How To Delete WhatsApp Messages Up To One Week Old [2023]

We all know how big and popular WhatsApp is, and no one can deny this. Ever since WhatsApp was launched, we fell in love with this messenger app that made communication easier with our friends and family. WhatsApp has evolved so much since it was first launched, and it now features plenty of new features that make chatting fun. You can easily send texts, documents, files, and even money in some locations of the world. Apart from this, you can also upload stories and statuses on WhatsApp for your contacts to see. Users are also able to make voice or video calls as well.
With these many features, we can say that WhatsApp is a popular messaging app and no other app can replace it in the near future.
Although, sending messages is all fun and convenient until you send a risky text that will certainly make you have a panic attack for a while. Well, WhatsApp also took care of that as they introduced us to the feature of deleting the message within an hour you have sent it. But, what will you do when you want to delete a message that you have sent as long as 7 days back?
Don’t worry, we have a solution for that too. It is not a direct or a legitimate way to delete a week-old text on WhatsApp but it may work for you. So if you want to know how to delete a Whatsapp message after a week then go ahead and take a look at the following steps.

How To Delete WhatsApp Messages Up To One Week Old

Deleting Messages Via Re-adjusting Time and Date:

The best way to delete a week-old Whatsapp message is via adjusting the time and date on your phone. This may sound a little odd but many people have tried it and it has proven to be a great way to delete WhatsApp messages that are up to a week old.
To delete the messages via the date and time settings, you need to follow these steps:
  • Open the WhatsApp app from settings> apps
  • Now, you need to Force Stop WhatsApp (this will freeze the app and stop it from running until explicitly opened)
  • Now go to the Date and Time settings
  • Change the date and time to the time the message that you want to delete was sent
  • After that, go to the WhatsApp app again and click on the message that you want to delete
  • This will show you the regular options like Delete for Me, Delete for Everyone, and Cancel
  • Choose Delete for Everyone and click on it.
After that change the Date and Time and set it correctly and see if the message you wanted to delete has been deleted or not.
You need to keep in mind that this method has different success levels and sometimes it works while otherwise it doesn’t, it depends on various factors.
Don’t go too far back while adjusting the time and date or WhatsApp might send you an error notice as well.


So that’s how you can delete a WhatsApp message up to a week old. Sounds fun right? Now, if you are a little late when it comes to deleting messages (within an hour) then don’t worry, you can try this way to delete your WhatsApp messages. Deleting a WhatsApp message that is more than a week old may not be possible with this method, so keep that in mind.
Overall, we have come to an end for this article and we hope you liked it and found it helpful as well. That would be all for now, check out other such articles that might help you. Thank you.

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