10 Best Books For 2 Year Olds [2023]

Early Childhood education is pretty important and the sooner you start the better would be for your child. Some experts say that you can start the early childhood education from 6 months where a baby starts to recognize different colors and shapes around them. Early childhood education would help your baby to learn new things and become aware of their surroundings and what’s going on.
This is the reason why many parents introduce books to their children as early as possible. They can recognize words and learn new vocabulary at the age of 2 and that’s why parents should provide them with books.
Thankfully we have plenty of books for 2 years old and they can certainly help your child to learn new things in intuitive and interesting ways. But the only problem is there are so many books out there and it can be hard to pick one from them. It can be more hard for the new parents too.
Here we have decided to help you out and save you from the trouble of finding the best books for two years old and bring the best for your child. So we have listed down the 10 best books for 2 years old for you to choose from.
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Best Books For 2 Year Olds

1. Dear Zoo

books for 2 year olds

Dear Zoo is one of the best books for a 2-year-old. This is very interactive and intuitive where your child would be completely engaged with the story and even come up with his own theories about the book’s ending.
In this book, a little kid writes a letter to the zoo asking them for a pet. But his wish doesn’t get granted like that. The zoo does send a pet for the kid but they are too large, too fierce, too tall, or too naught? Now that raises a question, what would be the perfect pet for the kid? Will he be able to get a perfect pet from the zoo? The kids will get a chance to guess which animal would be under the flap (container).
The book features large texts, bright illustrations, repetitive phrases, and colors which encourages your child to participate in the book’s journey. The book also features touch and feel elements that are good for sensory development. This book helps with your child’s hand and eye combination as well as motor skills. Overall the book is pretty great.

2. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

best books for 2 year olds
This is a board book that helps your child to learn the alphabet. This book is perfect for a 2-year-old where he can be introduced to the topic without any issues and it would be a delight for both baby and the parents.
This bool is a story of 26 letters of the alphabet as each one of them tries to reach the coconut tree. But it’s not going to be that easy.
The bool helps your child to recognize the letters and master the alphabet. This one is a must-have book for a two-year-old in his early education.

3. Press Here

2 year olds books
No parent would want their child to play with the gadgets at such an early age and that’s why you should introduce your child with the Press Here book. This book is a great alternative to modern-day digital gadgets as one would learn so many things with this book.
The cover page of the book features one yellow dot which turns out to two as a page turns. The size, number, and color of the dots keep changing with each page and this allows your child to learn better. The child would have to press the dot, tilt the book, or shake the pages to see the changes and that’s what makes it the children’s favorite book.
Overall every child would love to go on a magical journey with this book and exploring the adventurous storytelling where they can try to identify the numbers, colors, and shapes.

4. First 100 Numbers Colors Shapes

2 year olds best books
Yet another educative and informative bool for a 2-year-old where they would learn about the colors, numbers, and shapes. The bool uses simple texts to connect pictures to their numbers and names.
The illustrations used by this book would be pretty interactive and easy for your child to learn. They would also learn the names and numbers that they would come across in their everyday life. It’s a perfect book to help your child expand their vocabulary and cognitive development.

5. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

top books for 2 year olds
It’s another one of the Bill Martin Jr books and this time he collaborated with Eric Carle who is also an amazing children’s book writer.
You may find the name familiar as it features some of the best stories and it has been with us for a long time now and there are chances that you have been introduced to this book as well. Here the name itself gives a hint, right? The protagonist of the story is a Brown Bear but he is not alone. There are other animals too.
There would be several questions asked in the book and the kids would have to turn the page to see the answer while they are perfectly free to make assumptions. This is a colorful book that would keep your child engaged and interested in the book and make them learn more about the colors. Your texts are large and easy to learn as well.

6. Potty by Leslie Patricelli

2 year olds books
Potty training is one of the crucial parts of early childhood care and education and that’s why parents are so concerned about this as well. The book features a fun and intuitive way for your child to learn about potty training. The book features a kid, who needs to “go” but where will he go, the diaper or someplace else?
The kid finds out where the dog or cat goes and wonders why he can’t go there and more importantly why he should not go there. He finally outs a perfect place to go and then he finally gets to celebrate with his parents.
This one is a must-have book if you are trying to give your child potty training soon. It’s a rather fun and exciting way to introduce new concepts to your child.

7. Where’s Spot?

best book for 2 year olds child
Eric Hill never fails to impress parents as well as the two years old when it comes to an interactive and learning book for a two-year-old. The book is about little adventures and if it’s time for entertainment for your kid then you certainly need to introduce him with this book.
The book features Sally the dog as it’s the protagonist who has to find her puppy, Spot because it’s time for supper. She looks everywhere for the spot but ends up questioning where is Spot?
This is another one of the books that teach your child the concepts of, where, under, behind, etc, and makes him learn this concept with fun. Your child would get to flip the flaps until he finds out where is Spot.

8. Yummy Yucky

best board books for 2 year olds
Yummy Yucky is another one of the best books for 2-year old that you can find. This one too is written by Leslie Patricelli and she has done an amazing job with it too.
We all know the struggle with our kids when they just put everything in their mouth and you get so tired of telling them not to. The book would help you with this concept and try to help you with the kid when it comes to telling your child what they should put in their mouth.
The bool divides the things into two parts one is the yummy things which they should eat and the yucky things which they should stay away from such as the crayons. It’s truly a fun book to share a laugh with your child and at the same time teach them what to eat and what not to eat.

9. The Going to Bed Book

board books 2 year olds
The Going to Bed Book is another one of the best books that you need to introduce to your two years old. The book us written by popular children’s author Sandra Bounton and she has done amazing work here too.
This book introduces your child to various wild animals and their adventure on the boat. The book would tell your child when to wake up and when to go the sleep with the help of the story of the animals. All the animals would wake up together to see the sunshine and then get ready to go to the bed as well.
The book also teaches other important concepts such as changing, brushing, and washing and how they should do these things in their lives as well. Overall the book is pretty important and fun and it will help you teach your kid the bedtime rules, so you gotta buy this one too.

10. Open the Barn Door

2 year olds board books
Every kid loves to read and know about animals and they would love nothing more than to have a trip to the barn. So what are you waiting for? Just buy this book and take your kid to the barn.
The book features several barn animals and introduces your kid to different kinds of animals and what they look or sound like. This one is also a flap that would make your kid lift it and learn the answers to their questions and riddles in the book. It’s perfect to make your kid learn more about barn animals.


So these are some of the best books for 2 years old that you should buy for your little one. These books are highly recommended by the experts and some early childhood education professionals as well. Not only the professionals but the parents also have loved these books, so you are getting the best book no matter which one you choose (PS: buy all 10 of them cause your child would love them).
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