make sure they can maintain the streaks forever. This is why losing a streak upsets Snapchat users.
It’s really frustrating that someday you wake up and see you have lost the streak with your favorite person and that without any fault. You would want your streak back, but how?
Well, that’s going to be a discussion today. Keep reading the article to know how to recover a lost Snapchat streak and get it back.

Why would you Lose a Snapchat Streak?

The obvious reason someone loses a streak is when you or the other person you have a streak with forget to send a snap within 24 hours. Although, this is not always the reason as sometimes it is because of some technical glitch or issue that you can’t blame on anyone. This is where you can do something to get your Snapchat streak back.
Let’s take a look at the following steps that would help you to get your Snapchat streak back. Have a look:

How To Recover Lost Snapchat Streak And Get It Back

  1. Open the Snapchat
  2. Open settings and scroll down to find Support, and tap on it
  3. Tap on the “I Need Help” section
  4. Tap on “Snapchat Streaks”
  5. Tap on the ” what if my Snapchat has gone” option
  6. Next, check the “My Snapchat Streaks Disappeared” option
  7. Fill the form with the information you have been asked for.
There will be lots of things asked from you, like about your account (username, email address, cell number, and device) then specifics about the Streak. You need to include as many details as you can to get your Snapchat streak back. If you remember the exact time and date it disappeared, it would be helpful too.
  • Send it and wait
After filling in all the information, you will need to send the information and wait for a Snapchat response. They will look into the problem and if possible recover your Snapchat streak as well.


Although in some cases it might not be possible to get a lost Snapchat streak, these steps might help you recover them if the Snapchat streaks have disappeared out of nowhere. Just be patient and calm while they respond. Just remember, you can always start a streak again.
Many users have found this method helpful and they got their streak back. We hope this works for you too, Good Luck!

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