Top 10 Amazing Kitchen Exhaust Fans In India (2023)

Do you love cooking? If you do then you must know the importance of proper ventilation in your kitchen! It’s one of the important factors of the kitchen which ensures you a good air quality and clean environment of your kitchen so that you can properly work in there without feeling exhausted!
An exhaust fan will effectively removes heat from your kitchen and improves the air circulation! If you don’t have an exhaust fan then the heat, smoke, odors, fumes will remain in your kitchen and it will enhance the presence of bacteria and mold which will not be good for your health!
Most people think that all the exhaust fans are similar and they just buy whichever comes first in their sight without giving it a second thought! But that’s just a waste of money! Since a good exhaust fan will be far better than a cheap one in terms of performance and reliability!
But which exhaust fan for the kitchen is good? That is sure a good question, but before listing out the best exhaust fan for the kitchen, we have listed out some key factors and criteria which you should consider while buying your next exhaust can for kitchen and they will surely help you to choose the right one!
Some qualities that you should look into an exhaust fan:-
  • Size: while buying anything, size should be the first factor to take into consideration. Sure you don’t wanna buy a smaller one which will be inadequate for your kitchen and you surely won’t want to buy a larger one that will be more than required accord g to the size of your kitchen.
  • For an average size kitchen: 12-inch fan would be more than enough and it will do a good job by removing the heat and fumes from the kitchen and keeping it clean and well ventilated.
  • Blade Material: The next factor for an exhaust fan would be its blade material, which will be directly proportional to its durability. There are two types of blade material in exhaust fan used that is, Plastic and Metal! The metal blade would be durable but you will have to maintain it by keeping it clean from time to time. While plastic blades are lighter and low maintenance but they would be less durable than metal blades. So you can buy the one you find easier to maintain and perfect for your kitchen.
  • Air Delivery: Air Delivery is an important criterion to look in an exhaust fan, a high-speed fan would serve more Air Delivery but they also consume more power than the regular ones and its also not suitable for a small kitchen. People should buy a medium speed exhaust fan which ensures good air delivery as well as noiseless function and less energy consumption!
  • Sound Level: before buying an exhaust fan you should always look for a low noise making as a high-speed fan tend to make more noise and can be disturbing.
  • External Guard: it’s always a smart move to buy an exhaust fan with an external guard so that it can be protected.
All these things will be written on the specification column on the package and you can ask these things to a dealer too!
Now we have done the part where you know what should you look for in an exhaust fan but it can still be very confusing to know which one is the best Exhaust fan for kitchen to buy as there are hundreds of products from different brands available in the market. So we have gone through a bunch of exhaust fans and brought you the best ones in our upcoming list! So check them out and find the most suitable exhaust fan for your kitchen!

Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans India

best kitchen exhaust fan india

1. Orient Hill Air

best exhaust kitchen fan in india
When it comes to fans, nothing can compete with Orient. This brand is known to produce some of the great fans and delivering a good quality of air. The body is made up of metal and have a 225mm of sweep capacity.
The motor has a power of 1300rpm which is quite good and enough to keep your kitchen ventilated and smoke-free. Its powder-coated finish ensures a longer life. It consumes 40 Watt of power which is energy efficient! Furthermore, the fan comes with one year warranty!
Overall the fan is quite impressive and gives you the value for your money! So it can be a good buy for your kitchen.

2. Havelles Ventiliar Dsp 200mm Exhaust Fan

best exhaust fan for kitchen
Havelled is also a really great brand when it comes to home and kitchen appliances. And this one is definitely one of the best exhaust fans for the kitchen. People trust Havelles for their longevity and quality of products at a very affordable price! Apart from that, Havelles is also known for its innovative design. The fan has a full metal body and delivers high performance.
The fan features 3 blades that effectively removes the heat, fumes, odor, and smoke from the kitchen. A strong protective metal grill is also attached to the body! This one also consumes 40W of power and it also makes less noise so you can comfortably work in your kitchen! The speed is 1350rpm which is more than enough!

3. Luminous Vento Delux 200mm Exhaust Fan

kitchen exhaust fans in india
5 blade exhaust fan from Luminous Vento Delux is really impressive and it does a pretty great job for the ventilation of your kitchen. This one is truly one of the best exhaust fans for the kitchen and you would be more than satisfied with its performance. The best thing about this one would be its noise-free operation!
The air delivery is quite good thanks to its 5 blade fan and it is more than enough for a medium-sized blade. The body is of plastic but it’s still quite strong and will be easy to maintain and clean. It also comes with a protecting guard. This simple yet very good looking exhaust fan is all you need to keep your kitchen smoke free and ventilated for a good cooking session.
Lastly, the fan comes with a two-year warranty and it’s also very easy to install.

4. Usha Crisp Air Premia By 100mm Exhaust Fan

top kitchen exhaust fan india
Usha Crisp Air is our next kitchen exhaust Fan in our list that you should look into. Just like the above brands, Usha is too a popular and trustable brand in India. Talking about this one, you will get a rust-resistant body with automatic shutter utility.
The fan is long-lasting and you would love the way it keeps smoke, fumes, and odor out of the kitchen. It is perfect for a small kitchen and it’s very lightweight and noiseless. It only consumes 12 Watt of power making it one of the most energy-efficient exhaust fans that you can have! This one too comes with a one year warranty!

5. Orpat Ventilation 6 inch exhaust fan

Our next kitchen exhaust fan would be from Orpat Ventilation which is quite impressive as it has 6 blades which efficiently provides higher airflow and keep your kitchen fully ventilated. The fan features a unique blade design that will provide fresh air and your kitchen will be smoke-free no matter what are you cooking.
The body is made up of high-quality plastic and is long-lasting because the fan is rust and corrosion-free.
Furthermore, the exhaust fan also comes with an inner fuse protection and inbuilt safety grill. It’s easy to install and it’s surely one of the best choices for a kitchen exhaust fan!

6. Crompton Brisk 250mm air exhaust fan

If you are looking for a powerful kitchen exhaust fan then Crompton should be your first choice, as the brand as already established as one of the most trusted and reliable brands of India! The fan features a very sleek and stylish design which is powerful too. Here it can easily remove the heat, fumes, and smoke within minutes.
This one too is made up of high-quality plastic so you won’t have to worry about this one getting rust or corrosion, simply install it and easily clean it. The fan has 5 blades which runs at a speed of 2740 rpm which is quite high so the airflow will be high too. The fan only consumes 22 Watts of power. Overall the product is more than fine and you will get a 2-year warranty with it!

7. Usha Crisp Air 200mm Exhaust Fan

As we have already made it clear that Usha has some of the best exhaust fan for kitchen in India. You will be certainly impressed bu this model too. The fan operates with minimum noise possible and it also comes with 5 blades. The fan runs on 40 Watt of power and you will be satisfied with its service in your kitchen.

8. Maa Ku Aluminium Die Cast Exhaust Fan

Maa Ku Aluminum is another best exhaust fan for the kitchen in India which you should know about. It comes with 5 blades and consumes 22 Watt power. The body is of metal so it will be durable. The fan has a 1-year replacement warranty!

9. Crompton Brisk Air HS 6 inch Exhaust Fan

Crompton Brisk Air is our next pick for the best exhaust fan for the kitchen in India. It is a powerful exhaust fan with a speed of 2470 RPM which can help to remove the odor, fumes and smoke out of the kitchen within a few minutes.

10. Olympus 150mm OAF-6 Exhaust

Our last best exhaust fan for the kitchen would be Olympus that is well suited for small and medium-sized kitchen. The speed is of 1750 RPM and the power consumption is only 20W so it will be energy efficient too. Overall it can be a good pick too.


These 10 kitchen exhaust fans have almost all the qualities which should be in an Exhaust fan and we have picked the one which is best overall and is budget-friendly too.
So these are the best exhaust fans for the kitchen in India in our opinion and you can pick any one of them. We hope our article has helped in you choosing the right exhaust fan for your kitchen! Thank you for visiting our page!

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