Top 10 Budget Gaming Chairs Under $200 (2023)

Gaming chairs can be expensive, with the best chairs costing upwards of $300; however, you can still find a cheap chair that is both sturdy and comfortable. From standard rolling chairs and rockers to even a gaming-focused recliner, we’ve rounded up our picks for the best cheap gaming chair. Both of these inexpensive gaming chairs are available on Amazon, where they have hundreds of positive user reviews. Best of all, every budget gaming chair on this list is under $200, with most of them being considerably less. They may lack some of the more opulent features of a high-end gaming chair, such as four-dimensional armrests, PU leather, and a retractable footrest, but they’re more than capable of keeping you comfortable for long periods.

Gaming chairs are more ergonomic than traditional office chairs, owing to the additional lumbar and head/neck support. An ergonomic gaming chair is a perfect choice if you notice that sitting in a traditional desk chair causes your lower back pain.
Gaming chairs can be expensive, but they add elegance and comfort to your home setup. Here are some of the best under $200 gaming chairs to consider:

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Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

1. S-Racer Homall

Best Budget Gaming Chairs Under $200

With over 33,000 user reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.3/5, the Homall S-Racer is even more popular than the Gtracing gaming chair.

Black, blue/black, red/blue, yellow, and purple is only a few of the colors available. Except for the adjustable armrest, you’ll get all of the same features as the rest of the chairs on this list, including a backrest pillow and a headrest pillow. Because of this omission, it is a little less costly than similar types.

You can remove the headrest and change the large lumbar cushion once more. The sponge cushion molds to your body’s shape and returns to its original shape after each use.


2. Gtracing gaming chair

Budget Gaming Chairs Under $200

This racing-style Gtracing gaming chair is one of the most common budget gaming chairs on Amazon, with a standard racing chair-style design. The Gtracing chair is a crowd-pleaser, with an average of 4.3/5 stars and over 19,000 Amazon reviews. The Gtracing gaming chair, with its flexible lumbar cushion backrest and removable headrest pillow, has everything you need to stay relaxed when sitting for long periods—exactly what you want in a low-cost gaming chair.

This inexpensive chair stands out thanks to its ergonomic style. Raised leather wings protect the recessed seat cushion on either side, and the back cushion is simple but striking. Adjustable armrests and a gas-powered spring enable the racing chair to be adjusted in height.


3. Vitesse gaming chair

While some people prefer gaming chairs that stick out, others may prefer a design that isn’t as flashy as the typical PC gaming chair. That’s where Vitesse’s budget gaming chair comes in. This elegant, all-black chair has a simplistic design but provides many of the same features as the other chairs on this list. The Vitesse gaming chair has a fairly large neck pillow that will possibly act as a headrest pillow for most people, in addition to the adjustable lumbar support.

It reclines to 180 degrees and has a rocking dial that can be adjusted to control how much the chair sways. The chair, of course, has an easy-to-use lever for height adjustment and a locking mechanism to avoid inadvertent adjustments.

4. Musso chair in camouflage

Gaming Chairs Under $200

Musso has a pair of good camouflage gaming chairs that are highly rated on Amazon with over 500 user reviews for fans of Call of Duty and other war shooters (or hunters in general). These camouflage chairs, like the others on this list, have a comfortable, adjustable lumbar pillow and a removable headrest. The height can be adjusted with the gas spring, and the padded armrest can be easily rotated up and down.

The chair swivels 360 degrees and completely reclines to 180 degrees. At $190, it’s on the higher end of the price range on this list, but Musso’s chairs are made with high-quality materials like thick fake PU leather to avoid wear and tear, a steel frame, and a high-density sponge to maintain its bounce over time.


5. OFM Essentials gaming chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200


The Essentials chair from OFM is a no-frills gaming chair that costs about $100. It sacrifices features to keep costs down. Although it lacks lumbar support or a headrest pillow, it is made of the same artificial PU leather and soft sponge-like cushioning as the other chairs on this list.

The OFM Essentials racing chair has a comfortable, large cushion with mesh fabric that is perfect for anyone who just wants to use it as a desk chair. Each armrest can easily be flipped up and tucked away under your desk when not in use.

This PC gaming chair, unfortunately, does not recline, making it less flexible than the other gaming chairs on this list.


6. Gaming chairs from Marvel

Top Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

Gaming chairs based on three iconic Marvel heroes: Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America can add some superhero style to your gaming setup. From a concept standpoint, all three chairs have something to offer. Each chair comes with a head/neck pillow and lumbar pillow, the latter of which includes a built-in massager.

Thick armrests, a tilt tension dial, and a height adjustment bar are all included in each chair. One big disadvantage of these Marvel seats, at least at this price point, is that they only turn back, not recline. So, if you’re going to use your chair away from your desk, stay away from these.


7. X Surge Rocker Floor Chair

Chairs Gaming Under $200

Gaming floor chairs have been around for decades, and although newer desk chairs are often referred to as “gaming chairs,” some floor chairs continue to be common. Take, for example, the X Rocker Surge. It has two speakers, a subwoofer, and is Bluetooth compatible with mobile devices and PCs to output sound, in addition to looking like it was jacked from a race car. You’ll need to use an HDMI audio splitter to run the sound from game consoles like the Xbox One/Xbox Series X, PS4/PS5, and Switch.

The ergonomic nature of the X Rocker Surge promotes lumbar comfort. Although floor chairs aren’t ideal for home offices, they’re perfect for game rooms and basements, particularly if you have children or are a console gamer yourself.


8. Gaming recliner from Homall

Best Gaming Chairs Less Than $200

Homall’s gaming recliner is unlike any other chair on this list because it can be used as both a gaming chair and a normal recliner. It has the appearance of a seat from a modern movie theatre, which is cool, but it lacks some of the features of other chairs, such as an adjustable armrest. The red/black, white/black, and blue/black two-tone designs all lean heavily towards a traditional black look. The recliner has a lumbar cushion and a headrest pillow, similar to those found in rolling gaming chairs, except it’s much larger and designed to be used in one position in front of the TV.

The lumbar cushion also has an integrated massager with various modes and intensities that can be cycled through using the included remote. The PU leather construction also aids in comfort.


9. Lorell High-Back Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs Less Than $200

The big mesh back of this chair is likely to be the first thing you think about it. While this is a low-density mesh, which means the individual strands that make up the mesh are spaced farther apart, the high-quality nylon compensates. Since this chair contains a significant amount of nylon, you can be confident in its long-term longevity. However, bear in mind that the chair’s low-density nylon mesh is also a drawback.

For the price, this chair provides excellent comfort. It has one of the most comfortable backs of any chair in this collection. The chair’s firmness is almost identical to that of a firm mattress that helps the body to sink in easily.


10. RESPAWN Gaming Chair

Best Budget Gaming Chairs Under $200

The Respawn 110 is a near replica of the famous DXRacer seats. Respawn offers a variety of chair styles, each with its standard and price range. The Respawn 110 is at the low end of the company’s product line, but it’s a good chair with most of the essential features of a racing chair. The 110 reclines from 90 to 155 degrees and swivels a complete 360 degrees. Unfortunately, this chair’s arms are less adjustable, which is a significant disadvantage.


Buying guide for gaming laptops under 200$

1. What will you use it for and where will you put it?
In the wrong chair, leaning forward during stressful moments can cause cricks in your neck. Additionally, if you plan on using your chair for PC gaming, make sure it can comfortably reach your computer’s desk. Consider where you’ll need it in your home and what will meet your specific requirements. Consider a model with adjustable height if you’re not sure what height you’ll need. There are also chairs with armrests that can be adjusted in height, so keep an eye out for these if this is important to you.

2.Breathability of Fabric
People who are new to purchasing gaming chairs often make the mistake of purchasing chairs with a leather or other material exterior. While leather is attractive because it is easy to clean and is extremely durable, it is also one of the most painful materials to sit on for long periods because it causes you to sweat.

3. Is it better to cushion or not to cushion?
The number of chairs that have extra cushioning will surprise you. Unlike throw pillows or cushions that aren’t included with the chair, these are usually attached with Velcro or a hook-and-loop device, making it simple to add and remove them. They also won’t move around when you’re playing. Cushions for the armrests, headrests, neck section and lumbar support are frequently available.

4. Consider the quality of service you expect.
Have you heard the saying, “You get what you pay for”? This holds for a variety of products, including gaming chairs. Cheaper isn’t always better unless you can find a gaming chair coupon or discount code to help you save money. When choosing a chair, make sure it has a strong resistance cross between the upper and lower parts. You can also inspect the armrests, rollerballs, and any other places that might break.


Finally, when purchasing an ergonomic gaming chair, remember to prioritize your well-being and comfort. If you spend hours each day sitting at a computer, it could be more cost-effective to invest in a chair rather than a piece of furniture that you only use occasionally. In this modern age of computers, there’s a reason why ergonomic chairs are becoming so common, and making an investment now could pay off in the long run. Hopefully, this guide has been beneficial; now go out and look for some seats!

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