How To Change Snapchat Username [2023]

Looks like everyone is using Snapchat these days and why wouldn’t they? It is one of the most popular social media platforms and it has a huge active user base too. Most people are using Snapchat these days and they are pretty happy to send snaps to their friends and stay connected with each other. There are lots of fun features and functions that make Snapchat fun to use.
Although, some people do make a Snapchat account with a funny username just to sound cool but later they realize they made a mistake. This is where people find ways to change their usernames on Snapchat. However, according to the policies of Snapchat, a user can’t change their username due to some security reasons. This is where people try hard and find some loopholes. Well, there is no direct way to change a Snapchat user but there are solutions to your problems.
Let’s move forward and find out how you can change your username in Snapchat:

How To Change Snapchat Username

Change your Snapchat Display Name:

One of the ways to get everyone’s attention to your username on Snapchat is to change your Snapchat Display Name. Even though your username stays the same, it would be hardly visible to your friends.

Follow these steps to change your Snapchat Display Name:

  1. Open your Snapchat and then go to your profile or select your Bitmoji icon from the top left of the corner
  2. Now select the setting options or gear icon in the upper right corner
  3. Select Name
  4. Now energy a new Display Name in the name box
  5. Hit Save
Now, you will be good to go and will certainly find a new Snapchat Display Name that you can flaunt without having too much attention to your Snapchat username.

Make Another Snapchat Account:

If you can’t take the Snapchat username anymore you might not have any other way than making a new Snapchat account. Since there is no way to change your Snapchat username, making a Snapchat account would be the only option left.
It’s easy to make a new Snapchat account but you have to keep in mind that the data in your old account would be lost. Just make sure to take a screenshot of your friend’s usernames so that you can add them once you create a new account.


That would be all for now and we hope you found our article helpful. You can easily make the best choice for yourself by going to either of the two options that we have mentioned.

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