How To Get Wifi Without Internet Provider (2023)

We live in a world where the internet connection is the most important thing in our life and without it, we probably won’t survive! In a world where everything (almost) happens virtually, one cannot afford to live without a Wi-Fi connection. Although many times the WiFi is not an option for you and you may as well find other alternatives. One might think what can be the alternative for Wi-Fi? Well, there can be a few, although they may not be as effective as the WiFi.
Here, we are talking about Wi-Fi without an internet provider! Seems impossible? Well, it’s not! You just have to know the right alternatives and how to work with those alternatives to have Wi-Fi services and enjoy the internet for many purposes.
So let us move forward and find out the best ways to have Wi-Fi without an internet provider so you can stream and browse.

How To Get Wifi Without Internet Provider

1. Mobile Hotspot

Mobile Hotspot is one of the easiest ways to have Wi-Fi without having an internet provider. You may or may not know about this but your smartphone can act as a Wi-Fi through which you can connect your laptop or other device and then have an internet connection without actually spending on the Wi-Fi provider or internet provider.
Although, you will have to pay for the mobile data plan so that you can have data on your phone. After all, there should be an internet to share, right? It would be pretty convenient to use and you don’t actually need a Wi-Fi connection either. And one of the best parts about using a mobile hotspot is that you can use it anywhere and anytime. As long as your cell is receiving the network coverage, you will have a Wi-Fi connection with you.

2. Use Public Wi-Fi

If you don’t want to pay for the Wi-Fi services but still want a good and strong Wi-Fi connection then you may as well turn to the public Wi-Fi. You should know that there are a number of public Wi-Fi connections available in several public places or even in your building as well.
Although it would totally depend on the location you are in the world. Some countries or cities have more public Wi-Fi connections than others, so if you have multiple open Wi-Fi connections around you, then you may as well use them.
However, you need to be really careful while using public Wi-Fi, as you know there can be a lot of trouble as well. A lot of hackers might fry your device and steal your sensitive information via public Wi-Fi. To prevent this, you should use strong anti-virus software or app as well as a VPN! This would prevent any kind of hacker or any third-party threat to enter your device and attack your personal information. You should also be aware that anyone else using the same Wi-Fi as you are might have access to your device and you.

3. Cable Tethering To a Mobile Device

If you are looking forward to using only one device then tethering to a mobile device seems much more convenient than using Wi-Fi. This is also a much safer option than using hotspot or public Wi-Fi connections, as your device would be connected to your phone via a cable, it would be impossible for someone else to hack or get into your device and steal any crucial information. It would be faster as well. Although there are several policies that you would need to take care of.

4. Buy a Portable Cellular Router

Another one of the ways to get a Wi-Fi connection without an internet provider is to get a portable cellular router. You don’t actually need an internet provider if you have a Sim card that comes with a strong internet connection and good features and data plans. It would be much cheaper and also you can take it anywhere with you. There are many data-only SIM cards available in the market which are meant to be used in the routers or for only internet purposes instead of calling or texting. Just keep your cellular router charged and it would make sure that you never run out of a strong internet connection.
There are various types of portable cellular routers available in the market for you to buy. Just check out the features and see which one would be the best for you and choose that one.

5. USB Cellular Modems

Just like the routers, you can also buy Cellular modems which would help you have a Wi-Fi connection without having an internet provider. This one too would be mobile data, so you need to spend money on the mobile data plan to create a Wi-Fi connection. Here, you would be able to plug these directly into your laptop or computer and would be able to have a good internet connection that is safe and strong.
These are cheaper than the cellular routers but they also lack some of the technology that the latter has.

6. Ask Someone to Share their Wi-Fi Password

As you sit in your house, office, or library, you would see a number of WiFi connections around you. This means that there are many Wi-Fi connections available for you. Although those would be password protected and you don’t want to guess the password (it won’t work!).
This is where you have to be super nice and nicely ask your neighbor to share the Wi-Fi password with you. This is also an easy way to have a Wi-Fi connection without an internet provider.


So these are some of the ways through which you can get Wi-Fi without having an internet provider. Seems easy, doesn’t it? A number of users have found these ways pretty useful and effective so you can try them out as well.
That would be all for now and we hope that you found a way to get Wi-Fi without an internet provider with our article.

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