17 Best Nintendo Switch Games To Play With Friends 2023

Nobody is astonished by the Nintendo Switch’s outstanding adaptability and abundance of family-friendly entertainment. Games like Switch Sports and the most recent Kirby are fantastic assets to your gaming library because they are fantastic for co-op and youngsters. But there’s much more to check for, such as a wide variety of board game alternatives and titles like Mario Strikers that can accommodate a maximum of eight players concurrently. So, today, this article will demonstrate some of the Nintendo Switch games to play with friends.
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Best Nintendo Switch Games To Play With Friends

1. Nintendo Switch Sports

The late but much-welcomed historical continuation of the Wii Sports games is Nintendo Switch Sports. The Wii’s phenomenal achievement can be attributed in part to the first game that was included with every copy sold. Due to how approachable it was, people who ordinarily wouldn’t or may have never participated in an activity before were capable of joining in on a game of tennis or bowling. Six sports are available in Nintendo Switch Sports, which recaptures all those wonderful features and utilizes the same simple motion-control system across all of them.
For a true essence of rivalry, every game is being played in multiplayer, whether individually or remotely. Even better, you may spice things up by completing some games vs online opponents while at home with a companion. By allowing you to engage the addictive motion-controlled classic games whenever and wherever you want, Nintendo Switch Sports addresses the one drawback of the predecessor, which was the absence of regular companions.

2. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet Double Pack

The Pokémon series has always featured multiplayer, although in a fairly constrained form. You could engage in combat or sell with your friends, but you hardly ever communicated with them outside of that. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet significantly alter it and allow four players to enter the Paldea territory at once and go around together.
Despite the game’s low technological efficiency, it may occasionally be a bit problematic and still be a pleasurable activity. Additionally, the game still heavily emphasizes trade and fighting, so you may still play with your friends using the standard Pokémon multiplayer.

3. Fall Guys

The greatest Nintendo game, Fall Guys, waited far too long to arrive on the Switch. The focus of this play is on zany games played by small wobbly cartoon characters as they run, leap, and fall over numerous different obstacles. The game’s surprising mechanics prevent you from becoming frustrated, and you have many entertaining personalization options to strive for so you can make your tiny bean avatar uniquely yours. As it is also free to participate, there is no reason not to just jump in and try your luck at winning the crown.

4. Diablo II: Resurrected

For something like a younger breed of enthusiasts, the legendary ARPG has returned. With all the same characters, gameplay, and narratives as the original Diablo II, Resurrected is a genuine reproduction of Blizzard’s popular game from 2000. It also features a lick of paint for goodness’ sake and you may always turn on the outdated visuals for a serious touch of memories if you don’t like the game’s revamped graphics architecture.
The best part is that Diablo II: Resurrected keeps its multiplayer options, allowing you and three buddies to delve into swarms of monsters. Going into combat with a team makes the journey more interesting because the game is not simple either.

5. Pokémon Unite

The Pokémon brand has had mixed success when deviating from its normal turn-based RPG model, but Pokémon Unite is probably the finest game in its lengthy history. Pokémon Unite combines your iconic characters with the well-liked MOBA structure and delivers a remarkable degree of complexity while also being friendly for beginning gamers.
There are several accessible game modes, however, the majority of them involve normal 5v5 encounters. You’ll defeat your opponents, battle wild Pokémon to reach the next level, and cooperate with your squad to gradually accumulate more points by hitting Goal Zones on the other side of the field.
It seems strange to combine Pokémon with the MOBA genre, but the result is one of the greatest Switch multiplayer games.

6. Splatoon 3

Introducing Splatoon 3, it is indeed time to come back to the Splatlands for yet another Turf War. The Switch suffers from a serious shortage of third-person shooters, in contrast to most other systems.
Splatoon 3 not only introduces a brand-new gameplay approach but also generates an addicting and delightful environment for all gamers by switching up the strategy from concentrating on fatalities to covering the field with the most ink. You may treat it as severely as you like and yet enjoy yourself. The recent incarnation makes online functioning even better, and collaborating is strongly encouraged.

7. PAC-MAN 99

The original pellet-eating equation is given a novel royal rumble element in PAC-MAN 99, much the same as Tetris 99 did before it. You’ll compete in “Pac-Royale” against 98 other opponents while gathering power-ups, avoiding demons, and attempting your best to be the last Pac-Man standing.
The Pac-Man board is used for the action, but you’ll notice all 98 of your rivals queuing up around the edge of your screen. It’s enjoyable to mix ability and fortune to conquer a round as you delicately gather dots and hope your opponents get hit by one of your power-ups. The best part is that Pac-Man 99 is unlocked when you subscribe to Nintendo Online.

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

Particularly those in the vintage 16-bit format, arcade beat ’em ups are a disappearing category. The classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle home and arcade games, though, were among the greatest, which is why Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is such a delight to behold on Nintendo. It not only captures the visual aesthetic well, but it also has that classic gaming experience. The game doesn’t merely restrict you to multiple players, as it simply might have taken it away.

9. Apex Legends

Officially accessible on Switch, Respawn’s well-liked big fight includes crossplay and the whole Legends squad. Although a few compromises had to be made in order to port the strong sniper to the weak system, Apex Legends’ core gameplay stays mostly unaltered. Without a question, one of the top battle royale games available is Apex Legends.
You’re sure to like this adult shooter if you’ve gotten tired of playing Fortnite on Nintendo’s hybrid system. The one and only method of winning a match is by carefully coordinating with your friends. Each Legend arrives with its own special talents to learn and dozens of unlockables that can be obtained.

10. Monster Hunter Rise

The first authentic Monster Hunter game for the Nintendo Switch was met with great anticipation, and Capcom was provided. Rise not only has the same unpleasant ghost action, but it also debuts a brand-new Wirebug system that makes it simple to move across the mammoth stages. Additionally, you can ride a wounded enemy or utilize it to recover stability after receiving damage.
Rise is another Monster Hunter game that is best enjoyed with a group of pals. Set off on a hunt with some friends after gathering a group and forming a mission. In the coming months, Capcom’s most recent Monster Hunter hopes to release fresh updates and patches, giving you new stuff to go through on a routine basis.

11. Overcooked! All You Can Eat

All the material from the first Overcooked! and its follow-up Overcooked! 2 is included in Overcooked! All You Can Eat. That implies if you desire to become the finest chef in the universe, you’ll have much more than 100 stages to cook your way through, hundreds of personalities to acquire, and a variety of techniques to practice. Of course, playing Overcooked! with pals is part of the enjoyment; creating a culinary masterpiece calls for lots of collaboration and even more endurance given how challenging the game becomes as you go through the stages. Everybody can participate in the kitchen madness with All You Can Eat’s accessible tools, which include adjustable user interfaces and textual settings that are favorable to those with autism.

12. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

The renowned Nintendo Wii U game is returned and includes Bowser’s Fury, several hours of brand-new gameplay. Put yourself in the position of Mario and his buddies as you attempt to defeat Bowser’s wicked intentions once more. The co-op action in Super Mario 3D World is just as spectacular as it was on the Wii U, but this time around you’ll move more quickly, your dash ability will charge up more rapidly, and there’s a new Snapshot Mode. While playing Mario games alone is always enjoyable, having a few pals around makes for an amazing experience.

13. Haven

An original independent role-playing game, Haven depicts a tale of independence, revolt, and romance. As Yu and Kay work to repair their spacecraft and build a new house, you and a companion will endeavor to aid them as they discover a mysterious world. You’ll discover more about the two individuals as you complete seemingly routine duties like making meals, creating new products, and gathering resources along the way. A lively artistic style that takes the realm of fantasy to live ties everything together. Search no further than Haven if you want a rich story to share with a close companion.

14. Summer Catchers

Summer Catchers is quite unlike anything else on the marketplace, a strange mash-up of driving, beat, and mystery elements. With nothing other than your “trusted wooden automobile” and a companion at your side, the unique gameplay by Noodlecake will set you on a highway journey. There are many mysteries and happenings waiting to be found in this colorful pixelated universe. All along the journey, you’ll be able to upgrade your rudimentary wooden vehicle and discover new skills, attempting to keep fresh until the final 10 hours. The game’s high degree of customization is its best feature; you’ll wish to play it several times to take advantage of everything it has to give.

15. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game – Complete Edition

The first game wasn’t released until 2010, but it provided a wonderful beat-em-up sensation and wasn’t just a hasty money grab. The Original Title Remaster and Every DLC and Add-On Released Over the Years Are Included in the Complete Edition. Many additional well-known personalities are available, each with a unique collection of unlocked talents and powers, including Knives Chau, Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim, and many more.
Scott Pilgrim is unquestionably best appreciated by a group of pals. Up to four gamers may take on the adventure, and if you grow bored of taking out wave after wave of opponents, you can switch to some crazy mini-games.

16. Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity

A sequel to Breath of the Wild is called Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity,  o n the other hand, the two games may not be more dissimilar. While they both take place in a rendition of Hyrule identical to that of Breath of the Wild, and you’ll encounter many recognizable characters along the way, Age of Calamity’s action is considerably more action-oriented. With the help of tremendous combinations and unique weapons, you may outwit dozens of adversaries at once. As you go, you’ll discover brand-new character customization, side quests, and a complicated backstory that describes the circumstances that contributed to Breath of the Wild.

17. Just Dance 2022

The Just Dance 2022 game is quite similar to the ones you’ve enjoyed in the past. If you spend the money on the Just Dance Unlimited membership, you’ll get access to more than 600 tracks, including several current popular blockbusters. You may still dance to 40 original music, featuring melodies by Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and NCT 127, even if you don’t have a monthly subscription. A maximum of six players may participate in Just Dance 2022’s co-op mode, which may be the greatest way to enjoy the game. Even better, you can create a collection that allows you to navigate through songs without fumbling with interfaces.


So, finally, these are the collection of Nintendo Switch games that you can pick any one of them to play with your friends.

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