Top 11 Best Apps Like Instagram 2022

Instagram might be the most popular social media platform today. There will be hardly anyone of this generation who hasn’t heard about Instagram or are not currently on that platform. The app was first launched in 2012 and soon it’s going to complete 10 years of its existence. The app now has more than 1 billion users which is a huge milestone for any social media platform. The reason why people are loving Instagram so much is that it is a pretty great platform for sharing pictures or staying in contact with our loved ones or even the ones that we admire like celebrities or any other public figures. Although the app is not merely a photo-sharing platform, plenty of people also create content and entertain us as well. Overall, Instagram has surely reached new heights in the past years.
But some people might not like this popularity or some people are just bored of using Instagram. There are a few people who are looking for an alternative for various reasons, some want new features, and others want a platform that is less crowded or less popular. Well, whatever the reason is it is true that most people are looking for an alternative for Instagram.
Fortunately, we have some apps like Instagram that can fulfill our needs and replace Instagram in our life. But the thing is some of the apps are hard to find as people are unaware of their existence. Apart from this, there is some app that is not simply worth our time because those are not reliable or good enough to replace Instagram.
So to help you out and save you from the trouble of going through one app to another in the hope to find the best app like Instagram, we have decided to list down the top apps like Instagram that you should know about. Let’s move forward and see which are the best apps like Instagram and which ones deserve your attention and time.

Best Apps Like Instagram

1. Flickr

Best Apps Like Instagram
You will be surprised to know that Flickr came way before Instagram. Yes, you heard it right, Instagram is not the first photo-sharing app that was ever made. This app was developed when the concept of photo sharing wasn’t cool enough. But as the popularity of Instagram and with that the photo-sharing culture increased, people also started recognizing Flickr as an alternative to Instagram. Unlike Instagram, this app is more focused on professionalism and this is also merit for this app as well. The app is quite popular among photographers both professionals and even beginners. Here you will find photos that feature high quality, resolution and something that is missing in the random photos that are shared on Instagram.
Not only as a photo-sharing platform, but this app also behaves like a cloud storage app where you can store some images and post them at a later date. The app is quite easy to use and you will find a crowd that shares the same vision as yours.
Although unlike Instagram, this platform is less crowded, your photos might not get enough likes or they won’t go viral as they do on Instagram. Yet, people are finding this app a reliable alternative for Instagram for various reasons. You will get less judgment and scrutiny here and it is a great platform to flaunt your photography skills as well.

2. Imgur

Top Apps Like Instagram
Imgur is another one of the best apps like Instagram that you need to know about. This platform is also not a new name and it came a long time ago but slowly it is going huge popularity as well. One of the things that make Imgur better than its other competitors in the market is the availability of creativeness among its users as the memes are as popular here as they are on Instagram. You can easily share a picture clicked by you and similarly can see the pictures of other people and their creative memes as well.
Another thing that impressed us about Imgur is that it provides a space for quality and original content where several contents creates can share their views and find a platform where their creation will be appreciated and accepted. This app is also ideal for people who just want to kill some time just like they scroll their feed on Instagram.
People can also create and share GIFs which is pretty popular these days. If you ever use Reddit chat rooms, then you will find plenty of Imgur links there as well. Overall, if you want the best app like Instagram then you should certainly give Imgur a try.

3. Tumblr

Apps Like Instagram
Tumblr is another one of the best apps like Instagram that you can find right now. This platform gives us an opportunity to move away from Instagram for a while and still be social. There was a time when this platform was pretty popular, although in the last few years it has lost its popularity and tons of loyal users. But this doesn’t mean that the app is any less than Instagram or it lost the ability to become an alternative to this app.
Some of the things that make Tumblr one of the best alternatives for Instagram are its smooth user interface and how easily you can share pictures and other content on this platform. Even though it might take some time to get used to its interface at first, but after a while, you would certainly get a hang of it.
You can easily share memes, pictures, videos, GIFs, and more in the post called a thread. You can also use hashtags which is quite fun as you can come up with some fun ideas for hashtags. Even though this platform doesn’t feature live broadcasts or stories but it lets you be as creative as you can. We can hope from Tumblr to catch up to the latest trends as well. Overall, it is quite fun to use this app.

4. We Heart It

Top Best Apps Like Instagram
We Heart It is a quite similar app just like Instagram and you would certainly like to invest in this app as well. The app is defined as a photo-sharing platform and it significantly resembles Instagram and slight as Pinterest as well. The app is highly appreciated for its feature that only focuses on the positive and inspirational things, unlike Instagram where you can find some negative stuff as well. What you will mostly find here are the motivational pictures, quotes, pictures of sunsets, etc that will inspire us and motivate us.
Not just pictures, people can also share videos and GIFs here so this platform also provides a high level of versatility. The user base of this platform falls under 24 years of age and there are mostly women. So if you are looking for a photo-sharing platform that is not as toxic or competitive as Instagram then this one should be your best option.

5. Flipagram

Well, the name is enough to draw some similarities with Instagram. This app features an uncanny resemblance to Instagram and here you will also find the best features and a platform where you can share pictures and other content without having to worry about anything else. You will be able to share pictures, videos, and more and there are also the features such as sharing stories that feature the resemblance to Instagram. Other features and options that make this app pretty much the same as Instagram are exploring, a search bar, plenty of profiles to look at, and so much more.
With this platform, you will get plenty of amazing options to share your creative content so that you can get some recognition for your creativity. Of course, the number of people using an app is far less than Instagram but you will find some genuine people and fewer critics here.
One of the best parts about this app is its shareability as you can easily share your post via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Email, WhatsApp, and more. Users will get a high versatility and there are plenty of engaging options. Overall, it is a pretty amazing platform to pay some attention to if you are looking for the best alternative for Instagram.

6. Retrica

Cool Apps Like Instagram
Retrica is another popular app like Instagram that you wanna know about. This app has also attempted to be another Instagram. Even though it didn’t get as much recognition from users but still it did a pretty good job to become an alternative for Instagram.
It is a new app and it is still getting recognition from the social media users. One of the things that might attract the users is the numerous filters that surpass the quality of Instagram filters. There are endless options and users like it as well. The platform allows its users to share pictures and other stuff here.
Although the interface of this app is a little difficult to get used to so you might have to give some time to this app. Overall, it can be an option to explore if you are looking for the best Instagram-like apps.

7. Snapchat

Good Apps Like Instagram
Snapchat isn’t just a competitor for Instagram but has become one of the major social media platforms where you can easily connect with your friends and family. This platform got popular because of the thousands of fun filters that make it different than other social media platforms. Even Instagram has started working on its filters after Snapchat got popular among people.
This one has a nice interface and it is also user-friendly. The platform allows its users to send snaps (pictures or videos) to their friends and they can also maintain a streak (when you continue sharing the pictures with someone). This app is quite addictive and you would most certainly want to explore it as well.
Overall, if you haven’t yet discovered this app or used it, then it is high time that you check it out, you might find it better than Instagram.

8. Tiktok

Tiktok is another leading social media app that has got millions of users across the world. This app is not quite like Instagram because instead of pictures it allows its users to share video content. But if you are looking for another social media platform where you can find new people, see some creative content, then TikTok might be the best choice for you.
Here, we have all love how this app gives new challenges and comes up with new trends that keep its user busy and hooked for hours. There are also so many filters that you can try and share with your friends. Another thing that you would like about TikTok is that it provides you an opportunity to be a little famous. So instead of just a photo-sharing application, you will get a video-sharing platform with plenty of fun filters, challenges, and so much more. So try it out!


Best App Like Instagram
VSCO is also a pretty amazing app like Instagram that you can look at or check out when you are bored or in a need of a new platform. This one has a simple interface and it works on a simple premise of clicking and sharing pictures for other users to see and to see the pictures and content shared by other users on the app. Hashtags and captions are also common here and you can show your creativity as well.
One of the things that set it apart from the other photo-sharing platforms is the detailing in the pictures. There is a feature called ‘toolkit’ that takes care of minor details in the pictures. You can easily adjust plenty of things that you don’t like in the pictures, such as the contrast, foxing any unwanted feature, setting the background, or any other thing that you want to fix.
Overall, it is a great app to try out, even though you won’t find a huge crowd here, but you can have so much fun with the filters.

10. Muzy

Well, some people won’t agree with us when we say it is an app like Instagram because it’s not a competition to Instagram, and neither it is that popular for photo sharing daily. But if you are on social media just for sharing pictures then this app can easily help you out. Here, the app helps you to make your social media profile even more attractive as there are plenty of editing tools and features to explore.
You can easily make some collages and then share them on another social media platform. Here the app has got plenty of features and the interface is also simple and easy to use. But don’t be too disappointed because this one has also got a social media aspect as it is pretty easy to share your creative edited photos and collages with other users and see their collages to get inspired as well. Overall, it would be useful for people who love social media for photo sharing.

11. Facebook

Best Apps Like Instagram
It was high time that we mention Facebook on our list of the best apps like Instagram. After all, Instagram is now owned by Facebook and it was kind of the first social media platform that got pretty popular among people. It has got everything that Instagram has, you can share pictures, connect to new people, find new friends, share videos and stories, also go live, and so on.
Although people say it is outdated, if you want to be on a similar platform like Instagram, Facebook can be a great choice if you haven’t explored it yet.


So these are some of the best apps like Instagram that you can rely on. Most of the apps are quite popular these days and their reach is also growing day by day. These apps have reliable features that make sure that you end up with an app that is ideal for everyone and help you to connect with your favorite people as well.
Overall, these apps are becoming pretty popular and most people are already using them as well, so there is no particular reason why you shouldn’t try these out. So go ahead with your favorite apps from our aforementioned list of best Instagram-like apps. We hope you got everything that you were looking for, so thank you, and keep coming for more informative content in the future as well.

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