Top 10 Nancy Drew Games In Order [2023]

There are plenty of video games that we play and enjoy, and there are also many amazing genres so that everyone can find their own favorite to have a great experience, some genres are popular while others are not so much. One such genre is the detective genre, this isn’t very popular but it got a handful of fans. Even though there aren’t many detective games that are popular and feature massive followers, yet you will find some of the fans that cling to them. Well, there is one such game that you would like to play if you like the detective genre, that is Nancy Drew games.
Nancy Drew is a popular character that was first introduced to the world in the 1930s. The novel series under the title of Nancy Drew became very popular at that time and it is still admired by readers. So naturally, the novel has been adapted to capitalize on the popularity of the Nancy Drew novels. One such way was to convert it to video games, where players can take control of the role of Nancy Drew, an amateur detective. She is a young teen who has lost her mother and is living with her dad. Her dad is an attorney which draws Nancy into case solving and mystery solving as a new hobby. So she often helps her father to solve the cases.
The series has plenty of games and you might want to know the correct order of the games before committing yourself to the game fully. Since there are too many games in the series, it is hard to find the corroded of the games. Well, don’t worry, that is exactly why we are here to help you out.
In this article, we have listed the Nancy Drew games in order, so go ahead and take a look at the following games in order.

Best Nancy Drew Games In Order

1. Secrets Can Kill

Nancy Drew Games In Order
The first game that was launched in the series was Secret Can Kill. This one was released in 1998 and was remastered in 2010, and you can find this game on Windows and macOS.
The game featured solving a series of puzzles that will finally lead to solving the case. The puzzles are quite interesting and will be fun to solve along with the game. This game is based on the first book of the Nancy Drew series.
Like its name suggests this game is about a murder mystery that has many twists and turns but you need to be careful and attentive while playing the game and investigating the case. Overall, it is a fun game to play so you would be happy to play it.

2. Message in a Haunted Mansion

Nancy Drew Game In Order
This is the second game in the series that was released in 2000 for PC and Game Boy Advance. The game follows a titular heroine on a San Francisco adventure.
The plot of the game revolves around helping Nancy’s friend Rose. She is looking to settle into an antique Victorian mansion located in the city. The mansion is under a renovation process but some strange incidents are slowing down the process. It’s Nancy’s job to figure out what is going on in the mansion and why these things are happening.
Yet again, there are plenty of puzzles to solve and clues to collect to finally solve the game. The game has been appreciated by both fans and critics so you would be good to go to play this game.

3. Treasure in the Royal Tower

Top Nancy Drew Games In Order
This is the third game in the Nancy Drew game series and it was released in 2001 for Windows PC. Although the game did get an E/ESRB rating for violating some regulations. Apart from this, the gameplay has been changed a bit where you will find two difficulty levels that would tweak the puzzle challenges.
This time, Nancy will find herself in the Wickford Castle Resort in Wisconsin, the place has been vandalized and it’s up to her to find out what happened and by whom. To solve this mystery, Nancy will have to talk to the suspects, solve puzzles, and get some clues. Overall, this is also a pretty amazing game and you would most certainly like solving this mystery with Nancy.

4. The Final Scene

Best Nancy Drew Games In Order
The Final Scene is the next game in the series that you would find amusing to play. This game was released in 2001. This game features Nancy Drew saving her friend, Maya Nguyen. She disappeared during the trip to St. Louis. Nancy must rush to solve this case as her friend might be in bigger danger than just getting lost in her way.
The case must be solved by uncovering clues and solving puzzles as the game moves forward. It’s a third-person puzzle-solving game, so you would have some fun playing this game and solving this mystery.

5. Secret of the Scarlet Hand

Nancy Drew Best Games In Order
This game is the fifth installment in the game series and was released in 2002 for Windows and this game too came out with an E/ESRB rating as well.
Naturally, the players will control the character of Nancy Drew and she is on a new mystery. This game also features two difficulty levels. The game has been loosely based on 1995’s The Secret of Scarlet Hand Book. The plot of this book is about Nancy finding a stolen Mayan Piece from a museum.
It’s an interesting storyline and plot, so you will have lots of fun solving the case.

6. Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

Nancy Drew Games In Order
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake is the next Nancy Drew game so you would like to play this game sooner than later. The game was released in 2002 for Windows. This game features similar gameplay tactics and mechanisms just like the previous game.
The plot of the book is inspired by two Nancy Drew books. The game introduces us to Sally MacDonald who is a friend of Nancy’s father. He is trying to get his new home back in Moon Lak, Pennsylvania. But he is claiming that the ghost of a gangster is still barking within its door. It will be a fun mystery to solve and the ending of the game is also quite interesting.

7. The Haunted Carousel

The next Nancy Drew game in order is The Haunted Carousel which was released in 2003 for Windows. This game has been appreciated for its approved graphics as fans loved it.
The story of the game will take you to an amusement park in New Jersey where several mysterious events are taking place. She must solve the mystery and find out what is going on before the panic spreads even more in the area.

8. Danger on Deception Island

This is the next installment in the Nancy Drew game series and it was released in 2003 for Windows. The game features similar mechanics as the previous games in the series. The plot of the game is based on the book Whispers in the Fog book (1999).
The story of the book takes you to Washington’s Deception Island where a whale-watching excursion has been going on. Meanwhile, Nancy’s friend’s boat has been vandalized and she must find out who did that.

9. The Secret of Shadow Ranch

The game debuted in 2004 for Windows. The game also features similar gameplay as the previous games where Nancy must solve the puzzles, find clues, and talk to suspects to solve the crime.
The plot of the game is based on The Secret at Shadow Ranch (1931), this was the best-selling Nancy Drew book of that time. The story of the book happens in the Shadow Ranch, Arizona, where Nancy is on her vacation. As Nancy discovers that the owners are gone, she must find out where and how. So there are a number of quests and puzzles to solve in the game.

10. Curse of Blackmoor Manor

Curse of Blackmoor Manor is the next Nancy Drew game that you would like to play. This game was released in 2004 for Windows. The game of the book is based on The Bluebeard Room book. The story of the book takes Nancy to England for the first time.
Nancy is helping her friend to solve the mystery about a haunted mansion and her family history. It is going to be interesting to see Nancy solving mysteries in a foreign land for a change. There are many puzzles to solve and suspects to talk to that will help you to solve the case for better.


These are the Nancy Drew games that you need to know about. This is an interesting game series that you would like to play sometime. Although you can play the games in any order that you want, it would be better if you stick to the order of the series that would help you to get a better experience and story development. That would be all for now and we hope that you got everything that you have been looking for. Thank you.

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