Best 11 Chetan Bhagat Books To Read 2023

Chetan Bhagat is a popular name in India! He is one of the best romantic novelists that we have in the country. He has written many books in his career and become one of the most popular English writers in India. Although he has also been criticized for writing his stories only for the targeted audience. But even then, his books like Five Point Someone has made its mark on the Indian readers and that’s is why it is listed in the 20 best selling must-read Indian novels!
He holds a degree in Masters of Engineering and MBA from prestigious Indian Institutions like IIT and IIM. He first started his career as an investment banker but soon left the job and pursued writing. His first novel, Five Point Someone was published in the year 2004 and it was one of the best selling books as well. He is also a screenwriter and motivational speaker. Many books by him are adapted for movies and he has also worked as a screenwriter for many Bollywood films and even won the Film-fare award for best screenplay for the film Kai Po Che which was the adaption of his book Three Mistakes of My Life! He was also listed in Time magazine’s “100 most influential people in the world”.
In this article, we are going to list all the Chetan Bhagat books in publishing order. So if you are thinking to start the Chetan Bhagat’s books then this article is going to be helpful.

Chetan Bhagat Books

chetan bhagat books

1. Five Point Someone

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It was the first novel by Chetan Bhagat and also the best selling books. It was published in the year 2004. The tagline for the book says What not to do at IIT. The book is based on the education system of India and how students suffer from it or deal with it.
The books feature the characters of Hari, Ryan, and Alok. They have got into the most prestigious engineering college in India. Although college life is definitely testing them. The bool has been narrated by Hari as trying to describe his college journey.
The books take some pretty dark twists and turn especially when things come to the families of the lead characters of the books. And it’s also talking about Hari and Neha’s fling, Neha who is the daughter of Professor Cherian, the head of the college. The book describes how knowledge is only tested through the grades of students. And they are only running after the grades rather than gaining actual knowledge!!
The books have also inspired a movie named Three Idiots, which also got successful and praised by the audience.

2. 2 States: The Story of My Marriage

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If you like romantic novels then this might be the best choice for you, 2 States: The Story of My Life, was published in the year 2009 and it has also been adapted as a movie under the same title.
The story of the book has been inspired by the author’s own love story, although he changed the name of the characters. The story features Krish and Ananya who come from a very different background and meet each other in the IIM, Ahmedabad. They both are deeply in love with each other but their cultures are very different. Irish comes from a Punjabi family while Ananya is from Tamil Nadu. The crossover between the two cultures is definitely a fun part.
Their relationships also take turns when both families meet each other. It is a good romance novel that you will enjoy.

3. The 3 Mistakes of My Life

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Three Mistakes of My Life is the 3rd novel written by Chetan Bhagat and it’s also among his best selling books. The story starts with an email that has been sent to Chetan Bhagat by someone who has just swallowed 17 sleeping pills in order to attempt suicide. He wants to narrate his story to Chetan Bhagat as he is a big fan of his.
It’s the story of 3 friends who live in Gujrat. They do face some difficulties in their lives but manages to support each other. Govind, Ish, and Omi are the names of the lead characters. They start a business together and still have different visions for themselves. But there are the 3 mistakes committed by one of the lead protagonists.
A movie named Kai Po Che was the adaptation of this book. The movie was well-received by the audience and also won the Filmfare award for the best screenplay.

4. One Night at the Call Center

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It was the 2nd book by Chetan Bhagat released in the year 2005. The story features the 6 people who work at the call center in Haryana. They all discuss their lives and challenges when they received a call from God!
You will know the struggles of the lives of the characters and how they deal with them. This book has also been adapted as a movie under the title Hello in 2008!

5. Revolution 2020

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Revolution 2020 is a well-known novel by Chetan Bhagat which was published in the year 2011. The story features the theme of the love triangle, corruption, and the education system in India. It features how the people want their children to pursue engineering and for that they invest so much money on coaching institutes.
The story features the character of Raghav and Gopal and their common love interest for Aarti. Raghav and Gopal are two friends from a long time but they got separated when Raghav get a top ranking in the engineering entrance exam while Gopal gets a low ranking and went to Kota to improve his ranking.
Gopal comes from a poor family and his father also died and he is also struggling with heartbreak when he found out that Aarti is in a relationship with Raghav. Although Raghav has left engineering and now pursuing his career as a journalist who wants to write about the corruption of the highest-ranking coaching institutes of India. It would be interesting to see how the three-characters cross each other’s path and their fate!

6. Half Girlfriend

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Half Girlfriend is the 6th novel by Chetan Bhagat that was released in the year 2014. This book was also released in Hindi and Gujrati along with the original English version. The book features a Bihari non-English speaking boy who got admission in one of the top colleges of Indian Delhi. He struggles with speaking English while he falls in love with a girl that is completely opposite of him.
They somehow become friends but the girl is not ready for a relationship so she agrees to become his half girlfriend. The book talks about relationships as well as the growing influence of English among the youth and how people struggle with it. Story features many cities such as Bihar, New Delhi, Patna, and New York.

7. What Young India Wants

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This is a none fiction book that consists of essays and speeches focusing on Indian society, politics, and youth. The book features the issues of the growing number of suicide by students, the Indian economy, and how it affects the youth as well as some political reforms and their impacts on Indian youth.
It was his first none fiction book so there are some expectations which he lives up to. Many times you find yourself caught up in the arguments over the questions raised by the author in the book. And it also highlights the willingness of youth to be a part of the social and political reforms and how they wish to find solutions to the common problems.

8. Making India Awesome

chetan bhagat books to read
Making India Awesome is the second mom’s fictional book by Chetan Bhagat. Every Indian wants their country to become the best and while they become part of this betterment as well. The book features problems like corruption, violence against women, unemployment, poverty, etc. It’s a must-read!

9. One Indian Girl

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The 7th fictional novel by Chetan Bhagat finally introduces us to the social issues of a girl. The main character of the book is Radhika who is making changes in her life regarding her marriage. This is the feminist book raising the issues of a girl dealing with a hypocrite society.

10. Girl in Room 105

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It is the 8th novel by Chetan Bhagat which was published in the year 2018. This is a thriller and mystery genre story that is different than the usual Chetan Bhagat writing. Although you will find the romantic elements as well.
The story starts with an IIT coaching class tutor who goes to wish his ex-girlfriend on her birthday, only to find her dead in the room! The rest of the story features how he caught up in political issues and yhw stereotypes of Indian society. It’s definitely a worthy read if you are looking for something different by Chetan Bhagat.

11. India Positive

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The 3rd non-fiction book by Chetan Bhagat, published in the year 2019, also deals with similar issues as his previous books. He again discusses the common problems of India and how can we solve them together. If you enjoy the non-fiction books and especially the Chetan Bhagat’s books, then you might wanna try it as well.


So these are Chetan Bhagat books to read that you are looking for. We hope the list has helped you to understand what kind of books and themes you can expect from Chetan Bhagat. Here we have come to an end but you can also check out other articles on popular authors. Thank you for visiting us and keep coming!

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