Best Paulo Coelho Books In Order To Read (2023)

Paulo Coelho is a popular Brazilian novelist who has given us books like The Alchemist! He writes both fiction and non-fiction novels on self-improvement and psychology. The author has given many bestselling in his career and people are fond of his writings. He gives a hope and new direction to the reader with his stories. The author is also known for pushing people to take up their dreams and make them happen.
The inspiration which you find in his books comes from his own life where he has struggled with parents who have admitted him in an asylum for not following the path his parents wanted and they have believed that he has gone mad. He has suffered a lot and that is what reflects in his books. But even though he has faced this so much of struggle he has overcome everything and became one of the most successful authors. He has written plenty of novels and short stories in his career, for which he has won numerous awards as well.
The path of becoming a writer wasn’t easy for him, first, he had to enroll in a law school against his wishes and drop his dream of becoming a writer. After a year he dropped from college and lived a life as a hippie in multiple countries. Before becoming a writer he also worked as a songwriter, journalist, theater director, etc. His writing career started with the book Hell Archives 1982, which failed was after his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, he got inspired and wrote The Pilgrimage which was a huge success, and after that, he came up with one of the most popular books The Alchemist 1987. As we have mentioned earlier he has written many books, collections of essays and short stories and now he has also signed a TV series which is going to based on his book’s characters.
In this article, we have made a list of Paulo Coelho books in order, so that you will be able to pick his next book to read. Take a look at the list of Paulo Coelho books in order and see which book you like the most.

Paulo Coelho books

paulo coelho books

1. The Pilgrimage

best paulo coelho book
This book has counted as the first book by Paulo Coelho and it was released in 1987. This book features a collection of stories and experiences lived by Paulo when he made his way across northern Spain on a pilgrimage Santiago de Compostela.
The reader will find the book both as an adventure and a life awakening experience. The stories are the true feelings of the writer and how he felt when he was on his way to the pilgrimage and how he understands the simplicity of nature. This book definitely worth reading so try it sometime.

2. The Alchemist

paulo coelho books in order
A book that needs no introduction! The Alchemist is indeed one of the most successful books of Paulo. The book was released in the year 1988 and was originally written in Portuguese but given its popularity, it was translated in many languages. This adventure and fantasy book follows the path of the story if a young Andalusia shepherd and his journey to the pyramids of Egypt after having a recurring dream of finding a treasure. The book has been read by over 62 million people worldwide and it has got the title of bestseller in many countries.

3. Brida

paulo coelho books list
Brida is the next book by Paulo Coelho which was published in 1990. This one was also written in Portuguese and later translated to other languages. The story follows the character of a young Irish girl who is very much interested in magic and wants to expand the knowledge of this subject. She found a hermit mage who teaches her how to overcome fear and a teacher who would teach her about magic and the hidden world.
The story further talks about Brida’s struggle between the two worlds and how things work out. In this story of Brida’s self-discovery, the writer also adds a religious theme. The book will definitely take you to the other world and how the protagonist finds herself and her “soulmates” in the book.

4. The Supreme Gift

paulo coelho books to read
The Supreme Gift is the fourth book by Paulo Coelho and it was released in the year 1991. The book is quite short and people have found it more of a short story than a full-fledged novel. The book, as its name, suggests talks about the supreme gift, that is love. The book talks about the Catholic theme that explains the importance of love and where it came from. The book has been appreciated do taking a simple concept and explaining it with utmost importance. The story follows the character of Henry Drummond and the letter that was written to Corinthians.

5. The Valkyries

paulo coelho books
The Valkyries is the fifth book by Paulo Coelho which was released in 1992. This book features the love, mystery, and spiritual genre which is beautifully described in the book. The book features the theme, ‘we destroy what we love’. This book talks about the story of Paulo and his wife’s journey to Mojave Dessert. Here they meet a group of warrior women who travels through the desert on their motorcycles.

6. By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

paulo coelho books order
If you are a fan of poetry you will definitely like this 1994 book by Paulo Coelho. The story talks about love its depth. There is no age of being in love and there isn’t also a way to fall out of love. The story features two young people who were deeply in love but somehow got separated and they meet each other 10 years. The women who are now strong and independent as ever have learned how to bury her feelings and he, the male protagonist has become a spiritual man. As they unite with each other again, life has a bigger question for both of them and they have to fight together to stay together for the rest of their life. This romantic love poem surely is a good read.

7. Maktub

list of paulo coelho books
Maktub was also released in 1994 and this book also has the potential to change your life. Maktub is an Arabic word which means, as it’s written. The story follows a young man who is in search of a treasure in Egypt. As he is reaching his adulthood, he is determined to take a new adventure in life and achieve something. Although he couldn’t find any treasure on his hunt he does find some mentors. These mentors talk about life and the challenges that we face daily. The protagonist then self discover himself. This life-changing book is recommended and one should definitely read it once in their lifetime.

8. The Fifth Mountain

best paulo coelho books
The Fifth Mountain was released in 1996 and just as other Paulo Coelho books this was too originally released in Portuguese under the title of O Monte Cinco. The book is based on the account of Elijah, who is a Biblical Prophet. He is sent by an angle to the land of Zarephath, but there he got distracted and fall in love with a widow. He is completely lost the path and is struggling with his emotions. The book talks about self-love and the ability to forgive. This book has also been appreciated and was loved by many people.

9. Manual of the Warrior of Light

paulo coelho books
Manual of the Warrior of Light, if the next bool by Paulo Coelho which was published in the year 1997. This book is a companion of The Alchemist and it has also got the title of a bestselling book. This book tells us to follow the light within us and always pursue our dreams. It also tells us, about accepting our failures, and only then we can become true warriors.

10. Veronica Decides to Die

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Veronica Decides to Die is another amazing book that you should read. The book features a 24-year-old girl Slovenian Veronika as the main lead character. Veronica, who has a perfect life but she still decides to kill herself. But somehow she ends up in a mental institute.
The story is said to be partly based on the experiences of Paulo when he was in a mental institute. The book has been adapted into films as well.

11. The Devil and Miss Prym

The book is set in a small village and features a poor barmaid. The story talks about magic and the transformation of the protagonist. This novel somehow talks about the good and the evil and how one struggles to make a choice between two.


Here we have completed the Paulo Coelho books in order and we hope you have found what you have been looking for. We hope you liked the article and you can finally start reading one of his books. Thank you for visiting us and we have also done similar Artie Artie for other authors and book series so don’t forget to read them as well!

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