Top 10 Best Apps Like Mercari 2022

When it comes to shopping we are more reliable on online platforms than we are on the physical stores nowadays. Yes, shopping from the malls and showrooms might have its own perks, but shopping from online stores or marketplaces is quite amazing too. The online marketplace comes with great ease for both sellers and buyers. While buyers can easily find anything that they have been looking for at a cheaper price, the sellers can also benefit from selling their goods and products directly to the buyers without too much hassle.
Since we are talking about online marketplaces, you might have heard of Mercari. Mercari is one of the leading online marketplaces that you might be aware of. It has made a special place in our hearts within a short period of time. People have liked this platform for the wide range of clothes and other stuff available here. They can easily get the ideal stuff at a reasonable price. Sellers benefit from this place as they only have to pay 10% of the sale as commission. Another reason why this platform is becoming popular is that it comes with a user-friendly interface so even if you are new to online shopping or selling, you would find it easier to use. The app is also well organized and it’s easier to find what you are looking for.
Despite having the best features and a cool interface, some people might find it less than what they need. Some people just need to keep their options open by using different apps like Mercari others might just need to look for something else. Either way, it is clear that people are looking for the best alternatives for Mercari. Well, if that’s the case then you have ended up at the right place.
Although there are plenty of Mercari like apps available online, not all of them are ideal for you. This is why you need to make sure that you are choosing the best apps like Mercari so that you can get the best shopping or selling experience. To help you out, here we have selected the top 10 apps like Mercari that you need to know about. Let’s move ahead and take a look at the following best apps like Mercari so you can choose one for yourself as well.

Best Apps Like Mercari

1. Poshmark

Best Apps Like Mercari
Poshmark is the very first app like Mercari that we found perfect for our list. This one is already a well-established platform for reselling clothes and goods as well as buying second-hand items. This platform has certainly impressed us and become one of the best reselling platforms. You will find one of the best reselling communities here and all of them have something great to offer. Anyone who has a few extra clothes and wants to make some money and space in their closet has loved this app.
It offers great services so that people can easily sell their used clothes here. All you need to do is make an account, post the pictures of the item you are selling, and come up with a price. If a buyer is willing to make a purchase, then the app will send you the prepaid shipping labels and you can just pack and send your item. You will have to pay some commission (20% commission for a sale of $15 and above, and you will have to pay a flat $2.95 for anything under). This platform focuses more on clothes and accessories and you might not find much luck for anything else.
Overall, with a friendly UI and well-organized layouts, customers find it easy to use. So if you are selling your old clothes or buying second-hand clothes or accessories, this might be the best place for you.

2. OfferUp

Another one of the leading apps like Mercari is none other than OfferUp. This app has also received positive responses from users across the world and it is undoubtedly one of the best apps like Mercari to use these days. This platform is a great option for selling second-hand items and you would most likely make some profit as well. The best part about this platform is that you would be able to save up on the shipping costs as it will help you find someone local for buying or selling. This helps people to get a great profit margin by eliminating the shipping fare.
It was first known as Letgo but then it was sold to another company to get a more expensive user base.
Unlike Poshmark, this app isn’t just limited to clothes or accessories, but you can also sell or buy antiques, collectibles, appliances, and much more. It is free to list on this app and you can even keep 100% of the sale price if you complete the transaction with cash, cheque, or bank transfer. Shipping the items might have other terms and fee structures that you will have to read about.
It is safe and everything is authenticated as well. So you will know who you are meeting up with. Overall, users have given this app high ratings and they all are quite happy with its service as well. So go ahead and check it out, it might be the best Mercari alternative to rely on.

3. Depop

Top Apps Like Mercari
Depop is another one of the best apps like Mercari to try out. This app has received the best reviews and ratings from the users and it has millions of happy users as well. This app is quite an amazing place to resell items or buy second-hand goods. The users appreciate the user interface and easy-to-use features that make it ideal for even the non-tech-savvy people.
As we have said, the app has got a huge community that consists of fashion influencers and even the fashion bloggers that use this site to resell the clothes or even buy some. You can also find some blogs here to get yourself updated with what is going on in the fashion world. It also works on a great algorithm that tells you the things that are similar to your type or size. It charges 10% of your sale as commission.
This app is kinda like a social media platform too where people might promote their small business and labels to get more visibility and promotion. Overall, if you are looking for the best apps like Mercari, you might want to look at Depop ASAP.

4. ThredUp

The next top-rated app like Mercari is none other than ThredUp. You might have heard of its name or even have used it once or twice because it is quite an impressive platform when it comes to reselling your clothes or buying second-hand clothes. This one is quite popular these days and people have liked it as well. It is so easy to use too because all you have to do is pack a bag full of your clothes and send it to the company.
Although you won’t get high prices for your sales, you will be happy to get a price on the clothes you no longer want or need, so it’s still a win-win for you. The commission demanded by these apps varies a lot based on the price of the sale. You can either make as little as 5% of the sale or as high as 80% of the sale. So it might be a great platform for reselling your clothes. Again, it’s easy to use and also a safer platform to use as well. So go ahead and check it out.

5. Vinted

Vinted is another one of the best apps like Mercari to try out if you like to sell your old clothes. You may or may not have heard of this app as it is not that popular but you will get the best service offered by this app. These might be the lesser-known apps like Mercari but this means you will get the best profit margin. This app doesn’t cost any money to sell as there are no commissions either.
The best thing is that you can also swap clothes from the other users on this platform. This might cost you some money because they charge a fee for swapping features. Think of this as insurance too because they want both parties to be happy and make some profit. The traffic is low here, yet you can make some profit if you find like-minded people with a similar fashion style.
Again, it is a great platform to use if you don’t like to pay hefty commission fees. So if you are struggling to make a sale on other platforms, you might want to give it a try as well.

6. Tradesy

Tradesy is for the people who only love the designer and luxury goods and clothes. This one also feels like a great platform to sell luxury goods and designer stuff at a good price. You might have a bit of tough luck selling these things at a reasonable price on other platforms but because this consists of the like-minded community, you will find the ideal buyer.
Although they offer this great service at a price that is a high commission fee, you will have to pay $7.50 on the sale of less than $50 and for the items over $50, you will have to give 19.8% of the sale. Overall, whether you are looking to sell something designer or luxury or you are looking to buy, this might be the best platform to try out.

7. Carousell

Apps Like Mercari
Carousell might be the biggest selling or buying platform on our list and this is why it makes the best apps like Mercari as well. You can not only sell clothes or accessories but also services, automotive, and property. It has got high ratings and everyone appreciated this app for its services as well.
There are plenty of things that you would like. It has got a huge user base and everyone is genuine too. You will buy or sell anything here at a reasonable price. Its intelligent UI also helps the user to get the desired goods and services.
The app is currently operating in Canada, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

8. eBay

Best App Like Mercari
eBay doesn’t need an introduction as it is one of the most popular apps to sell your used items and buy second-hand stuff at a good price. It might not focus on selling the clothes and accessories yet it can be a great place to sell anything that you no longer want or need in your life.
The company was first introduced in 1995 and presently it is one of the most reputable platforms for selling or buying second-hand goods. It is quite easy to use and anyone can easily use it as well. You can easily find a wide range of products to buy or sell anything here. There will be some transaction charges or commission, given the service this app offers it will be well worth it. So go ahead and try it out.

9. Etsy

Best Apps Like Mercari
Etsy is another one of the leading apps like Mercari that you need to know about. This one is also getting huge popularity and it is becoming one of the best platforms to make a sale or even buy something.
On this app, you can sell or buy plenty of products such as clothes, accessories, jewelry, artwork, home decor, and so on. This mainly focuses on the small businesses and artisans that are looking for a place to sell their crafts. You might have to pay some commission fee as well. It has got a huge user base and the niche is quite impressive too. So this is an app that you must try out.

10. Craigslist

Craiglists is another one of the top apps like Mercari that you need to know about. This app focuses on fast and local selling. If you do not wish to engage in the shipping costs then you can only opt-out for the local selling.
The app has got a user-friendly interface and users don’t have to pressurize with the brand name either. It is easy to use and you can list out anything that you want to sell and wait for the buyer to reach you. Overall, you might be happy to use it for the non-branded stuff.


So these are some of the best apps like Mercari that you need to know about. These apps have been there for quite some time now and they have been appreciated by friends as well. There are plenty of things that you would appreciate in these apps. You will find a great interface that makes these apps easier to use. Users have appreciated all of these apps and highly rated them as well.
Here, we have done our job by listing the best apps like Mercari, now it’s up to you to check these out and see which one you would like the most. We hope you found our article helpful and got everything you were looking for.

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