5 Affordable Stabilizer For 1.5 Ton Inverter Ac In India (2023)

We all have AC in our houses, don’t we? It’s pretty obvious nowadays for having an Inverter AC in our houses these days. Although if you buy an inverter AC you will find that inverter AC comes with some component and advance technology that eliminates the need for buying a stabilizer! However, the range for voltage fluctuations vary for every AC. Some come with a wide range than other and that’s where a stabilizer comes in handy!
Having a stabilizer will prevent your AC and it’s an internal component from undergoing damage! So it would be a smart move if you buy a good stabilizer along with the inverter AC!

Should I buy a stabilizer for inverter AC?

People often ask this question when they buy an inverter AC. As we have mentioned earlier, you might not feel the need for buying a stabilizer since all the inverter AC claims to a technology that will prevent the AC when voltage fluctuations occur! But if the voltage fluctuations occur outside the range of AC, it may damage your AC and that’s why we would recommend you to buy a stabilizer along with the inverter AC!

Is the stabilizer required for 1.5-ton inverter AC?

The answer would be the same as before! You never know when can voltage fluctuations occur beyond the limit of AC’s inbuilt technology to prevent itself from voltage fluctuations. So it would be smarter to buy an AC and yes they do require a stabilizer. Besides stabilizer won’t worth much so you can easily afford a good stabilizer and prevent your AC from damage!

How does a stabilizer work?

In order to understand the importance of stabilizer, we need to understand how exactly they work!
AC stabilizer has an inbuilt microprocessor chip technology and power electronic devices and they produce high quality, stable electric power supply when continuous variations in the main voltage occur.
Nowadays digital stabilizers can also be found in the market, unlike conventional stabilizers they come with a digital control circuit that features high-end technology which allows the user to adjust the voltage requirements manually. The digital stabilizer also features an output start and stop facility.
Generally, the voltage stabilizer works on the buck and boost operations. As we know voltage fluctuations can occur at any period of time and it can easily result in damage to electronic equipment. But when you use a stabilizer you can eliminate the risk of damaging your electronic device. If the voltage is under requirements than boost operation will take place which will increase the voltage similarly when the voltage level is high then buck operation will reduce the voltage!
In simpler words, they will be able to protect your valuable electronic equipment when the voltage will be out of control.
So, we have learned everything we needed to learn about stabilizers for inverter AC! Now its time to learn which is the best stabilizer for 1.5-ton inverter AC is!
When it comes to choosing the best stabilizer for Inverter AC than others then you need to look for some key factors like the size of Stabilizer should be correct and the stabilizer should meet the voltage fluctuations range that happens in your area! Once you know what you need then it becomes easy to choose the right product!
Since there are a number of stabilizers present in the market, it becomes really hard to choose the best one. But we have narrowed down the best 5 stabilizer for 1.5-ton inverter AC on which you can rely on! Take a look at the list and choose the best stabilizer for your inverter AC!

Best Stabilizer For 1.5 Ton Inverter Ac

Stabilizer For 1.5 Ton Inverter Ac In India

1. V-Guard ID4 Ace 5540 Stabilizer for Inverter AC Up to 1.5 Ton (Working Range: 140V – 280V)

stabilizer for inverter ac 1.5 ton
V-Guard ID4 Ace 5540 is one of the best stabilizer for 1.5-ton inverter AC! The stabilizer features a built-in thermal overload protection which can easily sense the excessive current consumption and disconnect the power lead which would prevent internal short circuit or overheating the device. The stabilizer has a smart digital display so you can manually set up the voltages for the AC too.
This stabilizer features a wide working range from 140 to 280 voltage, it will always keep the optimum voltage which ensures your AC works safely! Its Intelligent Time Delay System will ensure the safety of the compressor. The safety features include low and high voltage cut off, smart output correction and initial time delay, all these features make it our first pick for the best stabilizer for 1.5-ton inverter AC!

2. MONITOR 4-KVA Wall Mountable Voltage Stabilizer For Split / Inverter AC upto 1.5 Ton AC (100% Copper)

best stabilizer for 1.5 inverter ac
Monitor 4-KVA is specially designed for the 1.5-ton inverter AC and it also has some smart features which have landed it on the 2nd soot of list! The stabilizer has 100% copper winding which makes it a less power-consuming device and the copper is a better conductor as well as a better power factor!
The stabilizers have a voltage range of 170V- 270V, if the voltage exceeds this limit it will automatically cut off the power! Additionally, the stabilizer comes with a warranty of 5 years.

3. V Guard AC Stabilizer – VWI 400 Smart for Inverter ACS Upto 1.5 Ton- Working Range: 130V to 280V

1.5 inverter ac stabilizer
V Guard AC Stabilizer- VWI 400 is our next pick for the best stabilizer for 1.5-ton inverter AC! What will impress you the most about this stabilizer would be its smart design and the fact that it can be easily installed on the wall. Its design and smart look isn’t the only thing that has impressed us, the stabilizers feature 7 digit display so that you can manually monitor the input and output voltage.
The stabilizer also has smart time delay features which will make sure the compressor of AC will be safe. If the power cut happens then the stabilizer will resume the within 3 minutes. The power range is between 130V-280V!

4. V-Guard iD4 Dura 2040 with Digital Display for 1.5 Ton Inverter A.C (Working Range: 160 V to 280 V) Voltage Stabilizer

best voltage stabilizer for inverter ac 1.5ton
If you are looking for a budget-friendly stabilizer then V-Guard iD4 Dura 2040 would be your best choice. The output voltage range is 200-240V. It’s not mich but if your local area shows the voltage fluctuations in this range then it should be perfect for you! The other features are quite similar to the above mentioned V-Guard stabilizers!

5. EQUALIZER from Daikin 1.5 ton Inverter ac Copper Stabilizer (1.5-ton ton ac Digital stabilizer (175V-275V)

inverter ac 1.5 ton stabilizer
EQUALIZER from Diakin is another best stabilizer for 1.5-ton inverter AC on which you can completely rely on. The advanced technology of the stabilizer is capable of cutting off the power if the voltage exceeds the limit!
The output voltage range is 175V- 275V which is quite impressive. Its intelligent microchip will automatically cut off power when the power goes too low or too high!


So these are the top 5 picks for the best stabilizers for 1.5-ton inverter AC. You can completely rely on these stabilizers for the safety of your inverter AC. We hope our article was helpful for you and you have found the best stabilizer to buy!

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