Sites To Download GTA 4 Highly Compressed Game For PC (2023)

If we ask you which one is the most popular video game according to you, many of you will answer the GTA series games! And that’s true. This is one is the most played game series and everyone from the teens to adults loves playing this game. The GTA has released a number of games in the series and the GTA 4 are among them and also the topic of discussion today.
GTA 4 is one of the best selling games and it has said to be sold around 25 million copies by 2013. And naturally, people were crazy about the game and they have tried everything they could to play this game. The most convenient way to play the game is to download it or buy it, but it will require unlimited data as well as high-speed internet access as the game comes in a very large-sized file. But not all of us have that kinda privilege and some we have a low-speed internet connection with limited data plans, and this restricts us to play our favorite game on our PC.
But thankfully we have a solution for your problem that is, highly compressed game files! Yes, you heard it right, just like many of the other popular games, the GTA 4 is also available in the highly compressed file which makes it easier for us to download the game and play it on our PC.
Before we move forward, let’s tell you a little bit about the highly compressed games so that you will be aware of the concept!

What are highly compressed games?

As we have mentioned earlier, a number of popular games come in large sizes, that is, more than a couple of GB or even in tens of GB. But the thing is, it would be nearly impossible for you to download the game if you have a low-speed internet connection or a limited data plan.
Hence there are many sites that claim to provide highly compressed games. That is they can be compressed to a smaller size which would be much easier to download and then you can again decompress them in your computer and install them without wasting all of the data on the downloading of the game.
But you have to be careful because not all the sites that claim to provide the compressed games are genuine. Some of them may provide corrupt files in the name of highly compressed files. See if a game is so about 2GB then it can be compressed to around 500MB but if some site is claiming to provide you the file of less than 50 MB then it would be impractical.
The thing is, there are only a few sites which are genuine and provide you the highly compressed game file that would actually work and in this article, we are going to tell you about those sites.
You must have played or heard about the game before, but there might be some people who are not fully aware of the game, and for those, we are sharing some information about the game so that you would have full knowledge of it.

About GTA 4:-

The Grand Theft Auto is a popular video game series and the GTA 4 is one of its installments. The game was released in the year 2008, and it was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. This one is the eleventh title in the game series and it has been set in the fictional Liberty City (based on the New York City).
The game.follows the character of Niko Bellic, who is a war veteran. He is trying to escape his past and at the same time pressured by Loan Sharks and Mob bosses.
Just like other GTA games, this one is also an open-world game, meaning the player can freely interact with the in-game world regardless of which mission he is on. He can roam around the city on foot or by the cool vehicles present in the game. This one can be played in a single-player mode or in online multiplayer mode (32 players at a time). You would find numerous missions through the game which should be completed by the player to get the next mission or to complete the game.
There are a number of weapons and extraordinary weapons present in the game as well. It is a highly engaging game and we bet you don’t be done with it unless you have completed all the missions (maybe twice!).
That’s enough about the game and we are pretty sure you would be more impatient to download it now and play it.

How to download the highly compressed GTA 4 game on PC

The downloading process is pretty easy once you have found the right size to download the game in your desired size. Just follow these following steps and you would be good to go.
  • Firstly you will need to open the link provided here
  • Make sure to select the desired size for the game
  • The download process will start now and ice downloaded, you can open the file
  • Now extract the file using WinRAR software and for that, you need to click on “extract here”
  • Once extracted you can double click on the file to run the game
This is the standard process for downloading the game and this might vary from one site to another.
Now that you know how to download the GTA 4 highly compressed PC, you should also know the minimum requirements as well.

The minimum requirement –

  • Operating System- Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • CPU- Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz
  • RAM- 2 GB
  • Video Card- 512MB Nvidia GT 8600+
  • Sound Card- Direct X 9.0 Compatible
  • Other than these, 16 GB space should be free on the PC.


Here we have listed all the information regarding the GTA 4 Download for PC highly compressed that you should know about. We hope you found it helpful.

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