17+ Best Racing Games To Play With Friends 2023

Racing games are extremely popular in the video game market because of the intense thrill and anticipation they deliver. Online racing games have always attracted the curiosity of every gaming enthusiast, whether it is due to their inherent ability to reduce tension or the unexpected excitement you receive after winning. So, today, this article will demonstrate some of the best and easily available racing games to play with friends.
Any player will be fascinated for prolonged periods of time due to the challenging visuals, all the licensed vehicles, interesting race circuits, and advanced features like burnouts, slides, rocket boosts, etc. These online racing games for portable devices become instant popularity among dedicated players when you combine an interesting objective gameplay strategy with the option to fight against friends virtually.

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Best Racing Games To Play With Friends

1. Real Racing 3

Driving on real courses, on the other hand, is the one activity that truly thrills a car enthusiast. With Real Racing 3, the gaming behemoth Electronics Art, also recognized by the abbreviation EA, has accomplished this. It also includes authentic motorsport competitions and simulations. This multiplayer racing game has an impressive array of races at its fingertips, including the IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Champions league, NASCAR, Formula E, and Australian Supercar challenges. You may join your buddies and participate against them in real time using the online mission gaming function.

2. CSR Racing 2

The game CSR Racing 2 is very distinct from the other games in the collection. It differs from other vehicle racing games in that you may achieve victory with a good start and quick control of different rather than the usual steering, accelerating, and braking.
Although it doesn’t appear as exciting as contemporary racing games, it nonetheless calls for strong abilities. An erroneous start to the race increases your likelihood of losing. Both single-player and community modes of the movie are available to users.
Additionally, you are free to modify your car’s fresh coat of paint, interior decoration, wheels, and mechanical features like the gearbox and tire pressure.

3. Traffic racer

In terms of racing video games, Traffic Racer is the most well-liked. You may explore, generate revenue, and modify your automobiles as you choose in the game. Pick from more than forty automobiles in five distinct locales and five separate styles.
Basic and sophisticated automobile, color, and wheel personalization options are available in Traffic Racer. Several eye-catching aspects include extra cash for driving against traffic and catching vehicles going above 100 km/h.
A simple twist, tactile buttons, online scoreboards, and awards are some of its outstanding features.

4. Asphalt 9: Legends

The newest instalment of the Asphalt racing game franchise, The Asphalt 9: Legends, was released by Gameloft and delights you this season with a bunch of fascinating improvements to enrich the core track racing adventure.
The most recent incarnation of Asphalt 9 will soon be available on Android devices, and it includes good characteristics including bright visuals, licensed vehicles, and even nicer in-app transactions.
The capacity to overcome adversaries or to pamper your sights with slopes, rockets, and successful shortcuts are among Asphalt’s basic values and attractiveness that have not changed.

5. CarX Drift Racing

Among the insane drifting games available for Android that might get addictive is CarX drift Racing. It is really impressive in its vibrant visuals, which is primarily why it has become so well-liked.
Just under 500 MB of memory is necessary on your smartphone. CarX Drift Racing, which is basically a driving emulator, will captivate gamers with its exhilarating curving circuits and variety of racing modes including Drift, Time Track, Instruction, and multiplayer.
The more you conquer and slide, the more goals you can collect and the more cash you can make, and then, you may spend it to enhance your racing vehicles. Players can contest with their Ghost using the old record even if there are no artificially intelligent competitors to ride against.

6. Drag Racing

With over 100 million members worldwide, drag racing is a captivating vehicle racing game. With the application’s easy-to-use capabilities, you are able to pick your favorite vehicles and transform them into motorsport treasures.
When you race your buddies online, you learn their speed, change your settings, and quickly surpass them. There are around 10 tiers and categories in this live tournament, and nine participants battle against each other at once.

7. #Drive

#Drive offers more than sixty well-designed automobiles for unrestricted riding. This fun-loving game, which features racing automobiles, is influenced by the action films of the 1970s and provides hours of fun.
Gamers of Drive may choose their favorite automobile, start running, and compete for hours because it is so easy to utilize. It is crucial that you take caution of any objects that are in your path and avoid hitting them at all costs.
Its standout qualities include fascinating places to navigate, amazing visuals and music, and an authentic arcade gaming feel.

8. Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing is designed for individuals who want to have a thrilling but enjoyable automobile tournament experience. In Beach Buggy, people compete in thrilling races against opponents who each have their own characteristics and racing prowess.
Ultimately, your talents are put to the challenge as you compete with opponents who enjoy the tropics and have aggressive driving on 15 original off-road competition circuits across 6 distinct game modes.
The game’s customizability, split-screen multiplayer, control options, and energy are a few other intriguing elements.

9. GT Racing 2

Using your ideal vehicles, GT Racing takes you on a real-world driving experience and the software offers professional racing fun in single or multiplayer modes without any cost.
The program offers thousands of racing challenges in vehicles from well-known manufacturers, all of varying degrees of intensity. To achieve group objectives, you have the chance to interact with your buddies, other individuals, or even with different squads.

10. Forza street

Having Forza Street at your disposal, you can finally have the full car chase sensation. After having downloaded the app, you may begin choosing the destination and your preferred vehicle for the dash.
After each competition, you may quickly acquire renowned vehicles ranging from luxury vehicles to antique automobiles. Keep an eye on your sporting capabilities and take part in point-to-point competitions to move up the scoreboard.

11. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Due to its reputation for being aggressive, the gameplay of Asphalt 8: Airborne has developed a real reputation for itself. You may engage in high-speed airborne acrobatics, knockdowns, and twists in terms of playing automobile competitions, and you should utilize nitrous cautiously.
The game has more than 180 games, 40 different car types, and a variety of race circuits. It offers group or solitary mode and customizable control settings, like numerous other games.

12. Street Racing 3D

The most popular free 3D street racing activity available for both Android and iOS is called Street Racing 3D. Now is your opportunity to participate in the car chase adventure and compete against experienced racers from across the globe.
There are several modes that include incredible acrobatics in an arcade setting. Fierce driving on PVP circuits and compete against your buddies in real-time.

13. Racing in Car

You get the impression that you are travelling between really strong automobiles when you race in a car. one of the top driving games from a third-person viewpoint to date where you may alter every aspect of your automobile, such as the steering configuration, car color, and wheels.
Using live cams and playback, it is simple to demonstrate to your followers your race strategy and speed. Ghost mode and time assault competition are two ways to win your greatest competition.

14. Need for Speed: No Limits

Need for Speed No Limit is a videogame that has only been made available for mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. The game has the most thrilling and heart-pounding action together with genuine and artistically beautiful visuals. In this fun game, you may change each and every piece of your automobile to the utmost extent possible.
Utilizing various components of the automobile, you may produce a larger variety of configurations. To create your automobile unique and feel special, accumulate exotic cars and modify it. The main objective in automobile racing is to win the street championship, therefore compete on various courses at various times of the day or, whether it’s daytime or nighttime.

15. Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP: Renegade, which shifts the competition to water tracks, significantly enhances the well-liked Riptide GP2. The most recent installment in the Riptide collection improves the fluid mechanics and introduces a brand-new narrative that switches from the real racing venue to the underground racing circuit while introducing new routes, aqua jets, and more customizability choices. Since you play as an outcast trying to establish a name for yourself in the underground hydro jet race course, features like police chase create the career mode even more exciting.
There is a tough 4-player split-screen option where you can try your abilities against pals on the same device utilizing gamepad controllers, in addition to standard 8-player online game modes. Additionally, you may compete in races with your virtual friends’ ghosts to break records. The death-defying stunts, fiercely engineered hydro jets, and fresh circuit layouts give Riptide GP: Renegade a unique personality and create it among the most thrilling mobile racer games available.

16. Jet Car Stunts 2

The focus of Jet Car Feats 2 is airborne stunts, but these aren’t your typical heightened-track antics. Rather, your vehicle is equipped with a missile that allows it to travel and land on physics-defying aerial rails that are twisted at various angles and elevations to make a smooth landing very difficult. Playing Jet Car Stunts 2 is satisfying because the tilt driving controls are some of the smoothest features in a game.
But the gameplay is more than simply challenging courses, outrageous stunts, and buttery-smooth abilities. Gameplay, road race, freewheeling, and driving are the four main game modes available. There are 120 various stages and 7 different vehicle models to select from, each with its unique advantages and skills. Another choice is to make a personalized route and distribute it to others. The game’s freeride mode is the finest since it enables you to master feats and aerial techniques that are uncommon in other games.

17. Horizon Chase – World Tour

The whole gaming experience in Horizon Chase has a striking resemblance to that of a retro PC or a Nintendo platform. The game will operate perfectly on even a basic Android smartphone because it is only 34 MB in length and won’t consume much of your device’s internal memory. But there are many other aspects of Horizon Chase that will genuinely surprise you.
First off, there are eight distinct control options, including compatibility with a joystick controller. Generally, gamers prefer games with smooth aesthetics that don’t strive to imitate realistic features over those with vintage, blocky visual components and solid colors. While there is no sophisticated slide tactic used in this instance, driving around steep turns is as effortless as it gets. In case you were wondering, in addition to a huge selection of automobiles with the same classic looks, the game also includes bonus levels and a fully-featured career mode.

18. Rebel Racing

You will really like Rebel Racing, another excellent vehicle racing game available for Android. The competition pits you against the world’s greatest racers, and it is modelled around an American road racing competition. It injects tension and drama into the action, which is a blast of new air in the typical driving environment. This game’s development specifically for smartphones—in this situation, Android—is what users enjoy about it. The action is able to respond quickly and fluently since the mechanics, visuals, and physics are all flawless.
Additionally, there are numerous alternatives that may be customized, such as luxury vehicles, customized antiques, accessories, turbo engines, and much more. Although the game is comparable to other driving games for Android, the visuals are mind-blowing and provide a breathtaking cinematic experience. To sum up, if you’re searching for a fresh racing game for Android, acquire Rebel Racing and buckle up.


That concludes our ranking of the top racing games to play with your friends, which appeal to a wide pool of players from moderate to passionate.

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