Top 13 Best Self Help Books Of All Time 2023

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Books are your best teacher/friends”? Well, this is very true since you can learn so much from the books and motivate or get inspired by them as well. All you need is to find the right kind of books.
In this article, we are going to talk about the best self-help books. Self Help books can help us in various ways that you can’t even imagine! Whether it’s about building confidence, finding the best way to start your career, or loving yourself, the self-help books are all you need.
There are thousands of self-help books available for us, but we can guess that you are specifically looking for the best Self Help Books. So here we have included some of the best-selling self-help books that can actually help you to become a better version of yourself or to give you a new perception for life or the way you see things. So let’s get started and find out which are the best self-help books that you should be reading next!

Best self help books

1. The Alchemist

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This one might be the most popular book that people might suggest when it comes to self-help books. This self-help book is a fictional book written by the popular writer Paulo Coelho. Although the book was published decades ago, but it was truly ahead of its time. The book was published in the year 1988 and until now has sold more than 150 million copies. The popularity of the book can be known with the fact that it was translated into 80 different languages.
This fictional book features a young shepherd boy in Southern Spain. The boy constantly dreams about a treasure hidden in Egypt which makes him investigate it further and go on a journey to hunt for the treasure. He meets a number of people throughout his journey and each one gives a unique lesson to the boy and the readers as well. The book teaches us about destiny and how we can achieve something in our life. If you are searching for a self-help book then this one should be your first choice.

2. The 48 Laws of Power

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This book is written by Robert Greene and it’s also known as one of the best self-help books that you can find. As the book’s name suggests, it talks about the power of yourself and how you can attain that power within you, and what that power will do for your relationships with other people.
The book posses a number of stories that give us something to think about and change the perception of power. Every story in this book contains a different lesson and how you can use the power for good. People have appreciated the book and found it extremely helpful so it’s definitely something that you can read.

3. How to Win Friends and Influence People

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And here comes one of the most popular books by Dale Carnegie and it is the same book that got him popularity as well. This book was first published in 1936 and it has been listed as the New York Bestseller book as well. The book has sold over 30 million copies and it has been also listed in the 100 most influential books by Time Magazine.
This is a self-help and non-fiction book that will inspire you to get out of your mental rut and give you new hopes and ambitions. As you may have gotten the idea of the book by its name, it focuses on our ability to make friends. We know for a number of people it’s pretty hard to make friends no matter how much they try and that’s where this book helps you. The book helps you to make friends easily and how you can make people like you.
We can’t say how exactly this book would help you but one thing is for sure, this book will definitely bring a change in your life. So if you haven’t already read the book then it is time to read this classic self-help book.

4. Failing Forward

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There are many times when we think we have failed at life or perhaps at a particular task and that’s right there we need something or someone to help us to get past that failure and move forward in life. And that’s exactly what this book does for you. The book is written by John C. Maxwell and he has put a lot of effort to make us realize what failure actually is.
After reading the book, you will learn how to embrace that failure and how to take it positively to help you throughout life and active your goals in life. The book teaches us to be absolutely honest with ourselves and how we can change ourselves to get past the failure.
Well, the bottom line is if you are looking for a book that talks about the failures then this one should be your first choice.

5. The Power of Now

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Next in our list of best Self Help books is The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle. The book was pretty popular and it has surely made its place in the list of best Self Help books of all time. The book teaches us the importance of present and how we can achieve success with our mindfulness.
With our stressed lives, we either live with the guilt of the past or fear the future by totally ignoring the present and that’s the biggest reason for our misery. The books teach us a number of techniques such as how we can increase emotional intelligence and alleviates depression for a better present. The book also tells us how our brains can be trained and how we can help ourselves.

6. The Philosophy of Life

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The Philosophy of Life is written by Jules Evans. Here the bool teaches us the real meaning of philosophy and how it’s not something that can make sense to the world but it’s a psychological immune system.
The book teaches us how we can train ourselves with better physiology and how it can affect our bodies and behaviors. There are so many reasons why you should read this book, so don’t miss out on this one!

7. Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

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The name should be enough to make you read this book but still, we are going to make an effort here by telling you why the book is important! This self-help book is written by Kamal Ravikant.
All the self-help starts with one fundamental understanding that is self-love! No matter how much love to admiration you get from the outside world but if you don’t love yourself then there won’t be anything enough for you! There are a number of things that you should start when you want to help yourself to become a better version of yourself and self-love is one of them.
Everything starts with yourself and you have to know that you are worthy of love and you deserve every good thing in your life. This book is written to make you understand the importance of self-love and how you can achieve it!

8. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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The book was written by Stephen R. Covey and you should definitely read it at least once in your lifetime as it’s a well known classic self-help book. The book is exactly what it sounds like- a guide for becoming an effective person. But it also features some surprising elements that would inspire you to do better with your life.
The book laid downs the importance of habits in our life and how sole straightforward habits can make a big impact on our lives. So do read this self-help book sometime!

9. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

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The Four Agreements is written by author Don Miguel Ruiz. The book is a must-read if you are looking for a motivational book with a spiritual theme. This book is based on the set of spiritual beliefs held by the ancient Toltec people. The author has tried to introduce you to these spiritual beliefs so that they can make a difference in your life. The book also talks about the agreements that one person has made to his own self and how they decide the personality and fate of an individual.
The book encourages self-help and self-improvements and also makes us do better in our lives. The book’s insight into the code of conduct is definitely something that will motivate you to do better in your life. There are many motivational elements in this book and you should definitely give it a read sometime.

10. Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Rich Dad Poor Dad is written by popular author Robert Kiyosaki and this book is all you need to motivate yourself in order to achieve the financial stability in your life. The book presents you with a set of presets that you can apply in your life to live a better life and be where you want to be.
These financial principles and out in the books are surely helpful and you would love to read about them as well. Overall don’t miss out on this classic!

11. Awaken By Giant Within

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The book was written by Anthony Robbins and published in 2007. He has also written books like Inner Strength, Unlimited Power, Money Master the Game. Just like the other one’s, this one is also highly inspirational and must-read the book to get yourself inspired to do better your life.
In this book, the author talks about, how we can change our attitude towards different situations and he also tells some strategies that can help us to master our emotions. The book also teaches us to control what we think, how we feel about relationships, our financial situations, and our overall life. Apart from this the book also teaches the common psychology of change and how can we master it.
The bottom line is, you will be taught some fundamental lessons of life that can inspire you to do better in your life. And that’s why this book becomes a special one. So go ahead and get the book, we are pretty sure you will love to read it.

12. The Magic of Thinking Big

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The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz is also one of the top Self Help Books that you should read. The book highly talks about the power of the mind and how much we can achieve of we can train our brain for good. The book has also got an entertaining touch as the author presents some of the best examples to make us see his point.
As its name suggests, the book teaches us to think big and never settle for less. And how we can use the power of our consciousness to achieve big goals in our lives.

13. What to Say When You Talk to Your Self

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The book is written by Dr. Shad Helmstetter and it has known to great a positive effect on our lives and how we can achieve everything just by talking ourselves. See the point of the book is, we have to choose the right words when we talk with ourselves and how the thoughts in our mind can affect us.
The book definitely makes us master the self-talk and you would surprise to know how many mistakes we are continuing while we talk to ourselves and how they affect our way of thinking and behavior! The book definitely worth your time so do read it sometime!


Here we have named some of the best self-help books that you can pick next. Yes, there are a few popular names that you might have heard before or even read already but we hope you have got a good list of books to pick from. Thank you for being with us and we hope you found the article helpful.

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