20 Amazing Outdoor Games To Play With Friends 2023

Now that summertime picnics are a popular gathering place for members of the family, it’s time to think about how to make your upcoming event stand out. Outdoor games are a novel method for bringing individuals together and sparking some rivalry without going over budget. Outdoor games aren’t simply for the most aggressive or athletic people. This article has compiled a list of the top outdoor games to play with friends.
All of these outdoor games are suitable for players of all physical levels, including adults, teenagers, and kids. Most of these have been tested; others have been listed because of the extraordinarily favourable customer feedback.

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Best Outdoor Games To Play With Friends

1. Throw Throw Burrito: Extreme Outdoor Edition

Throw Throw Burrito: Extreme Outdoor Edition, your new favourite outdoor card game, is produced by the same individuals who introduced you to popular card games like Exploding Kittens and TacoCat.
Throw Throw Burrito: Extreme Outdoor Edition, which is also accessible indoors, comes with a deck of playing cards and two inflatable 3-foot tortillas that may be thrown at other participants. Simply gather your decks, perform your game, and shoot the burritos as directed by the cards. This game is ideal for events with parents, teenagers, and kids of all generations.

2. Capture the Flag

Two flags, six persons, or more are needed for this traditional outdoor children’s game (pieces of fabric in several distinct shades). Begin by setting up two adjacent arenas in your yard that are about the same dimensions and big enough to make the activity enjoyable. Put a flag in the vicinity of the rear of each player’s court after dividing the participants into two groups.
The aim of the game is for participants to sprint into the field of the other squad and seize their flag. If a player is identified, they are “out,” and if they properly take the flag, the victory is theirs.


SPUD could bring back memories for parents of their own youth! Choose a player to serve as “It” for the opening round of the game. This youngster yells the nickname of some other player while launching a ball into the air. The summoned player will try to capture the ball as soon as reasonably practicable while everyone else flees.
Everyone pauses when they cry “SPUD!” after grabbing the ball and they then bounce the ball at a different individual. If the ball touches someone, they receive an “S” and go on to become the following “It.” The player who obtains the entire set of letters (S-P-U-D) first gives up the game.

4. Speedminton

Without thinking about the weather or the breeze, enjoy a game of badminton. The Speedminton birdie, also known as a Speeder, comes in three distinct varieties: Fun, Match, and Night. They are composed of sturdy plastic and are incredibly quick. This Speedminton setup is enjoyable and thrilling for everyone to participate in since it can be performed in almost any setting and is simple enough even for people of all age groups.

5. Connect 4

Connect 4 has been there for years and is an iconic brilliant game. With this enormous Connect 4 setup, both you and your rival will have all your attention on you while you compete. This enormous Connect 4 package is entertaining for everyone and is big enough to encourage viewer engagement.

6. Doggy, Doggy, Where’s Your Bone

The boy playing the dog in this play looks around as someone snatches his “bone.” Any item can serve as a bone, but for younger children, a plastic bone might help the lesson stick. Whenever the dog turns back, the kids all try to appear terrible while the dog speculates about who took the bone. When choosing a human for a kid, allow them to assume until they get it right, and then the next child gets to be the dog. You may set a cap on predictions if you’re competing with older kids.

7. Mother May I

In Mother May I, the Mother approves or rejects pleas to proceed while standing with her back to the audience. Young children who are unable to comprehend the game’s underlying injustice do well with it. Mother could look the other way, but she undoubtedly recognizes everyone by accent. Therefore, she is the one who actually chooses the winner. It might be a pleasant game to practise counting if Mother is experienced and the children are young. To include a random element in the gameplay, there is also the choice of purchasing the “Mother May I” Ball.

8. Sidewalk Picasso

Want some chalkboard paint, then let your creative side run wild. Launch this game entirely on your own, and before you know it, all the kids in the neighbourhood will be sketching, allowing you to sneak away and finish some chores. Online courses for manufacturing handmade sidewalk chalk are available, but it’s questionable if they’re truly less expensive than buying some at the dollar shop.

9. Balloon Down

Three distinct balloons—whether they are all the same color or not—that have been inflated with helium and are attached to a balloon weight are required for this pastime. If you’re performing one of these patriotism party stuff, utilize red, white, and blue balloons! Compose the three balloons’ point totals with a permanent pen.
Round numbers to utilize are 25, 50, and 100 digits, however, you could just as well utilize 1, 5, and 10 instead. Arrange the balloons approximately 10-15 feet apart and mark a line across one end of the yard. Place the balloon with the lowest score nearest to you, then the one with the next-highest score, and so on.
Put a bucket of little footballs similar to these beside the tape and make sure they are substantial enough to be thrown across the field.
In order to win, participants must strike as many balloons as they can in five football throws. They gain rewards if they touch a balloon and the player with the most score awarded will win.

10. Ring Toss

Ring toss is a fun party activity for all generations, either you construct your own DIY kit or purchase one that has already been built. Try placing your visitors farther away from the items they are attempting to ring, farther away as they become aged.

11. 500

This is among the greatest games for the swimming pool, but it’s equally enjoyable in the garden.
Everyone else should participate after you select a guy to be the thrower. Possessing the football while heading away from everyone else, have the thrower standing on one side of the field. The remainder of the team should all remain alongside facing the thrower on the other side of the field.
The thrower should begin by saying a certain amount of points and “dead or alive.” 200 living, for example, or  300 people, dead or alive. For points to be awarded if they stay alive, the football must be grabbed in the sky.
The football may be grabbed on the floor or plucked off it if they shout “dead or alive” in such a situation.
After declaring the toss’s conclusion, they toss the ball back toward the crowd. The group of teammates must attempt to be the one to lift the ball either from the floor or into the air.  Points are awarded to whoever grabs or has possession of the ball.
Throw the soccer while maintaining to score points until someone reaches 500. The next tosser will be the person who earns 500 points the fastest.
Prior to playing, establish certain ground legislation to avoid any injuries. You should feel free to let the kids rough house unless you’re interacting with adolescent guys in which case by all costs.

12. Snake Pit

It’s easy to configure and execute, which is why this game gained popularity on many social media platforms.
In a room with plenty of free space, stack a number of pool noodles on top of one another. After that, instruct everyone to form a circle and clasp hands around the metal poles.
Players must attempt to drag one another into the pool noodles as soon as they pronounce “go.” You are eliminated from the game if you contact a pool noodle. The following round then begins, and the game is restarted (with one fewer participant).
Carry on the round until there is just one participant left surviving (same as musical chairs).
If people do not have enough pool noodles to bounce about in, this is also thoroughly entertaining and performed around a waste can, sling bag, or small pool.

13. Flashlight Tag

In comparison to tag, this seems to be considered very much like hide-and-seek. Take a torch outside once it has grown dark. All others must flee and hide while “it” (the individual holding the torch) chants to 100. You need not be bodily touched in order to be tagged in this variation. You lose if “it” captures you with the laser beam and yells out your name. You may continue to play as far as you can avoid the lights, so search for new spots to dive behind or beneath.

14. Find The Leader

Throw one member of the team, “It,” out of the apartment, and have the others form a ring and choose a “leader.” They should take a position in the centre of the circle when “it” reappears. Everyone else needs to copy the leader’s crazy movements and dancing, and “it” must attempt to identify the leader. Inspire the children to attempt to keep a close eye on several friends and neighbors rather than the leader.

15. Vroom, Vroom

Let your children pose with their arms in front of them, pretending to be a driver, and disperse throughout the yard. Give them driving instructions and act as a “traffic officer”. This may involve directing them to move to the right or veering to avoid a bump. Don’t be afraid to let your kids create sound while driving. This is especially entertaining in a fenced backyard where “collisions” are likely to occur.

16. Sleeping Beauty

One kid should act out Sleeping Beauty while lying down on the ground or on a sofa and pretending to be asleep. Each other participant should alternately attempt to make Sleeping Beauty giggle or open up her eyes in an effort to “wake” her up. But players should keep in mind that they can not touch Sleeping Beauty.

17. Lap Game

Just like you would have done for Musical Chairs, arrange chairs so that there is a seat for each person. A parent or other adult starts asking a “yes” or “no” query after everyone is seated. If the response is negative, the person remains seated. If “yes,” the individual goes to their right side, even though it means staying on someone else’s lap. There is a lot of humour and foolishness, but no genuine winner can be declared.

18. Sponge Pass

Your teenagers should divide into two teams and stand facing one another. Put a water-filled bucket and a sponge at the front of the queue. The emptied container should be put somewhere at the terminus of the line. Team members are set to undertake to suck up water on their marks, transfer the sponge down the track, then squeeze it out in the empty container. The winning team is the one that fills the other bucket (or empties their own) first.

19. Sardines

In this entertaining variation, one individual runs away while the others search for them. The big surprise? They must continue to conceal the individual who is hiding as additional people come across them until there is just one seeker left. The secret is to locate a hiding area that is large enough to accommodate practically everyone while being covertly tiny. The name comes from how crowded the hiding place may get.

20. Sack Race

Create a finishing mark at the end of the field using many burlap bags. Some teenagers may make mistakes and drop, whereas others will race throughout the field perfectly. However, they are going to have a blast. You can build a part of a track with obstacles to keep people smiling and laughing!


So, finally, these are some of the most entertaining and enjoyable outdoor games that you can play with your friends.

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