Top 18 Best Question Games To Play With Friends 2023

The purpose of question games is to uncover private information about participants through prompting. “Never Have I Ever,” “Icebreaker Questions,” and “Truth or Dare” are a few examples. These activities are meant to foster friendships, increase participation, and promote fun. So, today, this article will demonstrate some of the most preferred question games to play with friends.
These topics may be generated randomly using a question maker, and you can employ them in team-building exercises. These games resemble quiz games and meet-and-greet games. Competitors in the question game are only allowed to pose questions, which forces them to employ creativity and improvising abilities. As long as they can, players must pass pointed questions and forth without halting or unintentionally speaking.

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Question Games To Play With Friends

1. Would You Rather

This game is one of the all-time favorites since if you can’t handle it properly on your own, certain challenging would-you-rather queries can knock you off track.
This question game may be played in two different ways as a board game (in which case all participants may pose questions using pre-written sheets), or traditionally, in which case participants just think up some questions as they go.
Family-friendly and suited for more than one participant is the would you prefer question game.

2. Tag Questions

This game may be used to cover several other independent games like who is most probable and is unusually straightforward and new to the globe
Each participant should receive a half-piece containing approximately five questions, which can be made by printing the questions or cutting off pieces of the various questions.
Alternatively, each participant might ask a question that comes to them. To begin, you must.
To choose who will commence the game initially, assemble sufficient relatives and friends, choose two players, and flip a coin.
Obtain a piece of paper and make a spreadsheet to keep score; on the table, record each player’s name and symbols, for example: To make things simple, if a player is named Stanley, write “S,” and if a player is named Stella, utilize “St.”
The first player then queries the individual immediately close to him or her, such as “what is my favorite color” If the player properly responds to the question, the scorekeeper allocates two points from their total; however, if they don’t, they receive no points.
Once every question has been posed and received an equal response, the questions will keep going around. Specifically, each participant had to have inquired and responded to the same amount of questions. The winner is finally determined based on who has the highest score.

3. Never Have I Ever

Even though the Never Have I ever topic does not necessarily correlate to any questions, it is still really straightforward and approachable, similar to every other game.
Each participant must be truthful with their responses if they wish to truly enjoy the activities.
Every player must lift 10 fingers if you desire the game to take a long time; if you wish for it to happen quickly, you should just have each player lift five fingers.
If there is a handicap without fingertips, you people might substitute elevating the fingers with laying 5–10 stones such that when a player has never performed the action specified, they throw one stone outside.
The first participant says something they have never performed before, such as “Never have I ever napped shirtless,” and anybody who has performed so would put one finger down. After that, the next player, aside from the first player, would add his own side, and so on until all competitors’ fingers were down with the exception of the winner’s.

4. This Or That

You would require to pre-written these or that thoughts on a sticky note in order to perform this game.
The participants are instructed to sit in a ring and then the first player asks the player immediately next to them a This or That query from the concepts, and that player has no more than five seconds to choose their superior approach before being removed from the competition.

5. Who’s Most Likely To?

Intriguing and extremely entertaining, this quiz game is also kid- and family-friendly and, most significantly, easy to play.
The participants may create their own queries on paper or purchase pre-made questions for the card aid.
Then, for each phase of the game, a card is drawn, read aloud, and a decision is made on which member of the group is most likely to carry out the advice on the card.
It’s pretty straightforward, enjoyable, and intriguing, similar to the well-liked, challenging What Would You If Question Game.

6. 21 Questions

Since you just need to speak up for the queries that have clear answers, the 21 Questions game is the easiest of them all.
The game begins when the group of participants determine who will give the first question, assemble in a circle, and the host produces a suitable list of 21 questions.
The first player on the roster asks the first question, and the person immediately adjacent to him responds. This process is repeated until all of the queries have been posed and responded to.
Actually, according to the number of participants, there are several methods to engage in this activity.

7. Who Said That?

This is indeed a question or trivia game that calls for rational reflection and strong memory. Since the majority of the inquiries in this play are always about things you already know ( it may be taken from the entertainment industry, education, arts, and a lot more).
The presenter should have a detailed record of who has previously asked questions and a scrap of paper to take notes.
To quiz the participants and record results, there has always been someone who is not participating in the game. The victor of the event is the one who finished with the highest score.

8. How Well Do You Know Me?

It’s a straightforward game where either the host or the participants should have all the queries prepared. For instance, a player would inquire, “What’s my shoe size?”  and then the very first person to accurately respond earns two points. The game will be continued in this manner and the guy with the highest points will be the winner.

9. Word Teasers

Have you ever tried Word Teasers, if not, you and your buddies ought to give it a try. Everyone enjoys playing the game Word Teasers because it features absurd but thought-provoking puzzles. You and your pals will discover the history of many proverbs and topics as you turn each card.
Word Teasers are available in a variety of editions and topics, but the best ones are the “Funny sayings” and “Fun Puns” versions. The ideal game for both kids and adults is this one, and performing this activity with friends would make senior citizens chuckle a lot.

10. 30 Seconds

30 seconds is the ideal game to engage with pals who are interested in current events. This is a quick knowledge game that may be performed in groups of two to sixteen people. This activity is considered “trivia,” while it also functions well as a questioning game. This is due to the fact that each team’s success depends on its participants’ ability to provide their teammates with the appropriate cues and inquiries. Even personal observations may be used by participants to aid their team in overcoming the card. They gain fun information about the outside world and themselves in the process. An excellent method to initiate a discussion and make new memories is for 30 seconds.

11. What Do You MEME?

A terrific game for wicked buddies with an absurd sense of humour is What Do You Meme. By presenting a group of memes, you get the opportunity to inquire about them and what they are. Studying the explanations for the many memes on the decks in this game is fascinating. Players typically connect to each scenario presented on the card, which makes them chuckle. They may also share their own stories or imaginative tales to make others laugh, which would enhance the overall gaming experience. It’s simple to pick up and play this game. Although this game is enjoyable, we believe the enjoyment will pass quickly.

12. Date Deck

Will you be spending a special evening with your friends or do you anticipate getting to understand them personally? It’s a perfect time to use the dating deck. Several of the inquiries on these decks may prompt passionate or thrilling relationship dialogues that will help you two get to know one another better and prevent you from being weary or having awkward silences. It won’t seem uncomfortable or like an interrogation while you’re getting to know one another. The sense of closeness between partners may be increased by playing this game.

13. Big Talk

Is there anybody you would put your life in the hands of? If you like this query, Big Talk has a tonne of more intriguing and thought-provoking queries. A terrific introduction for adult meetings and celebrations is this 90-card game. Friends may cut off the chit-chat and get to the heart of the matter more quickly. Friends will get fascinating insights about themselves, acquire fresh viewpoints, sharpen their interpersonal skills, connect, and engage in meaningful interactions. Despite the fact that this card is fantastic, some of the queries could be awkward for new acquaintances.

14. Holstee Reflection Card

There are some really interesting questions in this set of 100 to ask your pals. It addresses issues like brotherhood, thankfulness, and kindness and would inspire individuals to exchange personal recollections while savouring special times with one another. Individuals will be urged to recall past experiences they had forgotten about. Without you guys knowing it, it’s sort of like a lighthearted therapeutic process. The questions are simple, relaxed, and interesting.

15. You Know

Participants in the extremely involved game “You Know” are asked to respond to challenges when cards are dealt with. There are several restrictions in this card game that resemble those in a game of UNO. Competitors are obliged to abide by the special effect and color card regulations. The sole distinction is that every card includes a “would you prefer” choice. This game is ideal for establishing connections and kicking off deep talks. This game may be played by instructors, school counsellors, and psychotherapists with their patients. It promotes lasting relationships, a strong sense of self-worth, and conviction.

16. Hot Seat

Can you fake to respond to a query as they would in any given circumstance? Hot Seat will allow you to validate your beliefs if you so want. Choosing a card from the deck allows participants to take rounds of being in the hot seat in this game. They then pose the issues on the card to their buddies (the other participants) and the other participants are required to respond to the query as though they were the ones in the hot seat. You may also learn what your friends and family think of you thanks to Hot Seat.

17. Better Me

Better Me is a terrific occasional game for you folks to enjoy if you have pals that are committed to self-improvement and leading responsible lives. This is not your normal game of question-and-answer activity, yet it nonetheless calls for participants to open themselves to one another. The game requires 2 to 8 players and includes 6 categories (Brain, Soul, Real assets, Humans, Physique, and Fall ahead). Participants can choose who plays first and how they progress around the table by rolling a die. Regardless of the area, their play piece lands in, they are required to choose a card from it and carry out the duty specified on the card.

18. Incogny

Friends may express their genuine ideas about themselves in any situation while playing this thrilling game without worrying that their identification will be disclosed. A group of close friends is confronted with a few questions in the game, and an estimation of how they answered is given. Visitors are asked to answer more than 500 questions. It’s time to utilize the play INCOGNY in order to recognize your pals even deeper! This game may simply disprove your assumption that you know everything there is to discover about your pals.


Fortunately, there are many different question games available for us to play. These trivia games will spark interesting discussions and pleasant recollections. You’ll be able to connect with your friends’ emotions and share a piece of yourself with them.

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