Top 15 Best PS5 Car Games 2025

So which car do you want to drive for your trilling car racing? As a youngster, all people want to be car racers, but in real life, some can be, and some can fulfill their dreams by playing PS5 Car games. PS5 has a list of super classic car racing games where you are thrilled with all the levels you come across. So if you want to be very fast and furious, then Redout2 is an unforgiving car racing game with different levels from low to difficult. The graphics of all these car racing games are just tremendous. One of my all-time favorite games in this car racing is Hot Wheels Unleashed. From this toy, makers have made hot wheel cars which are very famous. So let’s start with your racing experience with your PS5 Car racing games.

Gran Turismo 7

A highly realistic racing simulator with a huge selection of cars and tracks, as well as advanced physics and graphics.

F1 2021

The official Formula 1 game with all the teams, drivers, and circuits from the 2021 season, as well as a range of classic cars and tracks.

Dirt 5

A fast-paced off-road racing game with a variety of terrains and weather conditions, as well as customizable vehicles and online multiplayer modes.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

A high-speed arcade-style racing game with both single-player and multiplayer modes, featuring exotic cars and police chases.

WRC 10

The official World Rally Championship game with all the teams, drivers, and rallies from the 2021 season, as well as historic cars and stages.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

A realistic racing simulator focused on GT3 racing with a wide variety of tracks and cars, as well as advanced physics and graphics.

Driveclub VR

A virtual reality racing game that allows players to experience the thrill of driving supercars on some of the world’s most iconic tracks.

Destruction AllStars

A unique car combat game that pits players against each other in fast-paced, high-octane battles, with a range of vehicles and special abilities.

Dirt Rally 2.0

A challenging rally racing game that features realistic physics, a variety of terrains and weather conditions, and a range of cars and tracks.

Project Gotham Racing 5

An arcade-style racing game with a focus on exotic supercars, high-speed racing, and stunning cityscapes.

Forza Horizon 5

An open-world racing game set in a stunning and diverse Mexican landscape, with a huge range of vehicles and events to participate in.


The official NASCAR racing game with all the teams, drivers, and tracks from the 2020 season, as well as a range of classic cars and tracks.

FIA European Truck Racing Championship

A unique racing game that puts players behind the wheel of 5-tonne trucks, with a range of real-world circuits and challenges to tackle.

Hot Wheels Unleashed

A high-octane arcade-style racing game featuring iconic Hot Wheels vehicles, crazy stunts, and imaginative tracks.


A motorcycle racing game with over 200 bikes to choose from, realistic physics, and a range of tracks and events to compete in.


How was your experience of racing? It must be just like the speed meter of the car increasing when you go to the next level of the game. So if you are very fascinated with the car collection, this is the best PS5 Car game in which you can see the variety of cars you like. So you racer pick up your favorite car, jump into the large dome, book the nearest set of wheels, and start your racing game with a full bang.

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