Top 15 Car Games To Play With Friends 2023

Car games have long attracted the curiosity of every gaming enthusiast, whether it is due to their inherent ability to reduce tension or the occasional thrills you receive after winning. Indeed, why not. Any player will be enthralled for long periods of time because of the challenging sights, all the licensed cars, interesting race layouts, and additional features like physical and emotional exhaustion, twists, nitro boosts, etc. These car games for mobile devices get to be instant popularity among ardent players when you combine an interesting task game mechanism with the option to play against friends distantly. So, today, this article will demonstrate the best car games to play with friends.

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Car Games To Play With Friends

1. TrackMania Nations Forever

One of the greatest online car games for multiplayer action is TrackMania, a legend amongst online games with a population of over 17 million participants to date.
Due to its fascinating and dependable playability, the original game from 2008 is still accessible.
You can only utilize the Stadium environment and a few elements in the free version. Additional car customization options, a racetrack editor, six additional settings, and many more are included in the commercial edition of Trackmania United Forever.

2. Distance

Although playing Distance requires some ability, perspectives on it are rather diverse.
It follows that beginners should avoid it. It did, nevertheless, succeed in gaining some admirers despite not being a lover of car games due to its challenging gameplay and unique aesthetic. Gamers have praised the original music as well.
It has a multiplayer component that enables split-screen gameplay for 2-4 people and online action for up to 12 players across a variety of game styles.

3. Real Racing 3

This popular racing game for cars is only accessible through an application for Android and iOS smartphones.
39 courses, over 140 vehicles from premier brands, Real-Time Multiplayer, nighttime racing, and Time Shifted MultiplayerTM (TSM) innovation, which enables you to compete with anybody, anytime, anyplace, are just a few of its main attractions.
Gamers have remarked that there are a lot of cheats in online multiplayer game.
Like other applications, the free plan only functions to a limited point before requiring in-app payments.

4. Forza Horizon 3

Owing to their hard action and amazingly detailed images, the Forza sequence (or its most recent titles) consistently ranks at the forefront of any list of racing games.
Forza Horizon 3 features a variety of competitions, road races, skidding, and Bucket List Challenges that take place in some of Australia’s finest locales.
A Horizon mission with four live cooperative players is also included in the online car game. It also supports live cross-platform gaming through the Xbox Play Anywhere service.

5. Mario Kart Tour

Only by downloading an app on Google Play or the Apple Store is Mario Kart Tour accessible. After all, there are in-app sales even though the normal edition is free to download and play.
You need to sign up for a Nintendo account, add your pals to the special list, and then you may play online after installing the app.
Regrettably, due to its numerous flaws, the multiplayer feature earned negative internet comments. Considering that many gamers downloaded the program just for this functionality, the creators are undoubtedly trying to solve it.

6. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 is the follow-up to the well-known car racing game, Asphalt-8, which is the greatest and highest-grossing gameplay for Android. In addition, the game has other settings, including Career Mode and Online Multiplayer.
The visuals in Asphalt 9 are the greatest of the lot and are breathtaking. The highways, terrain, and architectural models all seem too fantastic. A real driving control called TouchDrive is also included in Asphalt 9 to enhance the racing easier and more enjoyable.
Additionally, you may create a virtual group and work together with other competitors. Ultimately, if you would like to play one of the best car games for Android on your smartphone and get a true driving experience with stunning visuals, this game is a top choice.

7. F1 Mobile Racing

Codemasters Software Company Ltd. produced F1 Mobile Racing, an actual video game of Formula 1. If you are an F1 fan, engaging in this game will satisfy all your excitement needs. The action and visuals are detailed and fluid. You may create and modify your original Formula One vehicle, or you can select one of the 10 participants and customize it.
You may experience a regular F1 qualifying session by playing this vehicle game, which includes the entire F1 race weekend. Additionally, you may take part in activities and earn prizes in the real-time game modes. You have a good time playing the game, and you may integrate your social media pages to post scoreboards with your contacts.

8. CSR Racing 2

The standards established by CSR Racing 2 are too lofty for drag racing and the top car games. You may trade your automobile, disassemble it to redistribute the equipment, or even tune it for various game modes. Additionally, you may race and battle against the other players in the in-game challenges and win by eliminating them.
The majority of the car games require serious cash to customize, like choosing a more expensive physical appearance or mannequin. However, in this case, purchasing those paints and equipment just requires using in-game currency. The fact that this videogame features an AR Mode is its best feature. It implies that you may genuinely get a sense of how it feels to operate it. It is the finest car game in the genre, and its success has enabled it to get to the top spot in the Apple Store.

9. Need For Speed

The Need for Speed game is credited with establishing the best car games in the minds of all players. Fortunately, we have a digital app for this game that allows us to relive all of our fond nostalgic memories. There are 30 automobiles in all in this videogame, and each one may be modified and customized. The game’s settings are easy to use; all you have to do is swipe the screen to speed or halt. Although it is the eldest car game ever created, it has nonetheless done a great job of upholding its tradition.
The inclusion of any race kinds makes this game even more addicting. The races, though, are only a few minutes long and will be over quickly. After completing the rounds, you may spend the awards to upgrade and customize the game as you choose.

10. Hill Climb Racing

In the physics-based game of “Hill Climb Racing,” the car competes over uneven terrain. Jumping and completing twists will get you additional marks. Although it features hand-drawn visuals, generic audio effects, and corny song sequences, the game more than makes up for these flaws. With just an accelerator pedal and a braking system to operate your automobile, its settings are straightforward.
You may play the game anytime you want because it is free to download and install. Additionally, you may create and operate your own car using the unique components. You may select from a variety of race venues, including the forest, the wilderness, the road, and numerous others.

11. Traffic Racer

Aside from the Asphalt series, one of the first games on this category is Traffic Racer. It’s a never-ending car racing game that will hold you captivated to your smartphone till you keep covering more ground. To make money, update your automobile, and purchase new vehicles, you will be traveling quickly across congested highways.
Traffic Racer boasts gorgeous, understated visuals that give the game a sophisticated appearance without being overstated. You may pick from more than 40 different automobiles and trucks, and the operation is fairly straightforward. The good news is that you may use the money you have gained to enhance these cars.
You may register for a profile, enter the league to meet the best players globally, and choose from 5 distinct game types.

12. Dirt Rally 2.0

Rally racing is a style of car racing that emphasizes competition as often as the car’s specifications and efficiency. The concept behind rally cars is that they must maintain street legality while being upgraded production models in terms of performance and endurance. Rally racing occurs on public roadways and in off-road, dirt-road conditions, unlike NASCAR or track competition.
A rally vehicle is constructed using the same sports car frame that you might get from your neighborhood dealership, and in order to participate in rallies, it must pass regular safety inspections, be legally registered, and have coverage.
A game for true rally enthusiasts is called Dirt Rally 2.0. It expects some rally racing experience and does not really carry the player’s hand through numerous instructional demonstrations of the ideas, so young comers who aren’t acquainted with the automotive industry may initially stumble. However, it provides a level of play, intricacy, and realism that die-hard fans will love.
Existing road deterioration is an element in the game, as weather and roadway circumstances both constantly affect results. Beginning low on a timed track mimics all the churn and tracks that the preceding runners would have put on the course, leading to tougher control and more of a struggle against the wheel. Car aficionados will be thrilled to discover and check out various models all over a broad range of courses created in locales throughout the world thanks to a rich “garage” lineup of genuine vehicle simulators.

13. Grid 2

Grid 2 is yet another driving game that attempts to be at least slightly more user-friendly by accomplishing a balance between intense automotive simulation and sympathetic arcade-style, motion settings.
Players are placed in a fictitious “World Series Racing” competition, new motorsport with regulations that were created specifically for the game, and have access to a wide variety of vehicles to customize and drive. By completing various racing goals throughout rounds, you may strive to draw “fans” to this brand-new motorsport in the branding story missions.
With the help of this innovative technique, the various goals and objectives are turned into a sort of meta-game that binds everything together into a more comprehensive package than just a collection of random settings. The presentation of point-to-point competition formats, security check races, time strikes, and traditional knockout races all serve as a means of promoting this new “World Series Racing” league.

14. Project CARS 2

The sequel to Project CARS, developed by Slightly Mad Studios and released by Bandai Midway, makes significant improvements over the first game, most notably in control.
Regarding how it represented friction and torque loss, the original Project CARS garnered a mixed response from the racing game community. However, CARS 2 makes an effort to accurately simulate losing and recovering control in both gear knob and handheld/thumb-stick console modes.
A huge variety of models and modifications are available to the player who is obsessed about such stuff in the career mode, which is truly big and a car expert’s delight. There are 189 automobiles to pick from, 140 track configurations, and 60 unique locales.
In order to grow as an eSport, Project CARS 2 has expanded its attention to online multiplayer gameplay. The encounter includes online ratings, pairings, and tournaments. Slightly Mad Studios collaborated extensively with automakers and racing car drivers to collect data and specifications in an effort to provide realistic simulations of how various models and builds behave.

15. Assetto Corsa

With Assetto Corsa, Italian maker Kunos Simulazioni aimed to give die-hard motorsport model enthusiasts a game that focused on modifying (or altering) the gameplay and controls, with a focus on car control and efficiency realism. Racing sim enthusiasts may fine-tune precisely what they want to emulate – or not simulate – in the experience thanks to a comprehensive “realistic” series of parameters.
It is intended primarily for die-hard, invested racing simulation fans. It might be recommended to stay away from more dedicated gamers seeking a mid-level, partly arcade-style game.


So, finally, the top multiplayer car games are now at your disposal and you can try the one that attracts you the most.

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